2020 Mar 29 | beginning shelter at home

LA closed down all bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, and gyms on Monday, March 16.

San Francisco went even farther on the same day and ordered a complete stay-at-home order.

The California Optometric Association also adviced optometry offices only be open for emergency patients. All of the ophthalmology offices are doing the same; they'll see post-op patients and emergency patients, but no routine exams.

Monterey followed San Francisco's lead on the next day. I was a few weeks overdue for a haircut, so thankfully I got in the night before everything closed down. I might not get another one for a few months.

All of the restaurants are take-out only now.

Big house.

A massive one.

Tiny building.

Those two words at the end make the sign much more effective.

Thankfully none of the roads were too bad.

Although there were some decent-sized puddles.

Sheep under a rain cloud.

I love seeing the rain under the clouds.

Birds, palm trees, and sun rays.

Sliver moon.

The restaurants that are still open for take-out have been putting up big "open" signs with paper.

Thankfully Ogii is pretty set for now.

Gargling baking soda.

Just in case it might help.

Spending a day off cleaning the house.

Have to be mindful of what cleaning supplies we use, though, as the stores are sold out of them.

Playing with a second balloon Ogii bought me.

Not quite as good as practicing volleyball outside, but it's something.

Limiting food purchases, but they're still sold out.

Then frozen breads were completely out, but before we left the store, an employee refilled at least the garlic knots. Those are my favorite, so perfect. Although to be considerate of others we only took one of the two boxes.

The freezer is full. Although that birthday cake is taking up a lot of space; we need to finish it off.

Ogii's brother cooking lunch.


It was pretty cool; it was covered.

And then you broke through to eat it.

Nap time on the couch.

Ogii cooking dinner.

Haven't made these brownies in forever; let's try them. She also wrote Happy Birthday with the carmel.

Ah, Jumanji is available for rent now.


With giant chocolate chip pancakes from Ogii.


It's nice we have these courts right by our house.

Making a long shot.

We played a bit of HORSE and then some 2-on-1.

Picking up some of the trash around the courts.

Orange flowers.

Yellow with orange flowers.

Purple flower.

When you're so tired you fall asleep reaching for your snack.

The grocery stores now have senior hours so it's safer for them to shop.

Nothing left in the paper products.

The store kept limiting the options more and more as time went on. Rather than create new signs, they just edited the old ones. It was probably "limit 2 bathroom products per person" at first or something similar.

The Monterey County Weekly had their best of 2020 issue.

Trevor is in the Monterey Bay Optometric Society, so it's nice they won. They've won the past five years as well. Too bad business is going to be almost gone for everyone for the next few months.

A classmate has baby pygmy goats. So cute.

Ogii cooking chicken.

I had bought a bidet a while ago but never got around to installing it. Now seems a perfect time since toilet paper is in short supply.

It was fairly fast and easy to install and works quite well. It saves a lot of toilet paper and rubbing, so hopefully it will help prevent hemorrhoids and the like.

They're in trouble.

Reading the book on Warren Buffet. Like he says, even though our economy generally works well, it's sad who it rewards at times.

Los Angeles ended up closing all of its hiking trails, parks, and beaches because people weren't social distancing when they went to them.

This clasp fell off of my pants.

I can put it back on pretty easily; now to see if it will stay.

Ogii's brother is using his free time to paint.

The jobless rate just exploded compared to any time in recent US history. Hopefully the increased unemployment benefits will help.

These are the discount stickers they put on meat when it's on its last day to be sold. We should grab a roll and stick them on everything we buy.

Nobody likes the whole grain pasta.

All of the flour is completely gone.

Walmart actually had a few of these single paper towels in stock.

Only one per customer.

This is where all of the multi-packs of paper towels usually are. They filled them with Easter baskets so the isle wasn't empty.

The optical here is closed down as well.

No new exams, although you can pick up already-ordered items.

I used the self-checkout so I wouldn't have to get close to a checkout cashier. However, I had bought a magic marker, so the clerk still had to come over and allow it. When she came, I stepped back around 6 feet to give her space. She thanked me and said nobody else had done that the last couple of days. That's quite sad.

The post office had spots marked out on the floor too keep people separated.

The Commerce Casino is closed but is still paying their employees. That's really nice of them.

Plumbers came to fix a pipe.

They dug way down deep to get all of the roots out of it.

We watched the original Office from the UK and then the US Office. The first episode is almost exactly the same, word for word, and the actors appearing in each role not only act but also often look very similar. I prefer the UK version; Ogii likes the US one. The US one seems louder and faster.

Ogii working in her home office.

Ogii staying warm wrapped in some towels fresh out of the dryer.

The tennis courts are now restricted to two players at a given time. I've never seen anyone other than ourselves on them, ever, but I guess it's good to have the note, just in case.


And chocolate chip muffins. I used to make these all of the time, but I haven't in forever.

In college, our Econ 101 professor was asking about toothpicks. Nobody was answering, so I said people buy them to know when baked goods are done, which is the answer he was looking for. Honestly, out of like 50 college kids, none of these others had ever baked anything before? Then again, about the only thing I baked were chocolate chip muffins, but hey, 1 > 0.

Ogii cleaning the hummingbird feeders.

Only $4 a month for the New York Times for a year? That sounds like a great deal. It'd get too expensive to do this with a ton of papers, but I tend to want to read the New York Times articles more than many others.