2019 Jun 23 | Monterey with Billy, new 2019 Prius Eco

Ogii grilling.

Trying out a Rav 4.

It also has these horrible Toyota headrests that push your head too far forward.

Too hot for my phone to work.

Really nice park.

The benches were an Eagle Scout project.

Maybe I should buy this car.

Baby snails.

So cute crawling around on the grass.

An adult on the hose.

Goodbye 2013 Prius Plug-in, you were great, but time for something new.

I'm not sure if selling a Toyota to a mechanic with this poster in his shop is the best idea.

But Ogii is happy with the cash from the sale.

Is there eve a difference between ham and Canadian bacon?

Eh, basically the same thing.

Even 2017 and 2018 Priuses are still around $20,000 used.

One thing I really like about the older used Priuses is they come in this beautiful dark blue, which new ones do not have.

Really nice interior, too, and not too bad of mileage. I would have probably bought this one except it was already sold.

The new blue color is this brighter shade, which I don't like as much.

We decided on a Prius Eco, which gets slightly better gas mileage because it doesn't have a spare tire, has slightly different tires, is a little more aerodynamic, and has a more IR-reflective windshield to keep the A/C from working as hard.

What sealed the deal was the lifetime powertrain warranty.

And this more comprehensive warranty for a few years.

We watched the Women's World Cup while they were working on the paperwork. This player isn't very happy.

Because she got a yellow card.

I think that's the biggest check I've written, nearly $30,000. Their final offer was actually about $20 lower than this, but I bumped it up to 411 for our anniversary.

The car wasn't at that dealership; they had to go get it. So we checked out Monterey while waiting for that.

At the south end of Cannery Row.

Nap time.

This seagull would get annoyed if you got too close. I'm guessing she's nesting.

A sea lion on the rock below.

He's a bit annoyed about this seagull on his rock.

I can nap like the sea lion, too.

A small sea lion tried to get the bigger one on the rock to come play with it.

Eating at El Torito.

Lots of kayakers and sailboats.

This guy was paddling his kayak. Is he doing this on purpose or did he lose his paddle?

Cool bathroom.

A giant stuffed sea otter to convince you to buy shirts.

Really low rider.

Beautiful old red car.

Beautiful new red car.

We got massages while Billy was at the aquarium. They're giving away free lemons.

It was a slow day; one of the masseuses was watching this online videogame.

Massage for me.

We returned the rented Rav 4, but we needed to take a Lyft to the dealership. This driver had her little dog with her.

Our new car.

2019 Prius Eco.

The temporary license plate is almost "Ogii loo." Ogii on the toilet? I don't know about that.


My old Prius had a double glove compartment for lots of storage; this only has one.

Not as much space for stuff down here, iether.

The fuel gauge reminds me of something.

In the Marathon videogame I used to play in high school, your normal life bar was red. But if you picked up one of these yellow canisters, it doubled your life...

... and turned your lifebar yellow, just like the Prius gas gauge.

Marathon on top, Prius on bottom.

The instrument panel is impossible to read if the sun is at the wrong angle; the glare is terrible.

And there are fewer dials and more touch screens, which means I have to take my eyes off the road more to mess with it. Also, I like to scan through stations a lot manually on long trips, and it's a long reach over to this. My previous Prius had an area to rest my hand to do this; this one doesn't.

This one also doesn't come with the back cover. I don't really want it, but Ogii likes to use it when we go to LA to hide stuff. I don't really want to pay $400 for one, though.

Only $150 on Amazon for a third party one.

We got the Eco to get a little better mileage; we'll see how it goes.

An amazing home nearby.

Great views, too, just out of our price range.

It was initially sold for $275,000 in 2005; now they want over $1 million. Maybe that's why it hasn't been bought in over a year. If it was in LA, I'd definitely get it, and even if it was in Monterey or Carmel, it'd be worth it, but around here, who's going to buy it?

This one is more in our price range. But it has a car with it's window broken and covered in plastic on the Google Street View. Not exactly the kind of neighborhood we want to live in. We spent $30,000 on the car, anyway; that's $30,000 less we have for a downpayment now.