2019 Nov 17 | LABV bonfire party (2 weeks)

Baked pork chops.

I just bought this tie and one of the little end holders in the back has already ripped off.

Thursday night football.

Lots of food.

We left this box with candy out for trick or treaters, but only a couple of kids came, so now we have a ton of candy.

Lots of little bathroom supplies.

Checking out new mattresses.

We had it narrowed down to these two.

Test sleeping.

Test phone using.

I slightly prefer this one, but it's much more expensive, so we went with the other one.

We put it on top of the car, tied it down with rope, and then realized we tied the doors shut.

Oh well, crawling through the window works.

Now we have to try to sell our old mattress on Craigslist.

In line at the landfill.

Lots of garbage over there.

Dropping some household stuff off here.

A food truck there. Who is at the dump long enough to want to eat there?

Beautiful murals in this restaurant.

Another one on this side.

Ogii enjoying her food.

And breakfast in the morning.

A bluebird at the farm.

Playing pool.

A gathering of old cars.

Two people have aces and both get cracked by pocket twos.

So they both get to spin the wheel. Great game on Monday Night Football, too.

Chicken dinner.

Ogii doing Mongolian New Year stuff with her car.

And her hair.

And with milk.

Me doing the milk throwing thing, too.

Beautiful sunrise.

The soles on my shoes are wearing thin; I have to try to fix them somehow.

Ogii bowling with her coworkers.

Dr. Wong planning his shot.

Lining up the kid roller.

There it goes.

The group.

Ogii's brother hammered out the big dent in the front corner of her car. That was nice.

My FasTrack responder kept falling off of the Prius, so I bought some new sticky strips. Hopefully these work better.

The sun is right in my eyes.

Deer in the road.

Baby cows.

Driving to LA and Ogii has all kinds of stuff in the front seat. Where am I supposed to put my feet?

Nice Ferrari.

Getting massages.

The to Dockweiler for a day and night of volleyball with LABV.

Lots of food.


The trash cans have these pictures created by kids.

About conservation.

Another one.

A little market.

A massive truck.

Lots of seagulls.

Many games going.

Planes from LAX overhead.

And bumping the ball.

And hitting it over.

With the sun behind.

Almost sunset.

There it goes.

Starting the bonfire and burning an old volleyball.

Up in flames.

We brought everything for s'mores: sticks, marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate.

A few more games before it gets dark.

And then time for the light up volleyballs (which we brought as well).

We also brought a bunch of glowsticks for people to wear.

Everyone making bracelets and necklaces.

The sticks and a light-up frisbee we brought.

Making s'mores.

Two courts of volleyball.

Ogii cooking her marshmallow.

And then playing.

Ogii serving.

More people digging through the glowsticks.

Hanging out around the bonfire.

More volleyball.

Ogii making another s'more.

Us about to eat.

More people preparing marshmallows.

Still plenty of ingredients left.

Troy thanking everyone for coming.

I actually got to play a ton of games and was on a team that was winning all night long.

A little frisbee with Ogii.


A video of the event.

The full moon coming up.

A car full of sand; I used to have this every week when I lived in LA.

Checking out Kat and Kendra's new house.

Big open living room.

And a small house in front they can rent out.


Nice drinks.

Ogii shopping.

A big bear.



A clothes bar made from a piece of driftwood.

Beautiful color.

On a beautiful car.

Their plate cover matches their plate.

Charmander is a red Pokemon.