2020 Feb 15 | Museum of Dream Space in LA, Valentine's Day at home (2 weeks)

Ogii fell asleep watching videos on her phone in bed.

This showed up in front of our door. I think this is an early birthday present from Ogii that the company didn't package in any way.

Nice sun rays.

We used to see the blimp over downtown LA all the time, and every once in a while we'll see it up here.

I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to sit on those benches when you play tennis.

Watching a boxing match with a fighter from Mongolia...

... at the same time as a UFC fight.

Lots of sheep on the drive down to LA.

Still haven't taken one of these MegaBuses for $1.

That's a funny name, but what does it have to do with waffles and ice cream?

Cool entrance to the parking garage.

An arch of flowers inside.

Expensive artwork.

The Museum of Dreamspace.

Gold room.

This was my favorite room.

Hugging the moon.

Lots of colored lights.

Us in them.

Hanging mini lights.




Colorful lamps.

A brighter shot.

From below.


Ogii in the long room.

A changing painting.

Starry night.

Ogii playing in this room.

I wonder if this is some kind of upscale store or just a blank one.

Crazy shoes.

Ogii wants to go shopping.

Finding deals.

Buying some more stuff.

Aw, I always liked Payprus. I guess they're closing all of their stores.

Very upscale cards.

Walking from your house to your hammock.

90% off stuff back here.

Cool card.

A book on things to draw in San Francisco.

Except it's just words of things to draw and blank pages.

Chairs with plugs for people waiting.

This one has USB outlets.

Which is good, because everyone is on their phones.

Going across the street to Sak's Off 5th.

That's a cool dress.

That's not a cool price.

Fun shoes. I'd pay $25 for them.

Not $450, though. I thought this was supposed to be a discount store?

Very sparkly ones.

She found some jeans.

A weird dress.

Heart breaker? That's not nice.

The Farmer's Market parking lot has a metal goat on a rock.

The old Market Optometrix, which turned into a beauty shop, is now a plant shop.

Eating at my favorite restaurant, Pampas Grill Churrascaria.

I've never understood how this little key kiosk stays open. Do that many people really get keys made here?

The Petersen Automotive Museum got a cool makeover.

Stopping at a Japanese grocery store.

A towel animal in our hotel.

Let's see what's on TV. Professional cornhole? What is this, ESPN 8?

Mom had just mentioned 60 Minutes had a show on the Mongolian eagle hunters.

Sure enough, that's what it is.

This American woman went there to do it.

That's a huge bird.

They put a camera on a back of an eagle.

Cool building which looks like a lighthouse.

Gotta dodge the fallen palm fronds.

Lots of traffic that way, only a little this way.

This set of signs is fun.

I usually miss the first one and only see this and later ones, though.

Hangry is such a fun word.

Although we've never actually eaten here.

Peaceful picture.

Lots of plants on the counter.

A hummingbird with a bright red throat.

Shiny green backs.

Some upscale chocolates for Ogii for Valentine's Day.

And some other presents.

I got her a custom jigsaw puzzle with a picture of us doing goat yoga; she got me a whiteboard for notes.

Ogii with her finished puzzle. That was way too easy.

Some big steaks.

Broiling in the cast iron pan.

Some mushrooms on top.

Perfectly cooked.