2019 Dec 29 | Christmas lights around our neighborhood, Christmas at home

These sweaters on huge discount in downtown after a store in Carmel closed. They're very nice.

Nice Christmas letter from Ron and Melissa.

I love these garlic knots, but the grocery store very rarely has them. I wish they would stock them more consistently.

Our usual grocery store didn't have mixed nuts, so I had to go to this other one nearby. They even had chestnuts; I've never tried those.

They also have the old Brach's Pick-A-Mix, although not most of the candies I like. The jelly nougats were my favorite.

Books by local authors; that's nice.

A massive chocolate Santa.

Let's drive around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights. This is our place.

The Grinch.

Mini santas.

Lots on the lawn.


These people had a bunch of items.

More over here.

Nice and simple.

More colorful.

So much.

Angels and Jesus.

All white.

Nice lights in garland on the fence.

A color scheme of only red and white looks very upscale.

Similar, but with a few more items.

Star Wars.

Good spacing.

Many things.

So bright.

Another Star Wars.

The shooting star and "believe" are really nice.

So much.

Star Wars is very popular this year.

The trees are neat.

A family of deer.

The first "noel."

Gingerbread men.

Not sure how the skeleton on a motorcycle fits in, but it's fun.

Presents under the tree.

Me opening.

Ogii opening.

Both opening.

Shirts from her brother.

Little items from the stockings.

THere was a beautiful sunrise on Christmas morning.

And a bit of rain, which left this huge rainbow.

Back in for more presents.

Wooden and acrylic nature jewelry for Ogii. A necklace with interchangeable waterfalls, autumn river, and golden forest, and a ring with the aurora borealis.

And some pearls.

Necklace, bracelet, and earrings.

And another set that is slightly pinker.

Gotta make sure they're real.

Modeling the other set.

Still more presents.

Jigsaw puzzles.

All of our loot.

Now time for a lazy morning and afternoon of Christmas movies.

With hot cider.

This might be my favorite scene out of all of the shows. His scream is hilarious.

I don't think that's electrician approved.

Matching shirt.

Ogii busy cooking.

Looks good.

Dinner with her brother.

Soft sunset.

Uh oh, her car starting shaking on the way home from work, so she pulled in to this park and ride lot.

If this is the end, 280,000 miles is quite good.

She called me about her car right as I was getting food from McDonalds. I normally check the bag to make sure they got everything, but this time she was distracting me, so I forgot. When I got home I realized they had forgotten my fries. The bad luck keeps coming.

Starting to work on her first puzzle. Borders first.

Towing the car to the dealership the next morning.

Wow, she did a lot in just a day.

At the casino to watch football. They run a high hand bonus every day where if you have one of the top three hands, you get some bonus money. Normally the high hands are full houses or four of a kind, but this time they were two royal flushes and one king-high straight flush. Poor guy who got third place would normally easily get first place on any other weekend.

A great and close game.

Los Angeles just barely stopped Seattle.

UFC fights have fewer submissions every year. Fighters are starting to box much more now.