2019 Jul 21 | giant bouncy house, goat yoga in Carmel Valley

Waiting for Monica and Brendan to come out of their hotel room.

We started doing Christmas in July because of all the snowstorms delaying us in winter.

However, now this rain storm is delaying us in summer.

We're right in the middle of it.

Not delayed too much yet; hopefully the storm moves on soon.

Fight Aware has a misery map to show you how delayed airports are; MSP isn't too bad yet.

Nice, looks like they're taking off again.

The sun peeking through the clouds.

They bumped us back a couple of hours; better than staying there overnight.

Most of the flights got delayed.

Pretty clouds now.

Mammatous clouds.

The pilot is finally here.

The plane was pretty empty because a lot of passengers were coming from other flights which were delayed.

Some of the managed to get on right before we left.

And we're off.

A thunderstorm over there.

Lightning in the cloud; very pretty.

Looks like they were delayed in San Jose; too. At least those passengers got pizza.

We were supposed to get home and in bed around midnight; 2:30am makes it tough to get up for work the next day. Well, actually, now it's the same day.

Steak, potatoes, and beans.

Volleyball on TV. Fun to play, but not that fun to watch.

We tried having a guy fix the washer a couple of times and it's no good. The next step would be more expensive than the washer. Guess we'll keep using the laundromat for now.

These big prints used to fit perfectly in the Prius. The new one is skinnier, though.

We used to be able to stack ten of them in here; now two barely fit.

We gave one to the guy at the dealership who sold us the new Prius because he mentioned he liked beach pictures.

A pretty picture at Red Lobster.

Love the biscuits.

Ogii with a lot of food.

Unfortunately for her, she didn't like much of it, so I ended up eating it all.

Then, while I was eating, she watched a sad video on YouTube. So she's sitting there crying, and I'm over here eating all the food. We must look rather weird to the staff.

One of Ogii's coworkers was having a birthday party for her son.

There's cake.

And lots of food, including a whole pig.

The little guy looks sharp.

The it was on to The Big Bounce.

Us at the front.

There were a bunch of different blow-ups to run around in.

This one had ball pits.

Ogii dug down in.

Both of us in the balls.

And jumping out.

It was quite tiring, though.

Climbing up a slide.

And going down.

Short but fun.

The slides from the outside.

A massive couch.

A giant obstacle course.

The start.

We were quite sweaty after running through.

Then onto the main attraction: a giant bouncy house with all sorts of different sections.

A climbing wall.


Lots of selfies.

Another slide.

Ogii headed down.

A lounge area.

And a massive ball pit.

Us in the pit.

Back to the main area.

They had races to the top of the climbing wall with everyone throwing balls at the participants.

Ogii ready to throw.

A blow-up panda.

Hugging it.

Me under it.

A monkey.

A video of our time there.

Always love this color-changing paint.

I tripled up.

Now just gotta stack all the chips back up.

Getting there.

All in again.

And I win again.

My dress shoelaces were old, so I bought some new ones. The first ones weren't waxed, though, so they kept coming undone. Also, there's a different way to lace dress shoes. Thankfully the internet helped with that.

A Flora's Farm.

So much fruit.

And vegetables.

He tallies everything up by hand. You don't see that much any more.

Our winnings.

Ogii loved this fruit.

Then onto goat yoga.

In Carmel Valley.

It's pretty expensive to live here; I wonder whose house it is? Ah, Dr. Gray, a heart surgeon who grew up in North Dakota and then practiced at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. We chatted for a bit. He performed Carol Shelby's heart transplant, which is fitting because he moved to Monterey for the Concours and loves to restore old cars. His wife runs the goat yoga.

Some feeding and petting before we get started.

And some more.

And some more.

Actually, I don't think we even need the yoga; just let us play with the goats.

Ogii holding one.

He's ready to go look for some more food.

Me feeding them.

All right; I guess we'll do some yoga.

The group.

One walking across our backs.

It looks like he's waving at the camera.

Waving for both of us.

Don't let him fall.

Now two on us.

They seem pretty sure of their footing.

One on Ogii.

And another.

One on me.

Another walking across.

Another on Ogii.

Another on me.

Goat bridge.

This one kinda matches her outfit.

Me actually trying ot do a yoga pose.

The both of us.

Now time to walk and feed them a bit more.

They're still hungry.

Two at once.

Holding one.

They reach up to snack on the trees.

Sorry guy; time to go.

Checking out downtown Carmel Valley.

Not too many shops, but a few.

An art association.

With art from local artists.

Some nice work.

A few landscapes.

The general store.

A tavern.

Constructed in 1928.

Definitely has an old-school feel.

Boars and horns.

It was a nice day, so we sat outside.

Bread to start.

And then some great steak and tomato soup.

The onto a winery tasting room.


Lots of options.

Ogii trying one.

Hmm, my back kind of hurts, I wonder what that is? Oh, even a bit of blood.

I guess the little goat hooves dug in a bit. Oh well; a small price to pay for such a fun time.

It looks like there was a hit and run on this car.

Someone must have smashed into the side, which in turn pushed the car into the one in front of it. That sucks, especially if you only first notice it when you come out to go to work in the morning.

Our neighbors hunt deer around here, although I'm not sure exactly where.