2020 Feb 02 | Super Bowl, Mario Kart Tour

These girls had created a whole display for their cookies.

S'mores? Are those new? Better try them.

All of the Walmart carts are in use.

These spaghetti sauces are $1.88.

And these are $9.19.

Most Stuf Oreos?

That's just downright disgusting.

Getting some exercise playing tennis.

Ogii with a good hit.

This is a very pretty piece of chocolate.

It has bits of gold in it. Can you eat those?

Our new plant likes the sun.

This one is still going strong, too.

With some new buds.

A movie about Calvin & Hobbes.

Long clouds at sunrise.

Ogii's awesome spaghetti.

Beautiful color.

Ogii at sunset.

Dr. Wong has many patents.

Eating at Rio Grill in Carmel with Dr. Richard Conklin.

They have amazing food.

Ogii's swordfish.

To 201 Main in the morning. They have a brunch, but that's not why we're here.

We're actually headed next door.

To get a spot for the Super Bowl.

They have cool lights.

And beautiful wood walls.

Time to get our drink on.

Can you believe this is before she drank anything?

They had trouble getting this one TV to work. They got it eventually, though.

That's cool.

Demi Lovato sang a very good national anthem.

First ad: Top Gun. All the 80s movies are getting remade now.

A cool commercial that transitioned to live action.

San Francisco is up early.

Is that across the line?

Ogii watching intently.

Tied up.

Halftime featured Shakira in a very short dress.

And Jennifer Lopez in... that.

Pole dancing.

Singing on the pole.

Both in very sparkly outfits.

The San Francisco players posing after a touchdown.

He looks scared.

A big run from Kansas City.

Close game now.

I don't think he's across the line.

Oh wait, from that angle, he definitely is.

And Kansas City is up after everyone thought they had lost long ago.

Another long run for a TD.

Game over, man, game over.

Andy Reid is very happy.

Whereas Patrick Mahomes just looks stunned.

Commercials thoughts: Bill Murray's Groundhog Day for Jeep was instantly recognisable, skinny Aquaman was funny, New York Life's four Greek words for love was touching, Pepsi Zero Sugar was very cool and dark looking, and Google's help me remember Loretta ad had everyone in tears.

Johnny is doing well with his photography.

And Athena sold a painting to someone in France.

The sliver moon just above the hills.

Our local Walmart is out of Baby Shark cereal. It's quite expensive on Amazon, though.

Normal priced on Walmart's online store.

That is an awesome dress.

One of my optometry school professors won Texas Optometrist of the Year.

I guess I'm not a young OD any more; I don't have an insta.

Although I do still play Mario Kart at times on my phone. I'm in third place this week.

Got a new high score on this course.

And now I'm in second.

Got a very good character; this will help.

The Bullet Bill frenzy is the most fun.

This one which shoots multiple bananas is the worst because I slip on them.

In second place the next week.

They guy in first pulled way ahead.

I did better on a few courses.

And now I'm in first.

The Gold Glider, the best in the game, is for sale in the shop, but I don't have nearly enough coins.

Time to do a coin rush.

Still a bit short.

I only had four stars on this course. I did a bit better, got the last star...

... and that gave me another 100 coins.

One more coin rush.

And now I can afford the glider.

One of the Painted Ladies in San Francisco became run down and was then bought by a startup CEO.

Tesla and Bitcoin are way up in January 2020.

A social media influencer startup kit? That's, like, a mic.

Google Maps is 15 years old.

So you can drive around a little car with balloons. This has been one of the most useful apps ever created. I couldn't image driving around in Los Angeles without it.

Flights are either $200 or $2500.

I wish I were retired so I could go on this cruise for $23 a day.

Great kick to the head.

Big elbow in this fight.

Which results in lots of blood.

That's a huge reach advantage.

Big uppercut.

Big kick to the face.

Both are happy after the fight.