2019 Jul 14 | Christmas in July in South Dakota

I forgot to give the electric plug to the guy who bought my old Prius, so I dropped it off for him.

A cat had kittens in our backyard.

Three of them went someone. We're not sure if she moved them or what, but this was the only one left, and she wasn't taking care of him. He was just getting weaker and weaker.

Ogii didn't like that, so she decided to take him to a friend of hers. She made him a nice warm box.

And put him in it.

He seems OK.

Although he tried to escape on the drive.

Checking him out.

And feeding him.

A video of the kitten's journey. He's certainly stronger at the end.

At the airport in San Jose. Thankfully the line is very short.

Instead of handing out snacks on the plane, they just have a bucket of snacks for you to grab your own while boarding.

Lots of clouds.

Ogii playing poker.

She flopped a full house.

Except the other guy turned a straight flush. I don't know about that.

We watched Alita.

That would be a nice life, especially with a house on your own private island.

A mosaic on the bathroom wall at MSP.

A description of it.

I was really excited to eat at Dairy Queen, but it's being renovated.

So we ate at Twins Grill instead.

Cool baseball picture made out of balls.

Pictures of stadiums.

Neat wood picture.

Ogii at the bar.

We had some great chili and soup.

While watching tennis.

Big flower decorations.

Ogii napping while waiting to be picked up in South Dakota.

At the campsite and being attacked by kids with water guns.

Dad and Mick getting them back.

Ogii resting.

With the moon.

Monica playing catch with the kids.

The sun headed down.


Nice reflections.

Horses out in a field.

Preparing breakfast.

Ogii working on the bacon.

And hashbrowns.

The kids playing.


Catch with sticky mits.

Time to eat.

The time to open gift bags.

I want one.

Checking out their goodies.

Ogii liked the hammock.

Nice and peaceful and away from the children.

Going for a walk.

And bike rides.

Monica keeping an eye out.

Can't let them get too far.

Mick keeping up with them.

Plenty of sunglasses.

Lying in the grass.

A woman parasailing.

Pretty flowers.

It's the aunt's job to blow up all the water toys.

The alligator; always a favorite.

Out on the boat.

Guiding it in.

Picnic time.

A hearty meal of stick food.

Into the water.

Or nap time.

Many weapons.

Squirt gun fight.

Right in the head.

Ron taking it.

Mick always fixing things.

What did the boys find?

Some frogs.

Hopping around.

If you kiss it, it will become a prince.

We raced out to this float. I forgot how tiring swimming was; I almost didn't make it at the end. Dumb Monica being all fast.

Frogs and a float.

The army practicing building bridges.

Tubing time.

Here we go.

Where did Ron go?

Flying off. But, like a good brother, he brought me some sunglasses when he came back.

We look much cooler now.

Jumping off.

Taking the tube in.

Up front watching for other boats.

Time for skiing.

Mick ready to go.

On his way.

And he's up.

On one ski.

My turn.

Getting there.

One ski.

Were the jetskiers being helpful to let us know where the ski was or trying to steal it? We'll never know.

Touching the water.

Out to the side and cutting in.


And the other way.

Mick off to the side.

The kids playing in the pool.

Squirting the cameraman.

Adult time in Mick's RV.

Monica cooking. There might be a little too much fire there.

The spread.

Great lunch.

Christmas in July ice cream cake.


Or whatever this non-hitting, string-pulling this is called.


Everyone with their cool shades on.

The ski rope matches my shorts.

In the hammock again.

Toasting marshmallows.

S'mores time.

Everyone enjoying the evening.

Nice big Sinclair dinosaur.

Mom making breakfast.

A big wind came up and tried to take away the canopy.

It brought this cloud with it.

Getting closer.

Above us.

And moving away.

Once it passed, the wind died down, too. Weird weather.

We don't need a tripod.

Just some duct tape.

Picture time.

Everybody smile.

The kids on Mick's motorcycle.

Time for rides.

Don't forget your helmet.

He looks happy.

Very excited.

There he goes.

A cool dude on a cool ride.

Good to always wear a helmet.

Time for the adults to ride.

Hang on.

The flipped the helmets around.

Uh oh, they're being held up by bubble-hand-waving kids.

Get her!

Monica's "I'm extremely pleased" face.

What are you going to do about it?

Run away, that's what.

Smacking a bubble.

My kind of snacks.

They caught a fish.

But it's snagged out there.

So dad had to swim out and get it.

Nice fish!

Bringing it up.

Egg hunt.

All kinds of toys inside.

Preparing more food.

Everyone eating.

Testing out the drone.

The adults are napping.

By the hammock.


Hanging out together.

The onto the boat.

For more skiing.

Touching the water.

Jumping the wake.

And more jumping.

Taking a break.

Mick ready to go.

Out to the side.

And going down.

Extreme angle.

It's a good motor.

Kayakers headed out.

A deer in the field.

Running away.

It's hot out.

Sausage, yum.

Driving out to the bridge.

Driving across.

The old store.

And drive-in theater.

It's still running.

Other upcoming events.

A video of fun with and on the water.