2020 Mar 08 | birthday presents, poker and UFC

Laundry time! Which means I take the hot clothes out of the dryer and toss them on Ogii on the bed, who then throws them to me to hang up.

First birthday present: a whiteboard for the refrigerator.

Watching XFL at BWW.

It took them quite a while to seat us but like half the tables were empty or needed to be cleaned off. I think they need to hire a few more employees.

We also watched poker, and this guy was hilarious. He was drinking and eating hot wings with a fork. He would offer wings to the players around him, too.

That's a weird combo. Have to at least try it.

Making beer-battered chicken.

One to cook, one to drink.

All done.

We got Hulu because we are bored with the shows on Netflix.

I thought we'd get the free version with ads, but they're so annoying.

Changed that ASAP.

Present number 2.

Optometry socks.

Gotta love the classic 80s songs.

Ogii got first place.

Present 3 are playing cards with sea otters on them.

When they have all-women poker games, the players always have much more fun than when it's mostly guys.

Present 4.

An organizer. I used to really like organizing things, but not as much nowadays.

That's fine; Ogii will organize for me.

Ogii: "It's to organize your nails." Me: "My nails are already organized. They're in separate boxes in a storage container." Ogii: "But you can take them out of the boxes and put them in this organizer instead." Me: "OK, if you wanna do that, go ahead." And she did.

Present 5: The Warren Buffet Way book.

The new Galaxy phones are out now. I think we're good with ours.

Present 6.

Electric toothbrushes.

I wanna watch this, but I'm not buying it for $20. We'll wait until it's available for rent.

Different darknesses of dark chocolate.

She bought me this giant balloon filled with iridescence metallic circles.

Although it made quite a mess when it popped.

That seems like a really good deal. $3700 for a 22-day cruise to Antartica with a solar eclipse. Too bad we're not retired yet.

Uploading all of my files from 2019. This is going to take a while. Like, not hours, but days.

Trying this sushi place.


Ready to eat.

Present 7.

Business practices for photographers.

I see you decorating my cake!

It looks very nice.

The updated chess.com app analysis covers how many good to horrible moves you made and categorizes the game, such as easy win from the beginning to this one, where one mistake I made cost me the game.

To the casino for poker and UFC.

I flopped a set of jacks and went all in. The guy two my left called with two pair. I win this 83% of the time, but this was one of the 17% of the times when he hits a card to win.

A very close basketball game.

A very bloody match.

Nasty punch to the jaw.

Funny reactions from all of the commentators.

This was an amazing fight.

Her forehead became extremely swollen.

And she kept taking shots like these.

She doesn't look too good.

Although her opponent is pretty busted up as well.

It was just a continous...

... back and forth...

... of punches to the face.

Lots of punches.

It was an amazing fight.

Fun entrance.

Hopefully this will be great, too.

And it was horrible. They just danced around each other the entire fight and barely threw an attack.

Hey, why did my phone change the time? I thought we voted against that?

Ah, the stupid federal goverment.

Messing with our rights again. So much for "We the people." More like "They few the people."

That just seems dumb to me.

Yeah, things have gotten crazy.

Present 8: a fun shirt.

Cooking some steaks.