2019 Oct 20 | President's Council, Los Angeles haunted cocktail party

Bison ribeye? That sounds interesting.

Cooking it.

It actually seemed a bit worse than normal steak, though.

Ogii's favorite cereal is on sale.

Have some weeds popping up in cracks in the back patio so I bought some weed killer to spray them.

A line over here.

And even more in the front. I thought this plastic was supposed to stop weeds but I guess they still got through.

Playing Just Dance Now on our cell phones.

They have a lot of new-ish songs.

I did pretty well.

CE meeting in Monterey. The Acuvue rep had some trial contact lenses.

The new Acuvue Transitions. Perfect timing; I can try them out on the cruise.

Her talking about new things in contact lenses.

Then time for our CE speaker.

Nice sunrise.

Lots of fog later.

I went through an entire bottle of weed killer but there were still some left, so I had to buy another one for the ones in the front.

Playing tennis.

During a beautiful sunset.

Slow-motion video of Ogii serving.

Usually the roads are pretty clear, but occasionally traffic can build up.

At the Sunset Center in Carmel.

Front row seats.

Looking backwards.

For Viva Momix, and very interesting set of dances.

Only sour apple Blow Pops; what a travesty.

Down to LA for President's Council.

Our agenda.

Barbara Horn, the AOA president, spoke.

Going over how to utilize individuals strengths.

Using this Clifton Strengths analyzer.

Everyone discussing it.

Time for lunch.

Grabbing food.

Kasey and I with Barbara Horn.

Discussions with students.

Kasey talking to one.

The doctors at the meeting.

Ronald Seger, the COA president, speaking.

Discussing various society issues.

Poppy-painted box.


Then off to Urban Death Tour, in Hollywood.

Ogii cut off my head.

After that, we headed to near downtown for a party at this mansion.

Walking over to it.

The front.

A little bar out front.

The four of us.

The host explaining how everything works.

In front of the entrance.

A story of upstairs.

Scary paintings.


Red room.

Creepy room.

Green bathroom.

Some live music.

Very neat headdress.

There were multiple bars around the place with different drinks at each.

With the hostess.

Another bar.

The drink there.

Going down into the basement.

We had to follow these lights.

A food truck.

Late dinner.

Another bar with an Ouija board.

The gals checking it out.

Very cool chandalier.

More interesting paintings.

Puppet show.

Another bar.

More live music.

Another mansion next door. It's kind of a weird location to have these huge houses.

Ah, I remember this about LA; having to drive by movie filmings which take up a lot of the street.

Meeting Dr. Wong and his wife after their church in Santa Monica.

To have dinner at The Palace.


Ogii pouring tea.

All kinds of food.

More over here.

A mural.

A massive herd of deer that Ogii saw on the drive home.

It's nice they email you when a battery is low.

The new phone has live football scores in the alerts.

These adirondack chairs made out of skis are very cool.

Unfortunately we have no need nor space for them.

Buying shirts to make for the cruise. You can get mens for under $2 a piece.

Womens are at least $5.

A Barqs root beer finder; I wouldn't ever think that would be needed.

It's still a month away; I wonder why these flights are so insanely expensive?