2019 Jun 09 | Salinas art walk, Soquel health fair, Santa Cruz with Billy

Ogii saw some more deer in Monterey.

And a bird in her office.

I love Vanilla Coke, but this orange vanilla has taken its place in some stores. Yuck.

Big wait on the highway.

Stretching back as well.

Because of construction. It was over a 30-minute wait here.

And then another albeit shorter wait on the other side of the intersection.

Backed up here, too.

We like to stop at this shop and get some flowers when it's on our way.

Her daughter made candy necklaces.

She has some other stuff, too.

Random collection of nails and washers.

Cute little chocolate flower boxes.

She does really nice arrangements.

Ogii slicing the grapefruit completely wrong. I think she does this on purpose to annoy me.

Checking out this rental house.

Decent living room.

And kitchen.

The bathroom is a bit small.

But it's out of town a bit.

And in the middle of some wineries.

So the views are really nice.

Although being out of town is a problem, too. This intersection would be on Ogii's way to work, and she has to turn left across non-stopping traffic on a pretty busy road with limited views to either side due to curves. That's probably a bit too dangerous.

Art Walk in Salinas on Friday night.

A map.

An art gallery.

With some appetizers.

The featured artist.

Live music.

A little cafe.

With some music in the back.

The Salinas City Center had some events as well.



I wonder if people can go on top of this building?

I think the participating locations were supposed to have the flags, but a lot of places had flags but no art.

Like the camera shop.

Some cute keychain tripods.

That evening we had dinner at Rancho Cielo.

Nice view.

It's the culinary school for disadvantaged youth. Although it's much prettier from the other side.


A nice picture.

The menu.

We had dinner with the Brians.



Can't miss the NBA finals.

The staff came out.

And the founder spoke a bit.

Inside the kitchen.

We had to get up early the next morning and drive to Soquel for the health fair there.

A lot of areas set up.

Ogii running the autorefractor.

Billy doing the same.

Checking bifocal height.

And pupillary distance.

Me checking a woman's prescription.

In the other room they had massages.

And podiatry.

And physical therapy.

And dentistry.

The frames people could pick from.

Ogii checking some glasses.

There were two other doctors: Pinhkeo Southaphana...

... and Garrick Peterson. He and his wife Jeanette volunteer at many of these health fairs.

We stayed at the Babbling Brook Inn.

It had a beautiful layout.

With a big porch.

With chairs scattered around.

And a little stream.

That ran through the property.

A little bench at the end.

A gazebo.

The room itself was very nice, too.

Ogii taking a break on the patio.

Time for dinner.

At the Mongolian restaurant.

They had a movie about Mongolia on the TV.

A roller rink nearby.

Then off to the boardwalk. Although the parking lot was packed; people were parking on areas that weren't even designated spots.

Billy and Ogii.

It was fairly busy.

Beach soccer.

Some people had stopped their boat under the pier.

Ogii and Billy by some sea lions.

Some small ones.

And a really big one.

He's keeping an eye on Ogii.

The boardwalk from the pier.

A few sea lions were under the pier.

And a lot more were over here.

From above.

A little one crawling on top of a big one.

Diving off.

And coming up.

They're good at climbing.


Some ice cream.

I wanted a slice of pizza as a snack, too, but this place had a two-hour wait. I asked if I could just grab a slice to go, but they said no, we'd have to wait. That's dumb.

Thankfully there was another pizza place fairly close.

Ogii finishing off the ice cream cone.

Back to volunteering the next day. Here I'm checking his eye pressure.

Verifying lens fit.

Making sure she likes her glasses.

The three doctors.

The whole group.

And the bigger area with the other specialties.

The new Catalina events director didn't realize the Cataline Winer Mixer from the Step Brothers movie wasn't a real thing, so he made it one.

Maybe we'll check it out if we're free then.

This optician did an amazing job on these glasses. They're -14.00, which will usually be very thick, but he somehow made them very thin. Impressive.