2019 Aug 18 | moving to Salinas

Birthday party at Ogii's work.

Some nice plants at the entrance to the house.

The front door is right beside the neighbor's.

A little open area in front.

The living room.

The master bedroom downstairs is very small.

And also has a very small closet.

Master bathroom.

Kitchen and dining room looking out to the patio.

Laundry area by the kitchen.

Decent-sized pantry.

Fridge and oven.


Backdoor patio.

Which opens up to a giant shared grassy area.

Ogii by the back patio door.

Storage area and stairs.

Upstairs bedroom #1.

Upstairs bedroom #2. These both have fairly large closets, so we'll use one for a guest bedroom and the other for storage and our clothes.

Upstairs bathroom.

These doors don't quite close. Normally that'd bother me, but I don't plan on going upstairs almost ever, so I don't have to see it.





Spiders. There are a bunch of these guys around. Nothing a broom can't take care of, and having a few might keep bugs away.

The garage is rather small, both in length and width, but we can barely fit both of our cars in it, which is all we need. It also has some built-in storage, which is nice.

First dinner in our new town: Smalley's Roundup.

Huge drinks, huge steak.

Our old neighbors have a ton of flowers in pots.

Full moon and palm trees.

We want to watch the new Godzilla movie but it's only for sale, not for rent. I guess we'll wait.

And the new John Wick movie isn't streaming yet.

Ogii did a walkthrough of the house and there are a few small things we need to fix, like the stove filter and nail holes.

Gotta measure the stove filter so we can find the correct new one.

This giant flamingo float is fun on the water but it's a pain to store.

Ogii's doing a great job of packing everything up. That's a lot of work.

All of the glass and mirrors get taped inside of blankets.

Keeping track of all of the screws and washers for various tables.

My todo list for the new house.

Some containers of gas and cleaning products we have to dispose of.

Lots of random trash.

The chemicals disposal area.

Off to the Home Depot.

So many types of caulk.

They have stove filters but not the size we need.

Also buying some spackling for the nail holes.

To xfinity for internet. There's also a new Umami burger here; might have to check that out.

Checking the prices of security cameras and a modem on Amazon.

It's the exact same at Best Buy, so might as well buy it in person and have it now.

We need a new modem for the faster internet.

There's still a KMart here, too.

They have some nice patio furniture; we might need to get some of that.

The nearby Ace Hardware had the correct stove filter.

I love this IKEA bookcase but it's a pain to take down and put it.

This might be the last time it moves; the areas where the screws and bolts go in are pretty much gone.

Spackling nail holes.

We paid some movers to help move everything. They arrived a few hours late, but the did a decent job.

Stuff is mostly out.

Ogii went and bought some water, Gatorade, and soda for them.

Although she locked her keys in her car after doing so. Thankfully a AAA guy was nearby and could get them out in just a few minutes.

The giant bears waiting in papasan chairs.

Almost full.

The paint for the house was empty, so I guess I'll need to buy a new can.

We don't have to deal with the lawn at our new place, so I can throw away my old mowing shoes. It was always fun knocking the spiders out of them.

Unloading at the new house. It's pretty late; almost 10pm.

Almost empty.

Gatorade, water, and ibuprofen after a job well done.

Lots of stuff dumped in the garage.

And on the other side of the garage.

And in the living room.

And in the dining room. There's still lots of work to be done unpacking all of this.

Moviebob covers how the original Transformers movie was really that good.

A celebration of Gene Klug being a scoutmaster for 50 years.

I couldn't make it out there, but I did write a letter.

As did Ron.

Great cake.

Ron giving him a walking stick.

A close-up of the stick.

Me in my old Scout shirt.

Ron, Gene, and me years ago.