2019 Sep 15 | Wicked, Festa Italiana (2 weeks)

Eating by the hummingbirds.

A hummingbird flying around while Ogii eats nearby.

This guy sits on top and chases away any other males that come by.

Hummingbirds fighting.

Derr by the golf course in Pacific Grove.

And old mansion there.

From the back.

So many books.

Too many ties. Gonna give half of these away.

Nice clouds.

Neat paint job.

Eating at Dubber's.

For Thursday night football.

Amazing artwork.


With changing colors behind.

A bakery downtown.

An antique store as well.

Uranium glass that glows in black light.

Neat glass.

A cake for Ogii for her anniversary of coming to the US.

An old LA road map and a necklace.

Yakiniq Korean BBQ in San Jose.

Very modern looking inside.

Lots of meat.

They were good with replacing the grills when they got old.

So tasty.

That's not a parking spot.

In front of the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts.

Upcoming shows.

An outdoor area.

Snacks and momentos.

We watched Wicked.

Good seats from up high.

Artwork outside.

We needed new headshots for our cruise. Ogii didn't seem to want to participate.

That won't work.

Nor that.

That will work.

Monterey will be 250 years old in 2020.

Festa Italiana in Monterey.

Live music.


Eating some great pasta.

Music with dancing.

Trying cheeses.

These were very good so we bought them.

Ogii trying on a dress for Halloween parties.


Pretty flowers.

Salinas-Opoly. I wonder if they got the rights to that? They must have if it's being sold in Walmart.

Salmon dinner by Ogii.

I like this hand soap because it has a picture of a little happy crab on it.

Tennis at the courts in our housing development.

Me serving.

This writer mentions how one little lucky chance changed his entire life.

I don't like these named Cokes. What if I take one and then someone with that name comes after me looking for it?

Checking the mail under the full moon.

The garage door was acting weird; too many leaves all over it.

Held in place by spider webs created by this guy.

Some stars and three planets.

We can figure them out with the phone apps.

We bought some glass hummingbird feeders.

That are solar powered and light up at night. Very pretty.

One in front, too.

The local farmer's market on Saturday has lots of vegetables.

And all kinds of fruit you can taste before buying.


We love this fresh orange juice from the local grocery store.

Target had some nice lights on sale.

Our kitchen drawers are weirdly sized and our current drawer organizers don't fit. None of these really fit, either.

But Ogii said she thought of how to make it work, so we'll get them.

And after a little work on them, she did.

Expensive car in Carmel.

A gallery.

That house has a beautiful view.

A pizza place near our home.

Huge portions and good food.

A nice sunset.

Lots of dust builds up in the little area out front.

These plants are covered in spider webs.

Cleaning her headlights.

A cat looking for birds.

Beautiful paint job.

And another one with dolphins.

Fog in the hills.

We don't have the massive traffic jams like LA, but every once in a while you have to wait for a tractor or other farm equipment.

An expensive car at the Laguna Seca raceway.

New poker stratey from this podcast series.

This is a really cool looking heater.

A bulb blew at work and the backup actually was blown as well.

They have it on Amazon but it could take over a week.

This other company could get it to you next day air in the early AM, although the shipping was much more expensive than the bulb.

I've only put a few pictures up on Google Maps and yet somehow I'm a top photographer. Not that it's worth anything.

Ogii's brother-in-law in Mongolia is great at Tae Kwon Do.

And her sister is presenting research in Texas.

One of our beloved optometry school professors died.

So her husband set up a memorial scholarship for her and many people donated.

Including me.

And some of my classmates.

And many others, younger and older.

She was a great professor and person and was loved by everyone around her.