2019 Aug 08 | Ogii in Los Angeles with Dagii and Greg, EVO

This ad is always so loud.

This rental house is in a perfect location. It was also very in demand. Ogii contacted the rental agency on Monday and they said they'd have a showing on Friday. Then they called back and said they got such a big response they're doing an earlier showing on Tuesday, so she went to that.

The kitchen isn't so great.

Bedrooms are only OK. Plus it's two stories, so the upper ones are really hot.

Bathroom is only OK.

It has a nice back patio which opens onto a big shared lawn, which is nice.

Big patio doors.

A little front area. Although there's 10 uncovered feet between the garage and the house, not so great if it's raining.

The wooden floors are nice.

We really loved the location, so we applied, and we got it! Now just have to go through the rental procedure.

A bird at Ogii's work.

10 presents until Ogii's birthday on the 10th.

Getting the first one.

It's a ring.

Of birds.

Second one.



Kind of big but hopefully not too showy.

Day three.

A bracelet.

Day four.

Another bracelet.

If you haven't noticed, everything this year is red.

The hinges on this door were falling off, so I bought a new one.

That doesn't look right.

It's too long.

Trying to figure out exactly which one this is. It has this number.

And this name.

Let's see what we get when we search Amazon. Looks like plenty of other people have searched for it as well.

That looks like it.

Although the part number is different.

Checked around on some other sites and it seems to be it.

I'll leave this one for now.

I think it's time for a new screwdriver.

I thought maybe the local hardware store would have a similar hinge, but nope.

What is this pipe between isles for?

More over here. Ah, this is the tool isle. I bet it's to make it harder to steal tools.

I was only in the store a few minutes and somebody managed to stick this on my car.

Ogii was in Los Angeles for the weeknd with Greg, Dagii, and Sarnai.

For Sarnai's concert.

On a merry go ground.

Having fun.

On a train.

On a concrete lizard.

Looking at an anteater.

Some parrots.

A bald eagle.


The family.

Riding a wooden pony.

BBQ time.

Kids dancing.

Ogii is in LA for the weekend, so I can eat out a Burger King.

And get some really hot peppers at the local farm.

And sit at home and watch the EVO videogames tournament all day long.

This woman dancing channel is in the way of my EVO streams.

There we go. Watching Samurai Shodown, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Tekken all at the same time.

Surprisingly, the new Samurai Shodown was my favorite to watch.

This was an amazing moment. At 0 seconds left in the match, first one player and then the other stopped the clock. Exhilarating ending.

I don't know how Windjammers got so popular, since it's from 1994, but there it is.

Only two guides for it on GameFaqs.

A funny moment in a game called Catherine.

You can trap the other player and be guaranteed to win, but you don't win for a few seconds, so players will take a selfie in the meantime.

His opponent even got in on the picture.

Always good to have a fun time playing.

These two were laughing as well.

A lot of people watching live.

This was the oldest Amazon order I have in my emails: a Diablo 2 CD from 2005. Good memories.

There are a bunch of themed cruises. 70s.


Although I don't particularly like any of these bands.



Star Trek. It'd be kind of weird to book a cruise without knowing this was going on as well and then see a ton of dressed-up Trekkies.