2019 Aug 25 | MBOS CE, Salinas car show, poker, Flora's Farm tour

Our first meal in our new house: Pizza Hut on the bed.

This is a problem: the modem is only a modem...

... and not a router, so we couldn't connect.

So back to Best Buy to return this one and get one with a router.

Internet all set up.

This were the speeds with AT&T at our old house: 12 down, 1 up.

And our new speeds: 320 down, 6 up. Much faster. I'd actually prefer the upload speed to be a better so I could upload large picture files, but at least it's workable.

The local Toyota Dealership has really fast uploads, though, 50, so if I need to upload any large files, maybe I can do it during a routine car checkup.

Me working on the computer, quite hot and surrounded by boxes.

That's annoying; some spam that showed up on my Google Calendar. Thankfully it's easy to disallow this with just a click.

Uh oh; the shower backed up.

So some plumbers came to fix it.

Going through the toilet.

And throught the roof.

And through the garage.

They worked very late into night.

Finishing up.

And the water is down.

A CE meeting in Santa Cruz.

A state organization representative.


Doing a giveaway.

The winner.

Our speaker on ocular pathology and oncology.

That's obviously cancer.

But what about these?

He can slice a section out and look at it under a microscope to determine if its cancerous.

We can't, but we can take a picture and see if it grows over time.

Good turnout.

Another important technology piece set up: the printer. It's just sitting on some boxes, but it works.

Ogii bought a new washer and dryer. Our last ones were really neat looking front-loaders, but they both died after a couple of years. We didn't want to deal with that, so we went with some boring-looking top-loaders. Also, they're behind these doors, so you almost never see what they look like anyway.

The garage door opener is very old.

Like so old all of the modern garage-door opener remotes you can buy don't work on it. Which wouldn't be a problem except that we only received one remote but we have two cars. Time to see if we can find another one somewhere.

Dinner at another local restaurant, Ginger Thai Kitchen.

A house with a 49ers fan and a Raiders fan.

The Jetblue website doesn't seem to work very well on any desktop browser, but it works fine on my phone.

A rollover on the way to work. Have to be careful in the fog.

I bought a new can of paint.

To touchup the nail holes in the old house.

And also hit a couple other areas, like this big spot in the bedroom. We didn't even cause it; there was a large leak and the property management company hired someone to fix it. He did, but then he never painted over it.

It looks perfect after I painted it, though.

What happens when you are too busy to do dishes by hand and have unpacked boxes in front of the dishwasher.

We did manage to clean out a little space between the couch and a table to eat on.

Uh oh, the shower backed up again.

It's draining, but very slowly. Time to call the plumbers once more.

I got a torn bill out of the ATM, so I took it in to the bank. She said I need to bring it in right away or they couldn't give me a replacement. I said I did; I just got it out of their ATM 30 seconds ago. Gah.

There is a farmer's market every Saturday morning.

Lots of shoes.

Lots of vegetables.

Lots of fruit.

Lots of plants.

The local farm we went to on Sunday mornings is also here, although they don't have quite as much produce.

A long line for food.

The Fox theater has quite a history.

A small clothing and etc store.

A car show in downtown on Saturday as well.

Beautiful color.

Dog on front.

Some older cars.

Pretty blue engine.

Some music.

A tiny car.

Long car.

Live music in here as well.

Another nice blue one.

A Ogii by a lifted pickup.

Very old car.

Beautiful paint job.

Speaking of paint jobs, this might have the best details I've ever seen: El Diablo.

Female demon mechanic.

Male demon mechanic.

Another female demon mechanic.

Male demon.

And another one.

Detailed rims.

From the front. Truly a beautiful piece of art.

Lots of hydraulics.

Lots of flowers.

50s blue.

Very low.

A line of cars.

On the other side.

Old police car.

This old pickup started out in pretty bad shape.

And looks great now.

Awesome purple car.

Ogii beside it.

A window into the gears in the back of this pickup.

Very old car.



Lifted pickup.

Ogii beside it.

Me by a nice yellow one.

This was really neat: they were having veterans sign the car.

A vet signing it.

The front.

The back.

Fun license plates: pollinator and green wasp.

Ogii by a very old one.

Lined up in front of the theater.

Neat mural.

Some info on it.

I don't think a Yukon is compact.

Ogii ready to play poker.

Pulling in a pot.

You need some food to keep your energy up.

Winning another pot.

This was a fun hand: I had a straight flush draw with 34 of clubs and 56 of clubs on the board, but the guy beside me had the 7 of clubs, which was one of the cards that could have helped me, so I only had one out: the 2 of clubs.

Unfortunately it didn't come.

Fortunately Ogii won the giant pot.

She has so many chips the floor manager gave her a rack to color some up from $2 chips to $100 chips.

I didn't have as many chips, but I did make a little pyramid with them.

Me with my chip pyramid and Rams jersey.

A selfie.

These cheap plastic sandals are being sold for $485. I really need to figure out how to sell cheap crap to rich people at massive markups.

Looking for tickets to Wicked. They're rather expensive, although they have discounts for four people. Unfortunately it's only Ogii and me.

They do have these scattered singles tickets which are even more discounted.

And I found a resale ticket right next to it. So we can get these two and still save a fair amount.

We can see this giant fruit tree from our back patio.

It's right by our neighbor's fence.

I'm not sure what type of fruit it is, but hummingbirds love it; there are a ton of them in this tree.

Time to set out some hummingbird feeders to see if we can coax them into our patio.

Stopping by Wrath winery.

Ogii at the entrance.


Ogii checking for legs.

Tasting it.

Resting by the pond.

Lots of farm workers.

Some sheep.

A very old house.

People hanging out in the shallow river.

At Flora's Farm.

So many desserts.

Their daughter is very artistic: she made this dress out of recycled materials.

And crochets all of these items.

She even has an Etsy store.

Cute animals.

A mobile.

Old tractor.

And one with treads.

A red one.

This one has a drink holder.

Their daughter gave us a tour of their farm.

She mentioned that rhubarb usually doesn't grow on the west coast, but needles from this redwood tree make the ground acidic enough for it to grow right here.

Lots of flowers.

And lots of herbs in tires.

More over here.

Watch out for the catus.


More melons.


Showing the kids some plants.


These houses have a nice view.

A local carwash. I'll have to calculate how often we use it to see if the monthly club is worth it.

You don't sit in traffic for hours like in Los Angeles, although you do occasionally have to wait for a big farm vehicle.

This sign of a kid in a cop uniform really gets your attention.