2019 Jun 30 | Hearst Castle and Sensorio Field of Lights with Billy

The Prius' clock is set wrong; it's 12 hours off. I probably wouldn't have noticed except it's on 24-hour time.

You can set how far behind other cars the cruise will keep you. This works really well; it will slow itself down even if the cars in front of us are going 50mph slower.

It also has lane control, which will keep you inside the lines except on curves. In fact, it will auto-drive itself pretty well, but if you don't hold onto the steering wheel for a while, it will warn you about it.

It gives you a score after you're done of how economical you drove.

There central console can have a very bad glare.

Ogii's car is at 272727.

Aw man, a giant yellow bug on my windshield. Have to clean that off.

But then I got stickers all over my socks when I was doing that.

Tractor on the road.

Visiting Dr. Hicks as his house to interview him on his history as an optometrist.

It's really nice inside.

A pool.

Hallway to another section.

Great living room.

He had multiple articles written about him. THis was in the Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Journal; I had found many others in the Salinas Californian newspaper.

Guest bathroom.

Guest bedroom.

He had planted many trees and other plants.

Pool from the outside.

A lower area.

With a nice little seating area.

He had planted all of the trees there except this one.

Dining area.

This guy was taking pictures of the hills.

Rather nice with the fog in the hills.

And around the trees.

Still love these circular prints at the local clinic.

And still don't have hepatitis.

Cooking some pork.

One portion each for Ogii and me; two portions for Billy. Easy math.

This is the dumbest thing ever: carryout insurance. So if you drop your pizza you can get another one.

Two blue cars.

The cheese on this burger leaves a lot to be desired.

Ogii took Billy to see the Lone Cypress in Pebble Beach.

And then to lunch at Lugano Swiss Bistro.

360-degree sundog.

Ogii raking up the front yard.

A bunch of snails there.

One looking down over the ledge.

Looking at the camera.

The worst thing about Toyotas is the headrests all push your head way too far forward; it really hurts by neck and back.

Ogii switches them around. Even though your head leans too far back, it's better.

You gotta lean your head way back to use it, though.

A score of 79; nice.

It will track each of your trips, too.

We are averaging about 53 mpg.

First fill-up.

Uh oh, Ogii's not doing so well.

Although it was just the start that killed her score. Once she got going, she did very well.

She's very happy she beat my score.

We took Billy to Hearst Castle. On the way there we saw zebras.

When we arrived we grabbed some lunch. There were a couple of birds that kept trying to get food from people.

Here comes another.

We think they put these wires up to keep the birds out, but they came anyway.

Although we actually liked feeding them.

This one grabbed two fries.


The bus up to the castle.

And we're here.

Ogii in front with huge amounts of jasmine.

The corner of the castle we were starting our tour at.

We had Billy take the grand tour and we took the upper suites tour.

Ogii ready to go in.

Me at a gate.

One of the bedrooms.

Expensive imported ceiling.

Beautiful sitting room.

With an amazing balcony.

Blue china.

Intricate ceiling.

Another bedroom.

Going up the stairs.

Ogii close behind.

A nice view even out of the stairs.

Multiple bedrooms in the middle that you can see all the way through to the other side of the building.

Lots of palm trees.

The library.

Lots of books.

And antiques.

His office between the bedrooms.

With a fireplace.

His bathroom.

Nice lamp.

The ceiling of his bedroom.

His closet.

Her closet.

Her bathroom.

Another great lamp.

Some old newspapers.

The dining room.

Some old books.

My favorite room, the celestial suite, which is below the bell towers.

The ceiling.

Another fireplace.

With a great view.

Looking through the bedrooms from the other side.

Another bedroom.

Very old book.

A two-story bedroom: this is the living room area...

... and the beds upstairs.

With an amazing ceiling.

The two stories from the other side.

The castle from the front.


A balcony we had seen from the inside earlier.

A lily in the pond.

Ogii and me.


There was a group of Mongolians there Ogii and Billy chatted with for a bit.

They got a picture of all three of us.

Beautiful deck.

Billy and Ogii.

There are lots of statues.

With a belltower in the background.


Ogii behind a girl feeding a lamb some corn.

Billy with a statue with the hills behind.

The main building with palm trees.

Many flowers.

Trying to recreate a picture Ogii had gotten years before. Although that had used a DSLR, so it had a much narrower depth of focus. The phones can try to imitate it but they don't always do a very good job.

A little better.

And a bit closer to the original, but since it had a different lens, the sizing is still off.

Outdoor pool.

With statues.

Me posing like another carving.

Fruit trees.

Drooping flowers.

Billy and Ogii by the indoor pool.

It's so pretty.

On the bus drive down you see enclosures for polar bears...

... and other animals.

An old walkway.

The castle from afar.

Looking out towards the ocean.

The to Paso Robles for a quick dinner.

And onto Field of Light at Sensorio by Bruce Munro. Some benches.

Light appetizers.

Live music.

More food and seating.

Nice rock sculpture.

The sun setting above the lights.

All of the lights were connected to scattered power sources.

Which were connected to solar panels.

The sun is almost down.

And the lights are starting to come on.

They change colors.

People waiting for them to come on.

Nice night out.

Here they come.

Starting to light up.

Looking back towards the sun.

Ogii and me.

Me and Billy.

They're really bright in the dark.

The wires all coming out of a central point.

Looking towards the entrance.

And in the other direction.


A timelapse video panned across the field.