2019 Oct 06 | Monterey Jazz Festival (2 weeks)

Ogii found a new top for work that's very warm.

Clouds over the hills.

Hey, what's this cat doing?

Looking for hummingbirds, it seems.

We signed up for TSA PreCheck here. It's weird it's a small private business rather than a government agency.

A new bud on this branch.

Neat clouds.

All these cereals are super cheap; better stock up.

They redid the landscaping on the house we had rented in Greenfield. It looks much better now.

Throwing out a bunch of old garbage cans for the garbage. Hopefully the garbage guys don't get confused.

A palm tree at sunset.

At Ogii's work.

Well this sucks. A rock fell off of a big truck driving by the other way and put a crack in my windshield. I barely have 5,000 miles on the new Prius.

There were a couple more trucks. Unfortunately I didn't get the first guy's license plate, although I don't think I'd ever be able to prove the rock came from his truck.

It's already a little larger just driving home.

Nice sun rays.

Taking the bus from the parking lot...

... to the 62nd Monterey Jazz Festival.

A busy schedule.

We're only here this night, but there's still a ton going on.

Instruments for sale.

A big stage.

Lots of food.

I'm not in the mood for catfish or alligator.

Lots of vendors as well.

Ogii checking one out.

Some funky coats.

More vendors.


And even more food.

Monterey wines.

Fun directions sign.

Finally a vendor with some items related to jazz.

Piano and trombone duet.

Let's get some spicy Cajun food since it's cold out.

Yeah, all of that.

Me ready to eat.

An inside stage.

Neat photos.

It says "quiet please" but the stage is like 20 feet away.

Another indoor area.

And a separate concert, although you had to pay extra for that, so we didn't go in.

Big art pieces.

A whole line of vendors way over here. I feel kind of sad for them because not many people came over here as all the musical stages are on the other side.

Including this huge indoor one.

Ogii on a beautifully-carved seat.

A video of some of the stages.

We were going to eat here, but it says its closed.

They already have reviews, though. So did they do a temporary a soft open and then close again or are these fake reviews?

I guess we'll go near downtown instead.

Portobello's was really good and has a great atmosphere.

Ogii was cleaning this room, found a sleeping bag, and decided to take a little nap.

Ogii also likes the warmth of the oven after baking.

Time to sell some stuff we never use. I love these papasan chairs but we never, ever sit in them.

We used to use all these for parties in LA but we don't have any parties here, so they can go as well.

We only need one TV, so this is getting sold.

And a modem.

And another.

And another. Too many different internet providers over the years.

A lizard outside.

Grilling corn on the cob.

This crack is growing by the day. I called the dealership and even though we have a very comprehensive warranty, windshields aren't covered. The car's lane detection is apparently built into the windshield, not the body, which makes it expensive to replace. Seems like a really dumb design. The dealership wanted over $1000 to fix it.

So Ogii found these guys instead who would do it for $500.

Hummingbird staredown.

Even when he flies up the other one keeps an eye on him.

Ogii drives by a bunch of baby calves with their mothers on her way to work. Much nicer than all of the traffic in LA.

Thursday night football at a bar.

They have some pool and foosball tables, but unfortunately no food.

So we went to Zeph's Wine bar instead.

Right beside them is the now-opened Stonies.

Zeph's has the TV for football.

And you can have food delivered from Stonie's while you drink.

Troy Aikman is such an amazing commentator.

Diving catch.

Very neat picture.

Even stuff like Tylenol is locked up at Walmart, so you have to press this button and wait for someone to open it.

Baby Shark cereal, which I actually really like.

We only had one garage door opener for the longest time because the system is so old none of the new openers work with it. I finally found a used one online for over $100, whereas most of the new ones go for around $25. It's worth it to both be able to park in the garage.

Ooh, a Jeep Trailhawk. Very fast but very expensive.

They're repairing the road on my morning drive to work. Thankfully it's only on the other side, so while that traffic gets all backed up, my side is clear.

A crescent moon.

An electrical box painted with a whale.

All kinds of different palm trees.

You can make more money if you have more money. It's obvious, but good to be reminded of it.

Beautiful photograph near Santa Cruz.

Although you have to compete with this really cool wall sticker that sells for $60.

Even floor stickers; that's awesome.

I had a new logo designed for the Monterey Bay Optometric Society and I include a picture of the lighthouse in every quarterly issue of the newsletter I write.