2019 Dec 22 | last Raiders game in Oakland, Ogii work holiday party, Kendra's birthday poker (2 weeks)

Our tree from the outside.


The extra fridge is still there, so what should we do about it? How about wrap it up.

The front door looks better.

Uh oh, forgot Papa Murphy's is pick up and bake up home. That's way too much work.

So we went to this other pizza place instead. They had a TMNT game, but it was a new one, not the one I played as a kid.

I was in this thrift store looking for a white elephant present for Ogii's work party. I saw this signed Raider's hat; I wonder if it was someone really famous?

So many old videogame systems.

Warthog head, deer head, some stuffed pheasants, and even a stuffed rattlesnake. I thought the stuffed rattlesnake would make a cool gift, but it was more than the $20 max.

This giant picture will work, though.

Chocolate coins on my pillow from Ogii.

Ogii's brother throwing milk.

Me doing the same.

Just missed 12345.

Sushi downtown.

Lots of different ones.

And UFC on the TV for me.

Lots of leaves in the gutters.

Digging them out.

Don't let the water drip on you; it's really stinky.

We cleaned out the inner gutters as well, and then Ogii sprayed everything down.

Putting up Christmas lights.

The last Raiders game in Oakland.

Touchdown, Raiders!

Then he jumped into the crowd.

He's pretty deep in there.

The fans do like to dress up.

And get very emotional.

Oakland forever.

Uh oh, the other team came back.

A full stadium.

One last-ditch effort by the Raiders blocked.

Once a Raider, always a Raider.

The players went and shook hands with fans in the stands.

That's cool of them.

Derek Carr talking to Gorilla Rilla.

Some teams in a colder climate had a snowball fight.

Ogii's list of food for the holiday party. It looks like one of Mom's lists.

Tables set.

This room is ready, too.

Lots of drinks.

Persimmons from Dr. Hicks.

Baked into wonderful cookies by Ogii.

Everyone is here.

Dinner time.

Consisting of roast and lots of extras.

Next time for a gingerbread house competition.

The other team.

Using frosting as mortar.

The walls are up.

Starting to decorate.

Lots of little pieces.

Group one.

House one.

Group two.

House two.


Now time for the white elephant. This was a foldable bowl Ogii bought.

The next gift.

I got a fruit caked wrapped in a tortilla chip bag.


Something small.

Something big.

The little girl got some wine.

And didn't like the idea of giving it up.


Kitchen items.

Ogii got some alcohol.

My present was picked last.

He said he would put it up at work.

Fun shirts.

I think we made a bit too much.

Not much of a selection; only cheese and no breadsticks.

And only sour apple Blow Pops? Yuck.

A pretty sunrise.

But lots of trash left from homeless people below.

Both in the same shot. How you frame it can really give you a different perspective.

In Los Angeles for Ogii's work dinner with the group there.


The group.

This Aahs! is closing.

Ogii all bundled up with a cat beside her.

Kat and Kendra at CityWalk.

Interesting popcorn types.

Ready for the final Star Wars movie on IMAX.

It's a huge screen.

Lunch the next day.

At a sandwich shop.

Then onto an escape room.

The door is locked, and you have to figure out how to open up the front of the vending machine to get in.

It was a really good one, very scary.

A hint for next time.


Then back to Kat and Kendra's new house for poker.

I won a hand.

Ogii won a hand.

Four way all-in which Kendra won. Set over set over straight draw over pair with straight draw.

Figuring out who won.

Happy birthday to Kendra.

Cool clouds.

A bit of rain.

A rainbow afterwards.

Sunrise with wind turbines.

Very bright and shiny car.