2019 Aug 16 | farm visits for Ogii's birthday in Paso Robles

Nice clouds.

A bit of moon between two jet contrails.

Spraying wasp nests.

Caulking cracks to keep ants out.

Roast: easy and it smells so good when you get home after work.

Some nice pictures in this office.

Another one.

I like checking out the businesses in this area because they have posters for upcoming events.

Wine festival, but we have other plans that day.

Pro wrestling.

A tiny entrance to the barber shop.

Kind of funky inside.

Not too bad of prices.

Really cool rooms.

Another one.

Nice business cards. I especially like that you can create an appointment online.

Love these crackers.

Nice variety.

Sunset over the hills.

At our home.

Time for more presents.




Opening it.

A pendant.

It's a tree.


Another pendant.

A curved one.

We'd never eaten at this little restaurant before. Which is too bad, because we're moving, and it was absolutely mouth watering.

The food is all gone.

They also have pool tables in the back.

More presents.

Earrings this time.

Short and oval.

Uh oh, caught Ogii watching news on her phone while she was driving.

Present time.

A necklace.

A heart.

Ogii's office, very open.

Her coworkers got her a cake.

Almost done, at least with mine.

More earrings.

Dangly ones this time.

The new Prius didn't come with one of these sliding trunk covers, so I bought one online. Ebay had the best price.

Spraying more wasps.

I like to spray them and then knock them down with a stick, but I can't reach these top ones from a ladder, so I have to go up on the roof and smack the nest from up there.

Except this time there were a few guys who were out when I sprayed it, and they were rather angry their home was messed up. I'm going to come back later when they're not home agian.

From the room, I can see the neighbors putting in a lot of concrete to park all of their cars.

Mowing the lawn.

Aw, I don't want to run over this praying mantis.

I had to keep moving him because he kept crawling back into the next section I was going to mow.

Down to Paso Robles for Ogii's birthday. First stop is lunch.

With sushi.

And Korean BBQ.

Pretty display.

Cooking it up.

Lots of items.

Trying the soju straight from the bottle.


Not a fan.

A bit strong.

Ogii taking a shot.

She agrees with me.

Meat time.

Neat stone sink.

Then we went out to a nearby farm. Checking out the sheep.

And the goats.

They were really smart; they had figured out how to open the latch on their gate, so the owners had to put a second lock on it.

Feeding them some carrots.

Feeding the alpacas.

The others want some as well.

He's hungry.

Time for a kiss.

So sweet.

They love getting hosed down on a hot day. They all ran over when we started the water.

That's a big turkey.

And a big pig.

The pigs like the snacks, too.

Then time to make some soap by hand.

Fruit with some really good home-made cheese.

Regular soap is fine, but decorating it with some yarn is even better.

Her family had made some amazing ones.

I don't think ours will come out that good, but we'll give it a shot.


And needling.

I just used some colors I liked; Ogii made a field with flowers and clouds.

Bye goats and alpacas.

The onto a spa.

Lemon water and oranges.

The spas are natural hot springs fed from underground.

Wine and chocolate.

Testing the wine.

Tasting the chocolate.


Then massage time.

Nice back yard.

Cartoon map of the area at a local burger joint.

I don't think we're hungry enough for a quadruple burger.

But a single and some onion rings is good.

Relaxing and watching TV.

Time to open presents.

A journal with flipping sequins on the cover.

Nobody else can use it now.

Tic Tac Toe.

All opened.

A light-up musical card.

A video of it.

My last present: a Black Hills gold ruby pendant.


Then off to another farm.

Lots of sheep here.

Petting them.

They love eating.

Some goats as well.

Who love to stand as high as they can get.

Ogii with the sheep.

Time to let them out to graze and to get some petting.

A baby.

Staying close to mom.

She wants some pets, too.

Getting in close.

Out grazing.

Snack time.

They had a great greenhouse.

With a variety of plants.

Some ducks and a rabbit.

Outdoor seating area.

Some RVs they rent on Air BnB.

Onto the casino for their tournament.

Twice I made a straight, went all in, got called, the other guy had a straight draw, and then he hit his straight draw to chop the pot.

Ogii got third place! She's a little confused here because when they get down to three players, they stop the tournament and give out prize money based on number of chips at the time instead of playing it out. If she had know that, she could have played the previous hand differently, maybe getting first or second. But third is still really good.

Steak, potatoes, and birthday cake.