2019 Oct 30 | Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Ante Up cruise: Puerto Rico, St. Thomas

Sunrise above the pools in the middle of the ship.

At the back.

In the front.

And the sun is up.

A chocolate dragon.

Different colors of water.

A fortress in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Breakfast while we sail into port.

This woman was waiting by the elevators last night when someone in an electronic scooter didn't stop in time and ran into her foot.

Thankfully Kat was there when it happened and helped her take care of it. They ran into each other at breakfast.

A mad rush to get off the boat.

On the dock.

Everyone selling tours.

And vendors.

A big green bull.

I wonder if the cab driver gets a cut if he takes you there.

The crowd of people leaving the ship. Thankfully we're in front of the masses so they're not slowing us down.

A big building under construction.

Kat and Kendra under a rainbow arch.


A square with artists.

Plaza de Colon.

A sculpture at the bottom.

A city map.

You can walk the Old Town in an afternoon.

Various tours. I did a couple of these the last time I was in Puerto Rico.

Drinking coconut water.

Small street.

Castillo San Cristóbal up on a hill.

In a bartizan.

Gotta be careful here so you don't fall onto the houses below.

The castle from the outside.

Sitting on the wall.

Me in the wall.

Looking out from a bartizan.

On a lawn.

Colorful basketball court below.

At a corner of the castle wall.

Plants growing out of the wall.

In front of a fountain.

It was pretty hot, so any shade was welcome.

Onto the bigger lawn of Castillo San Felipe del Morro.

Ogii and me.

Kat and Kendra.

The castle through a window.

A large cemetary.

Ogii with a lizard.

Walking up to the castle.

Looking back.

A bartizan hanging over the edge.

A large map of the city.

In a guard tower.

Walking down the main entrance.

Ballaja Sculpture.

Another one.

Ogii saw a cat in a tree.

So we sat in the shade and watched it a bit, along with another cat.

A little fountain.

Colorful buildings.

La Bombonera.

The third oldest restaurant in Puerto Rico, founded in 1902.


Some old pictures.

Eating mallorcas.

Meat and chocolate.

Pretty chocolates in another store.

Ogii with a few.

An art gallery.

The other wall.

More colorful buildings.

An area with expensive shops for tourists.

Puerta de San Juan.

La Rogativa statue, with Catholic bishops leading a procession of people.

From the other side.

Although everyone else is paying more attention to the cats.

Lots of umbrellas as art.

Capilla del Santo Cristo de la Salud.

The locals put down a lot of bird seed for the tourists to be surrounded by pigeons.

He doesn't look too happy, though.

Our ship is still there.

Cat chairs.

Lookup up at a palm tree.

On Paseo de la Princesa.

Getting their wedding pics there.

The end.

The Raíces Fountain honors Puerto Rico’s mixed African, Spanish and Taino/Amerindian heritage.

With multiple different sections.

Of different people.

Up at the top.

And down below.

At sunset.

Color over the cruise ship.

And in the other direction.

The four of us in flowers.

A sliver moon rising.

We made it back before the ship left.

It was a hot day; I'm covered in sweat.

They showed movies at night, but nothing I wanted to watch.

The flag going up above the moon.

These vacuums are so cute.

Barely making it onto the ship.

Ogii had some work to do.

So we tried to tether her computer to my phone, but it wasn't working.

So we went up to the front of the ship, hoping we could grab wifi from a nearby coffee shop.

But everything was password protected, so we gave up and bought the ship's wifi package.

Battle of the sexes.

They did many of the same games as on the Norwegian cruise.

Including pop a balloon between people.

This one was different; walk with a pen between your legs and drop it in the cup.

The control room is pretty complex.

Signed by Ali? Pretty cool if so.

A band.

People dancing to another band.

They questioned a new, middle, and long-time wed couple about their spouses. I think the old couple had done this before and had pre-set answers, but they were the funniest.

Time to finish up the Halloween costumes.

Painting stripes, windows, and cannons on the ships.

And flags, of course.

Ogii's flag looks much nicer.

A gold tooth, even.

And had bought a bunch of pirate rings.

Five for each hand.

Just had to size them correctly so none were too big or small.

Some were a little too big, so I put a strip of silicone inside of them.

I don't think we're fitting 20 people on these elevators, even if they're all kids.


Ogii taking a picture of me taking a picture.

Neat windows.

A little piece of land out there.

People watching from the front of the ship.

My ship.

Ogii's ship.

All the paint and brushes we had to bring on board.

Gotta love chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

The port of St. Thomas.

The front of the ship.

This cable is completely covered in grease to the point I wondered if you could have too much grease.

A pretty painting by the pools.

Beautiful gold and green art.

The exercise room.

There's an optometrist here. Maybe I could work there some day.

Another ship at the dock.

Ogii between the two ships.

It's a little bright.

That's better.

We took a taxi.

Over the mountain in the middle of the island.

To Magens Bay on the other side.

Always good to have various bills for entrance fees and such.

One end of the beach.

The other.

A panoramic.

A postcard with a shot from above.

A little restaurant.

And a bar.

Ogii in the water.

There were a few fish swimming around.

The bay.


Our feet.

Ogii in front of palm trees.

A long skinny fish. Someone saw a sea turtle be we didn't get there in time.

The side we went to had almost no people.

The other side got pretty busy.

The cruise ships from the top of the mountain.

Me getting pictures.

Big necklaces from vendors by the ship.

This one is neat.

Rows and rows of vendors.

A windmill.

All the little tourist shops.

I have a bunch of sand in my swim trunks from the beach.

Showing our progress.

The paint on the ships are all dried.

I drew these lines by pencil and then changed my mind with the paint, but you can still see the pencil marks.

You're supposed to use these glasses for rinsing out paint brushes, right?

A final night of Thriller dance practice.

They have some nice backdrops by the main restaurant.

My favorite meal of the cruise: jerk chicken.

I'm going to avoid the fish with eyes staring at me, though.


Someone at the buffet was going around with a bucket and handing out Halloween candy.


With the ship.

These guys had some fun outfits.

We wanted to sign up for a snorkeling excursion tomorrow, but they were all cancelled.

A juggler.

With a ladder on his chin.

His father actually did it before him.

He made a world record for the most number of items juggled on a cruise ship.

What is she pointing at?

Oh, Kat and Kendra in an elevator.

A Caribbean festival.

Our poker shirts for the night.

Three tables; slightly less busy than the previous nights.

Ogii made a straight versus aces.

And pulled in a nice pot.