2019 Jul 28 | Mid-State Fair

Ogii really likes these fruits.

Baking some pork chops and potatoes.

Ready to be eaten.

One of Ogii's coworkers had a birthday party.

I like the view of this palm tree out of our front window.

The new Prius has a touchscreen and I hate it. All of these fingerprints drive me nuts.

We went to Paso Robles for the Mid-State Fair. It was really hot, so we hid in the shade of a tree while waiting for the light to turn.

A fun BBQ.

In the marketplace.

Getting a chair massage.

Getting a real massage.

A kids play area. I want to go in there.

All kinds of chocolate.

Petting a mountain lion and bear.

Old-fashioned soda pop.

Some nice photographs for sale.

These fans with mist were nice to stand in front of.

A big T-rex statue.

The food area.

Yummy BBQ.

Lots of animals.





A little train.

The reptiles area.



An alligator? Isn't his kid a little close?

And another one swimming around.

That's funny, but that's still an alligator in touching distance. What if a kid tries to pet it?

Pretty snake.

A chameleon.

It's crazy how they can move their eyes independently.


Very pretty snake skin.

Old tractors.

My turn for some mist.

Time for some ice cream, too.

Sharing it with a bear.

It was really hot; people were just lying in the grass.

A nice scene with a waterfall and a cowboy.

Lots of flowers there.

Frontier town.

All of the 4-H exhibits.

Some great photographs.

A foosball table.

A light-up seahorse.

Cooked desserts.




Neat display.

Some in an old tape player.

The carnival.

A giant Plinko game.

Water ride.


Both using the misters.

The kids section.

Music area.

A petting zoo.

Ogii is popular.

He likes the snacks.

But he gets kind of angry if I feed the others instead of him.

A little goat.

Animatronic band.

Giant balls you can run around in on water.

Petting bunnies.

Pig races.

The organizers gave different kids flags to wave for each pig.

Chill zone.

There was a giant ice cube that people could guess when it was going to melt.

Ice bar.

Back out into the heat with lots of meat.

A big line to spin this wheel at the Monterey Aquarium booth.

Juggler on a tall unicycle.

Hang bar challenge.

One of the monster trucks.

Can we sit here? No? Oh, these are the reserved seats. Where are our seats?

Over there in the sun. Next time I'm spending the few extra bucks.

Thankfully Ogii had a wrap she could hide under.

A bit cooler in here.

Parade of old tractors.

Bikers giving an old flag to Boy Scouts.

The sun is almost behind the other bleachers. It won't be so hot and we won't have that glare.

Monster trucks.

Big jump.


And bulls.

More bull riding.

Uh oh, this one flipped.

The just had a Cat come and flip it over.

Good as new.

Younger kids on bikes.

I don't think standing right on the rail is a good idea.

More truck jumping.

This guy had tank treads.

And more bulls.

Even younger kids on bikes.


A video of the bikes, bulls, and monster trucks.

A band.