2020 Jan 24 | Crescent City in northern California

Colorful sunrise.

Ogii went to a Buddhist temple.

Prayer wheels.

I went to SFO. Very simple image on these products.

Nice panorama of the city.

Alpaca my bags.

Have to plane check because the small regional jet has tiny overhead bins.

Downtown San Francisco, the Bay Bridge, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Snow-capped rocky mountains.

Forested ones.

A giant butte.

A giant mountain.

It's cold outside; I'm staying on the plane until I see them unload my bag.

First ads in Orgeon: multiple pot shops.

Stop for a few hours of poker at the Southern Oregon Poker Club.

The people there were friendly.

And there was pizza, drinks, and snacks.

The highway was wide and open for the first hour's drive. The second hour was twisty with hills right on the edge of the road.

Staying right by the docks.

I'm here for a week, and the plan was to work in the mornings and then check out the sights in the afternoons. However, it's going to rain the entire week except Monday. So, since I have Monday off, I guess I'll see how many sights I can jam into that day instead.

Nice bathroom.

Although the floor is freezing, so I scattered towels around.

A restaurant.

With breakfast for hotel guests.

Cool artwork.

I don't think I've ever seen that sign.

Nor that one.

Seals fountain.

A very nice house.

A not so nice one.

Down the stairs.

To the beach.

Some huge pieces of driftwood with the lighthouse in the background.

The lighthouse.


Looking to the north.

Looking south at the lighthouse through a chain.

This house has a little lighthouse, too.

A park.

Grassy area looking out to the ocean.

A bit of a drop if you slip.

Unique octogonal room.

A seastack.

Stairs down to a beach or another path to the edge.

This house has a nice view, too.

People collecting agate on Pebble Beach.

A cool seashell.

Beautiful mural.

A Countach, my dream car as a kid.

How am I responsible to know park rules and regulations? I guess that's a bit like "ignorance of the law is no excuse," but maybe they should post them somewhere.

Driving through the trees.

It's a tight fit in places.

Especially here.

Literally driving through the trees.

Maybe they should spend some taxes on fixing these potholes.

Fog in the trees.

A few other hikers out here early.

Huge tree.


Roots growing over another tree.

A fragile spiderweb covered in dew.

huge burl.

Me with a tree behind me.

I wonder if people used the tree as a bridge before the actual bridge was built.


Tiny plants.

A fallen tree cut in two.

Lots of small growths on this one.

Some stringy stuff.

Not only through but also under.

It cracked when it fell.

Absolutely beautiful inside.

Don't run into this.

Moss in groups up the tree.

A curving path.

Lots of roots sticking up here. Don't want to twist an ankle.

Looking up.

I thought this tree part was a bear at first. Scary.

I should have checked how much farther this trail goes before I started it, back when I had cell service. I don't know if it curves around or ends up somewhere. Time to head back, I guess.

Tons of other trails a bit south of here. I think I'll skip them for now; I have other stuff to see.

Like the Del Norte County Historical Society museum.

Nice stained glass windows.

A gold coin.

From a shipwreck.

Native American artifacts.




What is this?

An Eskimo raincoat made out of seal gut lining. I'm glad I live now and not back then.

Women's clothing.

Old jail.

With farm equipment inside the cells.

Jail memorabilia.

Old post office boxes.


Old doctors.

A druggist.


Medical equipment.

Musical instruments.

With lots of pictures.

First female driver.

This place looks small from the outside but there are a ton of rooms inside, each with a ton of items packed in.




Telephone exchange.

Time capsule.

Back upper room.

Old lighthouse light.

It's big.

Changing the lens of the lighthouse.

First residence built.

Train models.

A thick safe.

A diorama.



A huge saw.


Wood carving.

Lighthouse light from below.

The manufacturer.

Aw, the lighthouse is closed.

You can still walk out to it.

But only when the tide is low.

A pier.

The lighthouse.

Lots of animals you can see.

There's one.

Many more.

People look for agates here, too.

Lots of pretty ones.

This was my favorite.

Grandma rig.

Lots of mud on that.

The pier from the south.

A large park.

With a huge play fort.

Billy Boone Square.

War memorials.

An anchor.

SS Emidio memorial.

A piece of the hull.

A plaque with an explanation.

It was the first ship torpedoed on the Pacific coast by a Japanese submarine.

Ocean World.

Which is an aquarium.

Take a picture with a pirate.

Big store.

These signs are fun. My favorite is "shoes optional."

More pirates.

A petting pond.

With starfish.

And anemones.

One in a shell.

Lots of them.

Part of the aquarium is under water.

You go down the stairs...

...and look at the fish.

More over here.

A crab.

A ray.

Lots of skinny fish.

A leopard shark.

A dome above the stairs.

A shark tank.

With another leopard shark.

You can pet this one.

Me inside a giant shark mouth.

Time for seals and sea lions.

This one was feeling lazy.

This one shot some hoops.

And jumped up to touch a ball.

A video.

Painting of a cute little guy.

A ton of sea lions out on a pier.

They've really taken it over.

More out on the water.

A shark carving.

A beach to the south.

Some massive anchors.

Nice little lamp.

They jetty doesn't look that unsafe to me.

Oh, wait, these waves would knock you right off. The sign is correct.

The waves come up over the jetty...

... and then wash down the other side.

The lighthouse after sunset.

A video of the waves and the lighthouse.

Some fishermen getting ready.

Since I was gone for the week, I hid some snacks around the house for Ogii. Here's one.

And another.

It's Tuesday, and the rains have come. Walmart might have some good rain jackets.

They do.

Along with custom Monopoly boards.

And jigsaw puzzles of locations around California.

SeaQuake brewery.

Very open inside.

Good burger.

Another gift for Ogii.

This place was closed on Monday, so time to go back.

It's nice inside.

But best of all, you can watch the sea lions.

Good seafood.

Another casino.

Elk Valley.

Prime rib and poker.

A cheap tournament on Wednesday night.

Deer-horn handles.

There were three tables of players.

We were all-in on the flop and I made my ace-high flush on the turn! Except the other guy made a straight flush. He was the most fun guy at the table to play with, though, so I'm glad my chips went to him.

More candy for Ogii.

Some BBQ would be good.

Except it wasn't BBQ.

And, while I'm thankful they gave me a lot of food, it was a little too much when I tilted the box opening my hotel room door and it spilled down my shirt.

And all over my tie.

Good timing, though, because I was thinking of doing laundry anyway.

I'd be scared of falling off.

Onto another casino on Thursday night.

This one is Lucky 7.

The poker area is more open.

Inside the area.

Although the chips aren't labelled. Thankfully they had a poster on the wall that said which color is which denomination.

Eagle wood carving.

A tree one.

Another Ogii gift.

And a huge chocolate coin.

Driving back through the trees.

The road followed a river.

It never got too wide.

Clearing trees.

Very pretty.

A little waterfall.

And another one.

Into Oregon for the flight home.

The mountain in Medford again.

A burger place.

And one last poker room; the Medford Social Club this time.

Drinks and snacks here, too.

Don't forget to tip the dealer.

Double board bomb pots with every dealer change; these are fun.

This old guy built up a massive stack. He made a bunch of full houses and would sing about boats every time.

Street hot dogs just outside.

One last treat for Ogii.

Does a hotel door really need three locks?