2020 Jan 18 | broken ring, Mario Kart Tour, UFC (2 weeks)

Ogii with the finished puzzle.

Onto the next one.

Which she finished much faster. Although a couple of pieces are missing.

Only a single piece was missing from the first one, so she took a piece from the second one that looked about right, cut it into the right shape, and stuck it in.

Putting puzzle glue on it to keep it together.

Great chicken meal.

Hey, what's that? It looks like the front of my ring.

Yep. But I can't find the black middle part.

Uh oh, I think it fell into the garbage.

Well that's a mess. Many of those chicken toppings look a lot like the missing piece.

I think Ogii's jigsaw puzzles were preparing me for this.

There it is!

Now I just have to get them to stick back together.

Watching The Wire. Great show.

At the landfill.

To drop off our Christmas tree.

Lots of furniture.

I love the massive metal wheels.

Purple sunset.

Wonderful dessert bar from the local farm.

Ogii studying.

Playing the dancing game.

Love the 80s classics.

A chocolate heart maze.

Baby goats.

Being born.

So cute.

A Lake Tahoe grocery bag. Winter on the front...

... summer on the back.

Aw, my house slippers are starting to come apart.

Very beachy bathroom.

Orange sunrise.

Getting close to done with season 1.

Another sunrise.

Ogii hard at work with two laptops going.



Two hawks in the tree.

A full moon above a palm tree.

Going down.

Snow in the hills.

I love the Norwegian cruise line song.

A cruise to see a total solar eclipse and then Antartica.

Oh, it's $10,000. That's a bit too much.

The Mario Kart Tour game for phones looks better than the original console ones. It's amazing how powerful phones are.

Every two weeks is a new tour with new courses and characters.

All purple.

There's a pipe with 100 items in it. You use gems you collect as you play to pull the pipe and have a change at getting them.

A gold pipe means you're guaranteed a high-end item.

This version of Mario is really good for this tour.

Some characters can get up to three items at once. If you get three of the same item, you get a frenzy, which means you keep shooting the items until the frenzy runs out in around 10 seconds. The Bullet Bill frenzy is the coolest.

Only the characters on the top tier are able to get three items at once. The second tier can get up to two, and the bottom only one. A few races will only have the new characters from the pipe as top tier, so if you don't pull for them, it will be impossible to get a frenzy.

There are various challenges to clear, which give you rubies.

And frenzies are very useful, almost necessary, to score higher in the courses and level up in the rankings.

Thankfully I can still do pretty well without a top-tier driver.

The same is for karts and gliders; you get more points with top-tier ones. In this case, I can actually get a top-tier kart using coins.

So that will help.

I got a bit higher score on this course, so maybe I'll move up in the rankings.

Nope, and this other guy even scored a bit higher than me.

Do a bit better on this other course...

... and now I'm in first place. The rankings reset every week, and I barely got into first with an hour to go.

One of the poker vloggers on YouTube who talks about where he goes and the hands he plays. Here he's going over how he did since he started vlogging. He's made nearly $50 an hour playing poker.

Although sometimes he'll even go a month or two with a loss rather than a profit.

And he played a few high buy-in tournaments that meant he would have actually made only $1.67 per hour for the entire year. Except other people bought him into many of the tournaments, so he still actually made more than that. Still, a very risky way to make a living.

We were thinking of going to this dessert festival in San Francisco, but we only found it a few days in advance, and by then it was sold out.

You can bit for how much you want the airline to pay you if you get bumped. I always put in the max allowed, just in case. Here, it's $10,000. I'll happily take a later flight for that, but I never get picked.

Fedor has come back for a few fights.

And is fighting Rampage Jackson. It's like it's 10 years ago.

Jackson was pretty out of shape, but Fedor was fighting like he was still young, swinging away.

I'm sick of getting all of these mailers, so there are a couple of websites you can go to to opt out. I guess we'll see if it works.

A website with channels from the 80s.

I thought this UFC fight would be boring, but Oleinik, the older Ukranian guy, was amazing to watch with his grappling skills.

One of the best parts of the fight: people in the crowd. Baker Mayfield.

David Spade.

Mark Davis.

Tom Brady.

Tyson Fury.

The woman in the audience at the top left is on her phone; she apparently doesn't care about the fights.

This guy was so locked up he had to tap with his foot.

It's pretty close.

Donald with his son.

A nasty kick to the face.

Conor actually hit him with his shoulder.

Conor's grandma telling Donald he did a good job.

And then she goes to hug Conor.