2019 Oct 13 | around Monterey with Lance and Sarah

Ogii driving by baby cows on her way to work.

Nice clouds.

Trying to decide what to do with our old fridge. We originally thought we might keep it, but don't need it. Then we thought we might give it to one of Ogii's coworkers, and then maybe to Kat and Kendra, but none of them wanted it. So I guess we'll just sell it.

Two hummingbirds staring each other done.

Ooh, a good driving score.

Very cool clouds.

Thursday night football at another bar; this time it's Farmers Union Pour House.

Brick walls.

Drink list on the screen.

Brady is catching up.

Some small plates.

Colorful sunset.

This toad was sitting outside our house. I hope he stays warm.

Putting up Ogii's paintings in our bedroom.

More beautiful clouds.

A cool way to frame a picture.

We met with Lance and Sarah and went to the Paso Robles casino.

There were originally two tables of players, but then it got down to just us four, so it was like having our own private game.

Ogii's JT beat AA.

She tried again, but this time AA won.

Sarah and I both had bottom pair.

Crazy last hand: 33 vs 77 vs 99 vs AK. Ogii and Lance both flopped a set, and then Ogii turned quads.

It was a really fun time.

Big breakfast.

A farm with animals.

Then a drive up highway 1.

Lots of cars here.

Beautiful underpass.

Mostly empty roads.

But very winding.

A lighthouse.

Elephant seals.

McWay Falls.

An art gallery.

With a beautiful view.

Oceanic art.

Gorgeous room.

Bixby Bridge.

Dinner at The Forge.

With wine.



Some massive mansions on 17 Mile Drive.

Another one.

The Lone Cypress.

It lost a limb in a big storm.

Unfortunately it's not harbor seal pupping season.

As this beach would have them.

A deer on someone's lawn.

Another one snacking on some leaves.

It was on the sidewalk right by the car.

The walked by these apartments.

Everyone getting pictures.

The deer standing there.

More in this park.

We saw an ad in the newspaper for the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

So we went to the Paper Wing Theater Company to check it out.

A store nearby with lots of clothing.

They were selling little bags of items...

... to use during the show.

The stage.

Ogii in bed with Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Then onto Banker's Casino.

Ogii has aces.

Ogii cooking breakfast the next morning.

Then onto Niner Wine Estates for some wine tasting.

And a meat and cheese plate.

Some more wine.

The back.

The inside.

Nice photos.

There is a heart of trees in the field.

Onto Outlaws Casino.

To play some more.

They had PLO, which we didn't know exactly how to play but which was fun.

I had gotten a high hand at Bankers the day before with a straight flush, so I went back to pick up my bonus for that.

It's hot out.

A full moon over the fields.