2019 Sep 22 | 58th Carmel Sandcastle Competition, Oktoberfest in SJ

Sioux Cit Sarsparilla at Bevmo.

And some giant red cups.

A hummingbird eating in the back yard.

Nice sunset.

And moon.

A momma cow with her baby.

Going in for an eye exam.

They won an award, that's good.

Open waiting area.

Eating dinner in Monterey.

And watching the sea lions outside on the rocks.

A lot of sailboats out for some reason.

Ah, they're practicing.

Some dolphins as well.

You can hear the other people commentating on them as well.

Sunset near the lighthouse.

And out on the water.

A couple getting a selfie (you can see their phone propped up on a rock by the plants at the bottom of the picture).

Lots of different plants here.

A photographer and a watcher.

Some deer by the road.

A good point in a book I'm reading.

Some basketball by our house.

And a hook shot.

Me going for a half court shot.

Ogii watching her ball.

Ogii wanted to fix the upper hinge but putting a ladder this close to the stairs seems a bit dangerous, so I'll just put her on my shoulder instead.

Aw, this local nursery closed.

But they still have the landscaping side open.

Neat stones in the sidewalk.

And a funky old house.

Big discounts on about-to-be-expired meat. We normally don't go grocery shopping on Saturday, but if we can get cheap meat then, maybe we should.

Turkeys on the side of the road.

Another nursery in Monterey.

They have lots of dirt.

A pretty flower.

It's pretty neat when they digitize all of the old newspapers. The Pine Cone has issues going back to 1915.

Out at the Carmel beach.

For their sandcastle competition.

A long one.

A wide one.

A deep one.

One made with lots of little buckets.

And another.

A big group of people working on this.

From the other side.

A castle.

And another.

Maybe we should do this next year.

Lots of kelp.

An octopus.

Digging a hole down there.

A moat.

Lots of buildings.

Some stick guy in a hole.

Lots of buckets and shovels.

Another huge one.

From the other side.

How are those stairs staying up?

Actual engineers.

Many tiny buildings.

Interviewed for TV.

Lots of humps.

Some big waves.

It's a beautiful beach.

In San Jose for Oktoberfest. We walked by this German restaurant on the way to the German restaurant we were going to.

The entrance.

Not too many people yet.

Various German events they host.

The band.

Lots of sausages.

Ogii was one of the first in line.

Others getting food.

Time to eat.

And drink.

And sing.

And dance.

Some Oktoberfest songs the audience dances along with. The first one, Fliegerlied, is my new favorite Oktoberfest song; it's really fun.

They're really dressed up.

Apfelstrudel; yum.

Starting to fill up now.

I wonder why this is covered.

And what's going on in this park nearby?

Hmm, looks like some sort of hippy festival.

Some sort of circle thing with everyone in yoga pants following a shirtless dude - yep, definitely a hippy festival.

A nice painting.

Signs to different areas.

Ogii by some vendors.

Group yoga.

Ogii trying a bit.

Things people are grateful for.

It's called Conscious.

A circle of people yelling.

Interesting yoga pose.

Pole dancing.

Fortune telling. I've although thought it'd be interesting if a someone who could really read fortunes, after making a ton of money in stocks and such, decided to live a simple life and go around to little festivals like this and give people real readings.

This entire bus smelled like a lot of drugs.

That looks like a bullet hole in the window of a nearby empty shop.

Being the optometrist at Costco is usually a pretty good job.

Ground bison.

And some Mortal Kombat stand-up arcade games.

We were there to get flu shots.

Painful, horrible flu shots.

Ogii's turn.

The same arcade games at Walmart.

Only $300; that doesn't seem so bad.

You can get either the Street Fighter series or the Mortal Kombat series.

Ogii is down to only two cards. Little does she know...

... that she's about to end up with a lot more.

Apparently it didn't matter as she had two jokers and a lot of trump cards.

Now I'm stuck with a lot of cards.

Hummingbirds by breakfast.

Four of them at this feeder.


Even more here.

Chasing each other.

Flying up in the sky.

A video of some hummingbirds eating and flying and chasing each other.

Beautiful sunrise.

Form and function.

A little shark on top of this road sign.

A house being renovated in Carmel.

Stuck behind lots of farm workers in buses.

I love this farm house with a windmill and giant palm tree.

That boat barely fits in that pickup.

A deer that got hit less than a mile away from our home. It's the only one I've seen around here but I guess we have to watch out for them.

Some poker tournament tips from a professional player.

Cool bird lamp.

Another very interesting one.

The TSA has a rather wide variety of hair colors to choose from.