2020 Jan 25 | Salesforce Tower Ohana floor tour

I don't like how you can't pump your own gas in Oregon.

Artwork celebrating local farmers at the airport.

Racing another plane.

Solid gold car.

Ogii welcoming me.

Headed downtown. The Salesforce Tower is the tallest building.

Cool billboard.

I've always liked these two with all of the glass walls.

Weird parking area where the sidewalk kind of disappears and everyone parks too far in.

Red's Java House, just south of the Bay Bridge.

Pretty cheap for San Francisco.

Old-school diner vibe.

Anthony Bourdain ate there.

Red himself.

A beer tent in the back.

And a patio with a beautiful view over the water.

Suchada massage.

Nice inside.

Peaceful rooms.

A bit modern.

Miniature rainbow Coit tower.

The worst part about driving in San Francisco is how backed up traffic can get.

It wouldn't be so bad if these people wouldn't block the intersections.

More drivers blocking the intersection.

And more. Honestly, cops should be giving all of these people tickets.

Some protest march. That certainly doesn't help traffic.

This is just insane. You can't even drive around these cars.

Pedestrians walking behind cars in the crosswalk.

And now it's completely packed again.

It looks like a canoe on the right side of the building.

$15 flat rate for the weekend day. That's a pretty good price in San Francisco.

This ATM thinks my cash is a check.

Strong glasses frames.

Cool statue.

From one side.

The center.

And the other side. It's entitled University of Wisdom by Arman.


Ooh, Spin. We went there in LA to play ping pong. Although we can't find the entrance to this one.

In front of the Salesforce Tower.

Looking straight up.

Reflection of the Salesforce Tower in a neighboring skyscraper.

Multiple companies have offices in the building.

A giant tree trunk, although I don't think it's real.

There's a litte lift that goes up to an elevated garden.

Thankfully not much of a line.

Going up.

The garden behind Ogii.

Looking down.

Looking north in the garden.

By some bamboo.


Nice patio.

With lots of tables.

And a few games.

A kids play area.

Short and wide palm trees.

Nice phrase made out of Post-It notes.

All kinds plants from different regions.


South Africa.

A monkey puzzle tree.

It has many sharp, tough leaves, which would make it very puzzling for a monkey to climb.

Ogii in a cloud forest.

Seismic joints.

Some art on top of a neighboring roof.

Interesting structure on the highway.

Explaining San Francisco's fog.

Me with the tower behind me.

And Ogii on a lawn.

Back on ground level and walking back towards the tower.

Poor on the left, right on the right.




The entrance to the Salesforce tower.

Ogii by a goat.

In line to go in. We got tickets eight months in advance and they sell out almost instantly.

Floor 61...

... is the Ohana Floor.

Which has a 360-degree view of the city.

And plenty of seating.

Me in front of the Pyramid Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge to the northwest.

With Coit Tower as well.

Sutro Tour to the west.

A very nice conference room.

To the south are docks and the baseball park.

Close up on the docks.

The have binoculars.

Ogii checking out the sights.

The Bay Bridge to the east.

Looking down on the other skyscrapers.

More docks to the northwest, along with Alcatraz.

Looking down a bit.

A mascot and I could play a duet.

Us with the Pyramid Tower and Coit Tower.

And with the Golden Gate.

Here come the mascots.

Have to get a picture with them.

Sunset to the south.

Looking down.

To the west after sunset.

The Bay Bridge.

The docks.

It's getting foggy now. We got lucky on the timing; a guide said a tour earlier in the day couldn't see anything because it was so foggy.

Beautiful table.

A central beam which a lot of construction workers signed.

A sped-up video of a walk around the Ohana floor.

Tiles of people holding hands by the bathrooms.

The elevators.

More on the other side. Your ears pop when you go up or down.

One last goat.

A a colored light outside.

One last picture.

Then onto Schroeder's Restaurant.

With authentic German food.

Deer heads and old lights.

Many beer steins.

Very intricate.

A bird with her chick.

We got the sausage platter.

So many to choose from.

They also seat you German style, which means with strangers right beside you.

"If a dear guest comes into your house, give to him the best you have."

Of course we must have apple strudel.

A McLaren in the valet.

And a homeless guy sleeping next door.

A complex ceiling.