Ogii's brother's birthday, Richard Conklin retiring


Ogii's brother opening his birthday gifts.

Shoes and pictures and exercise equipment.

Playing cards. I have a lot right now.

Although having two jokers and an ace help a lot.

Ogii stuck with a bunch.

We went to a bowling alley and some kids were having a birthday party. Let's take a picture of him next to their decorations before they get there.




That's a hard loner pin to hit.

Down the middle.

Angled a bit.

A video of bowling.

Lunch at A Taste of Monterey. Who needs the view when we have our phones?

Ready to eat.

These people were tasting a lot of wine.

Ogii's brother blowing out his birthday cake candles.


Lamb and other traditional food.

Digging in.

I found a quarter.

Ogii video chatting with her family.

Because it's Mongolian New Year. These are our instructions.

Starting a fire.

Breaking wood.

Yummy dinner.

Ogii has a present in an egg.

A lobster? Oh well.

I order these big Kleenex packs.

Except they looked a little small. They sent me 144 packs when I ordered 230 packs.

Nice sunrise with contrails.

Dr. Richard Conklin had an optometry office in Carmel.

And he's finally retiring after 50 years.

A picture of him back in the day.

And him now, with a friend who was playing music for us.

Chatting with patients.

All the frames on sale.

More over here.

Free cases.

And free contact lens solution.

His exam room.

Frame adjustment tools.

He also graduated from Houston.

Wine and snacks.

Cool folding readers.

He's going to be volunteering now.

Ogii with her new readers.

Construction painting on this truck's tailgate.

This little market is between Salinas and Monterey.

Ooh, and they have both the Monterey Weekly and the Carmel Pine Cone. Great spot to get both to see what events are going on.

New flight to the Los Angeles area.

The Monterey Peninsula Surgery Center is terminating its contract with Blue Cross. I don't know who's more at fault, the center or the insurance company, but that's going to be bad for patients.

Some crazies posting things, too.

Sunrise over the hills.

Hummingbird eating.

They have Are You Being Served? on Amazon. I love it, but Ogii isn't a fan.

Voting from home is so easy.

All done.

You can do it in your pajamas while eating breakfast rolls.

Into the mail they go.