2019 Dec 01 | Thanksgiving in Salinas, Star all Wars movies (2 weeks)

At Black Bear Diner.

1974 Newspaper.

Menu inside.

Time to dig in.

They have this mural with a bear driving a tractor with field workers.

Watching The Mandelorian since we get Disney Plus free with Verizion. It's a very good show.

Sunrise over the fog.

One the next day.

Uh oh, the Burger King drive through computer is down.

Thankfully the speaker still works and I can still order.

The food is out at the hotel.

Refilled a few minutes later; they've been busy.

Sunrise with a weird edge where the light ends in the middle of the cloud.

This hotel has lots of pictures of poppies.

Lower view.


Really close.

From the side.

Farther out.

Nice sunrise pic.

Ice on the windshield.

At sunrise.


Literally freezing out.

Aw, the threads at the edge of my favorite tie are coming out.

Green-backed hummingbird.

With a red throat.

One with a purple head.

Three together.

Looking at Ogii.


Above the plants.

Playing tennis.

Reading in the hammock.

Patching the holes in my shoes.

Two Stephen King books. One really thick like he normally writes, and one very thin.

The thin one even has larger print.

Records are making a comeback.

That cake looks good.

Nice driving score.

Great meal by Ogii.

The roof keeps the edges of the front patio dry, leaving a pathway from the garage to the house.

Unless it rains a lot.

Ogii's painting looks like the boy is watching the rain.

Like it is now.

Dinner at the Mexican place near our home.

Hey, where is the orange juice maker?

Ogii was worried they wouldn't have turkeys.

I don't think she has to worry.

Even more.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on YouTube.

While Ogii cooks.

And I watch football.

All the ingredients ready.

Going in the oven.

Coming out.

All done.

It's really big.


Lunch time.

Have to watch Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

Napping after a long morning of cooking and eating.

We cancelled our plans to go to South Dakota due to the snow storms. Looks like that might have been the right choice.

Thankfully we got travel vouchers for our flights as the Minneapolis airport got so much snow.

Midwest power outages.

Not as many delays as I expected.

The Grapevine is the mountains between LA and central California. A lot of snow there can close down the highway.

In which case, you can either go closer to the coast on 101...

Or go inland. Either way adds a couple of hours to the trip and is on much smaller roads.

Ogii's brother came for dinner.

Who will win?


These are really easy to make and quite tasty.


Ogii wanted pearls for Christmas, so we sat down on the computer and looked together so she could get exactly what she wanted.

Checking out eBay.

And various online vendors. This site doesn't show the price until you hover over the necklace with the mouse.

That's a tad out of our price rance.

Nice huge photo.

Breakfast to have energy for a day full of shopping.

At the Gilroy Outlets.

Ogii loves shopping.

Entire story up to 70% off

Looking at boots for Alaska.

As soon as we enter a new store...

... I go stand in the checkout line.

While Ogii and her brother shop. By the time they're done, I'm usually at least halfway through the line, which saves a lot of time.

New reporters filming all the shoppers.

It's really busy; they have guards directing traffic and certain turns blocked off.

A quick boba stop.

Big line waiting to get in.

Ogii found some stuff here, too.

Another giant line.

Headed around the corner.

Lines on the floor for the lines.

Me in line again.

Ogii handing off her finds when I get to the front of the line.

Long line for Coach.

While they're in line, I'm going to sneak over to Jarrod's.

And buy a pearl necklace and earrings set for Ogii.

Another huge line.

For Nike this time.

It's also almost impossible to find parking; you just have to drive around and hope someone in front of you pulls out.

Massive line for North Face.

While Ogii stands in line for that, I shop at Van Heusen. I can come to the door to have her see what she thinks of the shirts.

70% off.

Now we're all in line.

All that waiting and we didn't find anything we wanted.

She did find some boots at Columbia, though.

Another line to follow.

We all found a few things in this store.

That's a lot of bags.

And receipts.

Time for lunch.


Huge house on a hill.


Ogii in her new coat, gloves, and boots.

Playing cards; she's in trouble this time.

I have two jokers, nice.

Lots of leaves on the ground.

Dumplings for breakfast.

Lunch and football.

Advent Calendar from Target.

Grape Jam on a purple car.

That's the most lifted pickup I've ever seen.

Simple sign, but it does the job.

Tesla space ship.

Snow in the mountains.

Septic tank services, caution, vehicle may be transporting political promises.

I love this little farm house with it's windmill and palm tree.

The high winds took down some trees.

One even fell on and destroyed this electical box.

Ogii signed us up for seats at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles. We didn't get in, but then on the morning of the show they said I could go. Except (1) I'm not making the drive just for that (2) Ogii can't go and (3) they don't allow cell phones, so no pictures.