2020 Jan 06 | New Year's at home, parents in Gilroy and Salinas

Ogii made dumplings for New Year's Eve.

Have to watch Four Rooms.

I wonder how much Planet Fitness paid to have everyone in Times Square wear their hats?

It's cold outside.

But not in here.

Champange, cupcakes, and dumplings.

Uh oh, have to open this quick; the countdown is almost at 0.

Just made it.



Happy 2020!

Enjoying drinks.

Bright sunrise.

Going to a Buddhist temple near Monterey.

Beautiful landscaping.

And then one in Salinas.

A giant bell.

Gorgeous stone carving.

Before the service.

Deer sausage for dinner with Ogii's brother.

Fernando and Greg are back? Maybe just for one show? I used to listen to them when I lived in Berkeley.

In San Jose.

At the train station.

To pick up Dad and Mom.

Then onto the Wings of History Air Museum.

The store.

History of women flyers.

Everyone checking out the pictures.

A restoration area.

Flying Pig rest area.

A shop.

Where they make propellers.

They have to be perfectly balanced.

Beautiful when finished.

Then into a hanger.

Flyers for old air shows.

So many models.

What's over here?

A helicopter mounted onto a Volkswagen Beetle.

OUr guide was great.

Except he kept quizzing us.

Thankfully Dad knew a lot of the answers.

This engine is diesel.

Stained glass window.

Another hanger.

With even more models.

More propellers.

So many interesting stories.

A model of the Wright Flyer.

Everyone listening intently to the history.

A cutaway engine.

A plane outside.

That you could sit in.

Dad at the controls.

Us from behind.

Ogii and Mom.

Another plane.

Ogii is ready to fly now.

Vernon was our guide; he was amazing.

To downtown Gilroy.

For lunch at the Old City Hall Restaurant.

The cooked whole garlic was a bit strong.

The restrooms were back in the jail.

As was the wine cellar.

The front entrance.

Statues on main street.

With panels explaining them.

A map.

A giant mural.

Another one across from it.

Another statue.

How could somebody who couldn't read be a postmaster?

Some nice old houses.

Pretty landscaping.

Lots of greenery.

A stained glass window.

Lots of sheep up on a hill.

Some at a farm.

More across the road.

Then onto Gilroy Gardens.

Lots of waterfalls.

Trees bent into interesting shapes.

It's a big circle.

Mom and Ogii are tall enough for all the rides.

Mom as an angel.

Paddle boats.

A green ride.

A garlic ride.

Ogii by a giraffe tree.

An arch tree.

Car rides.

And a train ride.


It's nice coming on a day when the lines aren't backed up to here.

Only a few people in front of us.

A ferris wheel.

Dad and Ogii.

Ogii and me.

Mom way down below.

Ogii from Mom's view.

Another crazy tree.

Butterfly garden.

With various decorated Christmas trees inside.

Another one.

Gingerbread house.

A pond.

With poinsettas.

Dad and Mom.

The Quicksliver Express.

Raccoon show.

Old miners.

First and only ones in line.

Here we go.

A video.

The monorail was closed.

The butterfly garden from the other side.

Nice pathway.

Ogii and Mom.

Dad and I seeing who could be shorter.

Dad and Mom.

Ogii and me.

More waterfalls.

Them behind one.

And in front.

In front of others.

A train.

This is a slow one; the Quicksilver Express we already went on was the only level four ride.

On the train.

A waterpark, closed now.

More of it.


Dragon ship, although they called it a banana.

Ready to go.

Flying through the air.


With couches and a fireplace.

Ogii inside.

The history of the park. He knew people wouldn't come just for the trees, so he added the rides.

Mom and Ogii under a huge tree.

Dinner at The CLaddagh Irish Restaurant.

With Ogii's brother.

Half Harp, half Guinness.

Mom testing it.

Not a fan.

Dad and Mom at home with presents from us.

And us with presents from them.

I've organized Ogii's remaining puzzle pieces.

Now it's more work than fun.

Dad helping out.

Baking cookies.

All done.

Breakfast at Toro Place Cafe.


Ads for local businesses on the tables.

Lots of food.

Giant rolls.

Onto Elkhorn Slough.

Where they have sea lions basking on the docks.

Although they can be dangerous.

Taking a safari boat.

With a biologist guide.

The captain has quite a huge lens on his camera.

The four of us.

Different angle.

Ogii and Mom with binoculars.

Sea lions.

An otter eating.


An otter with a rock.

An otter with her baby.

Kayakers watching the otters.

Huge flock of birds.


They look happy.

A baby otter looking at us.

The kids on the boat were otter spotters; they had to yell out when they saw an otter.

A hawk.

A video of the otters.


Four Daughters and Three Sons.

Ogii brought a eat and cheese plate for lunch.

We beat the escape room in Monterey.

We drove by this Chinese restaurant...

... but we ate at the Fish House seafood restaurant instead. There's a bit of a line waiting for it to open.

Now it's even longer.

Longer still.

Thankfully we got seats at the bar.

Great seafood.

Ogii's clams.

And an octopus.

Mom with an octopus.

Both working on the puzzle. You have to fit at least one piece before you can eat.

Ogii cooking breakfast.

A big breakfast.

Which is good, because everyone is hungry.

Mom cleaning the pans.

Then onto a hike at Fort Ord.

A marker.

Wide tree.

On a bench.

In a clearing.

Great view.

In the other direction.

Interesting dirt formations.

Taking a break.

Under a tree.

A canopy of trees.

Donated bench.


At the farmer's market in downtown.

Sampling fruits.

Onto the Steinbeck Museum.

His house.

Lots of novels.

ON a horse.

Working hard.

Various specimens.

Travels with Charley map.

Ogii typing.

Visitors from across the world.

Only a few from Mongolia.

Neat stone inscription.

Tall palm trees.

The Steinbeck house.

It's a historical landmark now.

Although they still serve lunch.

In the front room.

Then onto bowling. Gotta find the right shoes.

Dad throwing.

That's not possible; maybe I can at least get one.

Mom preparing.

And throwing.

Ogii's turn.

And mine.

One pin left.

She got it!

Although she chipped a nail in the process.

I love how they color coordinate the ball weights and each weight has different sized finger holes.

Ogii throwing.

Mom willing the ball to turn.

So close.


Lots of games there.


Even more.

Uh oh, store closing; that means we have to do a bit of shopping here.

Mom watching hummingbirds.

Ogii joined her.

One near her head.

To the other side.

A ton are out today.

Here comes another one.

A video of the hummingbirds.

While the gals watch hummingbirds, the guys watch football.

Close playoff game.

Tied up.

Into overtime.

So close.

Ogii cooking again.

Great dinner.

Duck this time.

Another breakfast.

The onto the Gilroy Outlets.

First chair massages.

Then shopping.

While the guys sit in the car and watch football on my phone.

Another close game.

Amazing catch.

Reaching for the touchdown.

Lots of bargains.

We've been to that Korean BBQ already.

And that one.

And that one.

Not this one yet.

You can RSVP online.

They had the games on TV, too.

Some seafood.

Some meat.

Digging in.

Matching dresses.