2020 Apr 19 | hiking

Ogii working on her second puzzle.

It has so many whimsy pieces.

She usually puts the border together first and then works from the outside in, but this puzzle has curved borders, so she couldn't do that. So she put the waterline together first and worked out from that.

The pieces are thick wood instead of thin cardboard.

Getting close.

One piece left.

She saved the dolphin for last.


Lots of people buying groceries via apps.

So many flowers in the hills.

Ogii's company is starting a new company to work on COVID-19 disinfection, so some congratulations are in order. I bought two bags of mini KitKats and it was perfect for these letters; I only had one left over.

Also bought some champagne.

Which I'm always terrified to open.

Steak and asparagus for dinner.

With champagne and cake afterwards.

That's one way to finish the leftovers.

And a card.

Up early for a little hike along the coast.

And getting a picture of the lighthouse at sunrise.

From a lower position to get the walkway.

A very nice house.

Unfortunately no hummingbirds around right now.

These people have a wonderful view of the ocean.

It looks like they're actually recording the sunrise.

The zipper on my new hoodie has a sharp plastic end that keeps poking me in the neck. Quick fix with some nail clippers to chop it off.

Cleaning the floors.

Normally we have a tall mirror in front of this vent. I guess we need to check behind it a little more often.

Moving all the furniture to one side.

And then to the other.

Can't forget the dining room.

Then cleaning all the windows.

Ogii's brother likes to put utensils business-side up in the dishwasher.

Which is a problem if I'm not paying attention. Almost sliced my wrist open.

It raining a bit.

I feel sorry for the field workers. They get paid almost nothing and have to work even in bad weather.

Lots for lunch.

Cleaning the oven.

A coyote howling outside Ogii's office.

I'm not sure which oranges we had been using to make orange juice, but this time we bought navel oranges and they provide much more juice.

I hate this giant detergent dispenser. The liquid sticks everywhere. We're going back to the regular-sized ones next time.

Some wildflowers seeds and some yummy snacks from Mom and Dad.

Except for these. I'll die of hunger before I eat these.

Our neighbors watching a movie on a screen outside their house.

So many poppies.

Hiking along the river bed. We like to pick up trash as we go.

Just be careful to not touch any of the plants; there is some poison oak scattered around.

So pretty.

Light pink.


A thistle.

Tiny orange flowers.

A bunch of blue ones.

By 10am, there were a few others hikers out.

Weird coloring.

Dew drops on a leaf.

A cute little bunny.

And a bird with something in its beak.

Looking at the map on our phone, it looked like we could take this path down. Except when we got there, it was actually extremely steep. No shortcut this time.

A purple flower with some buds just starting to grow.

White and purple.

Me surrounded by purple flowers.

Some reports said the virus will die if you let it sit for three days, so I'm dating when I last used each mask.

Some TP and PT back in the stores, although it's 7:30am; I wonder how long it will last. Thankfully we're all stocked up and don't need any.

Unpacking groceries is like performing surgery; Ogii hold the package and I only touch the inside.

A tractor holding up traffic a bit. We all went around him quickly.

Lots of poppies by the side of the road.

Some lambs.

Flora's Farm has home-made face masks.

So many flowers at this house.

Eating our favorite lunch in Greenfield, Mendoza's. Their mini tacos and hamburgers are amazing.

Ogii planted the flower seeds from the parents.

At Asilomar State Beach.

To get a sunset picture with the waves.

You need just the right number of clouds for good color, not too many and not too few. Tonight they were a bit too thick.

Some flowers here.

There are a fair number of people at the beaches, but they're really spread out.

So many people are hiking here the cars pack the roadside.

I was way up.

But I missed this checkmate and then he won.

The first COVID death they know of in the US was in Seattle.

Then a few in NYC and LA.

Then New York skyrocketed.

But NYC doesn't even have twice as many people as LA. LA started social distancing sooner than NYC, so that's probably a large reason.

I had POV make a few prints for me a while ago.

But they've now changed over and are making PPE instead of photography prints.

They surpassed their fundraising goal.

Lots of small business are having to furlough their employees due to decreased revenue. Some of the owners are still making good use of their time.

This company makes photography accessories. They just released a new tripod which looks cool; the legs all fit together instead of hanging apart.

It's always good to check online reviews, though. There are a few major problems with it that make it not worth purchasing.

Samsung updated the software on their phones, including the keyboard app. Which means it forgot all of our predictive text databases, so when we try to get it all comes out horribly wrong.

The camera has a new feature which takes multiple shots at once, including video. Although I usually know what I want from a scene, so I don't think I'll use this.

There were actually many, many other small updates.

This app showed up, and I can't delete it.

I guess it's where Samsung is putting all of its augmented reality features, which I think is the funny faces around you when you videochat.

Hangouts changed to Google Meets. It would have been nice if they would have announced it, but they didn't say anything.

Cheap place to stay in Santa Monica: the back of a Prius.

There's no more live poker, so some people are playing online more. The problem is you can't interact with the other players like you can in live. Some people are doing both a poker game and videoconferencing to make it more fun.

All of the casino hotels in Las Vegas are closed.

But some casinos are using the time to upgrade their equipment.

Nightwish released a new album.

There is almost no place you can fly a drone on California's central coast, mostly because of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

There are many other locations that ban drones as well.

There are various apps that tell you where you can and cannot fly. The problem is that none of them correctly identify all of the no-fly zones, so you still have to Google the area and see what restrictions there are.

There are so many scammers on Amazon now; you have to really be careful. A regular roll of toilet paper versus some from Amazon.

It is rather confusing how so many people believe Trump over scientists. Maybe they didn't pay attention in science class in high school.

Reading the manual for my new camera. Although its 532 pages; that's exhausting.

Especially because I know most of it. But every once in a while I stumble across something I didn't know, like what this little knob is for.

I also want some neutral density filters so I can take long exposures of water. However, I would probably mostly use them with the wide angle lens, and normal filters don't fit over that; you need huge, expensive ones. This is an awesome adapter mount that goes between the camera and the lens which you can slide filters into, except it only works on the Canon EOS R, which is a mirrorless camera, not a DSLR. It won't work on my camera because the focal point is closer.

Doing lots of webinars.

And taking lots of online CE. I wonder how much money this guy makes from all of his honorium. He must speak as much as he sees patients.

Playing another games on PokerStars. I flopped a straight but the turn and river both brought flush cards.

Here I flopped a flush against a smaller flush.

Aw, Ogii lost this. She had the queen-high flush, but the other guy had the king-high flush.

That was an unlucky flop for me.