2019 Jun 16 | Prius died, San Francisco with Billy

Billy hard at work.

It's been really hot out lately. Our neighbors put some chairs out on their lawn with a cooler to hang out on.

A classmate's practice has really grown.

I'm filling in near Corcoron for work for a few days. It's a pretty small city.

With some insanely cheap houses.

Although there are some really nice ones around the edges of town.

Another one.

And another.

And another.

Pretty sunset with a full moon.

A little drive-in.

Downtown is lined with trees with lights.

The park has a huge mural.

The Salesforce Tower tours sell out extremely fast. I've been following them on Twitter as they said they'd post when they have some available. I hate Twitter, most of the tweets are extremely annoying, but I figure if it gets me a tour, it's worth it. However, I saw that new spots were available on the San Francisco subreddit first.

Thankfully I got a spot.

No mention of the San Francisco spots on the Salesforce twitter; only of the New York City ones.

It's very hot all around this area.

The candy bars in the gas station are melting.

Uh oh, the wasps are back. Although this spider is helping to take a few of them out.

Spraying them and knocking their houses down with a stick is faster, though.

Playing some N64 with Billy and Ogii.

Mario Party.

So much for getting tickets to the NBA finals; not gonna pay $700 a seat.

So let's go to Buffalo Wild Wings instead. I thought it'd be packed by now, but most of the seats are still fairly empty. I guess I don't have to show up as early next time.

They changed their menus.

Although they still have the same food.

Time to dig in.

Billy ordered some of their hottest sauce. I tried a little on the tip of my tongue and ended up bathing my tongue in soda for a bit afterwards.

The crowd enjoyng the game.

Even the homeless guy outside has a Golden State shirt on.

Another injury for Golden State; these are killing them.

99 to 99; exciting game.

111 to 110 with 9.6 seconds left.

Everyone watching with bated breath.

And it's over; so close.

The Google Navigation has your speed, the speed limit, and speed traps.

My mowing shoes, which I keep in the garage. A spider lives in them, and I usually can shake him out. I shook and shook and didn't see him, so I figured he was out for a while.

Except when I put my feet in he crawled out. Come on, dude; don't do that to me.

A bunch of bugs outside. I hope they're not termites. Thankfully they're just earwigs.

But I raked the entire area up to clean them out.

And the washer died, so I had to go to the local laundromat.

At least they were showing the first Fast and the Furious.

And something even bigger died; my Prius. Well, it didn't die, but the check engine light came on and it started rough. Not a good sign.

The official Twitter account for Salesforce announced the tour spots two days after it was posted on reddit.

And when I looked, they were already sold out. Time to never follow anyone on Twitter any more.

A used 2013 Prius Plug-In is worth around $15,000, although these have really low mileage.

Mine has nearly 190,000.

This one is closer in mileage to mine, and it's worth more around $8,000.

Towing it to the dealer to get it checked out.

And it has a blown head gasket. That's not good. I wonder if it was caused by driving over to Corcoran and back in the 100+ heat. If so, that's what I get for trying to be helpful.

$4000 to fix; that's over half of what it's worth.

Getting a second opinion at a nearby garage.

Although it's not a very good neighborhoods; there are tons of homeless sleeping around here.

And Ogii's purse string broke. This is not a good week.

Maybe we should get a Mirai?

Except right now hydrogen costs much more than the gasoline.

And while there are plenty of Hydrogen stations around San Francisco and Los Angeles, there's almost none in between.

A new Prius is around $25,000.

Aw, the new Corvettes are a bit more. I think that's a bit out of our price range right now.

Maybe we'll get a Rav 4; Ogii was thinking about getting one. It's about the same price as a Prius.

So we want to rent one and test it out while the mechanic is checking out the Prius. All of the car rental agencies are closed for the weekend except for one, though.

The fog rolling over the hills.

Doing our nails together.

And Ogii doing her face.

MMA fight; one fighter almost lands a spinning back fist.

And he gets a fist bump afterwards.

And another fist bump after a Street Fighter match; what good sportsmanship.

I love how their optometry office website ties vision to sunsets.

Annoying State of California website password restrictions.

And it doesn't tell you all of the restrictions at once; it just lets you know about the next one if you fix the last one.

And then it has one of these horrible "select all the images" verifications.

Four bikes, from tiny to large.

At the San Francisco Wharf with all the sea lions.

Looking at Alcatraz.

And the Golden Gate Bridge.

The bridge in the fog.

Do Trump supporters or detractors buy this?

Poop comes out when you sqeeze.

Very shiny playing cards.

It's nice that you can custom order your name if it's not there.

Eating at Boudin.

Hey, where's the chili? I guess they stopped serving it. But people complained enough that they're going to start serving it again.

The bread moving along this little tram.

Although I think that's just for show; there are way too many people here to move all the bread for them in that little thing.

The workers were hustling non-stop.

The tomato soup was pretty good.

Wax Beyonce.

Hippie van.

Fisherman's Wharf sign.

Segway tours.

Cute boats.

A busker.

San Francisco love tours van.

Boba time.

There was a huge line for this cable car.

So we walked a few blocks to the other one.

This homeless guy was searching through the garbage for recycleables. Ogii wanted to give him some money but he wouldn't take it. So I put it in his pocket, just in case he changes his mind later and wants to keep it.

On the cable car.

Inside is pretty boring.

But hanging on outside is really fun.

The driver.

Ugh oh; another cable car is coming at us.

They pass really close; we all squeezed way in.

In front of it.

Checking out Union Square.

Live music there.

Ogii and Billy by this heart there.

A really cool fountain.

I haven't seen this before; I've never walked down this street.

Boosting Ogii up onto the L.

For the rainbow love shot.

I remember this street, though; the upper one just ends instantly.

A valet helping a rich guy into his Ferrari.

Don't ding the door on the pole.

Billy under the Chinatown gate.

Lots of restaurants and lanterns.

Some old guys playing music.

A cool mural.

Some creepy statues near the top of this building.


Billy in front of the Pyramid Tower.

Another nice mural.

A little street festival.

Live music.

Some vendors.

Circus performers, although they're not there now.

Another band at this end.

I've heard of this restaurant but never eaten there.

Billy and Coit Tower.

Neat old windows.

Automatic human jukebox. I wonder if it works.

A cable car going up a steep street.

Billy on Lombard Street.

A GoCar working its way down.

At the bottom.

My view, since I dropped them off at the top and came around to the bottom to pick them up while they walked down as the line to drive down it was way too long.

Onto the Golden Gate Bridge.

Driving across. We would have stopped but the viewing area was closed to all passenger cars; only tour buses could go there. That's rather crappy. Also, the viewing points on the western side had a gigantic line of cars; it was over an hour drive to get there, and usually it's under five minutes.

So we headed to Baker's Beach for a pic instead.

More fog in the hills.

Stopping for Korean BBQ in San Jose. We went to one place but it had a two-hour wait, so we went here instead.

Because they had almost no wait. And a funny notice about waiting.

Lots of beef.

Billy ready to eat.

Ogii working hard.

Billy and me eating.

Good thing we got there when we did; there's a much bigger wait now.

We got the Rav 4 rental on the way home. I like the blind spot warning.

Ogii was a little confused by how to work the cruise control.

This cloud looks like a dragon sitting on its back.

And this one has a fist that's just detached from the main cloud.

Still construction here.

Aw, this KMart closed.

Some sheep.

A farmer.

Sunset peeking under the clouds.

Hey, Bitcoin is back up now. I hadn't been paying any attention in months.

Although Etherium is down.