2008 Jun 09 | Key West

The only way to get to Key West is Highway 1, and it can jam up right here. I took the exit and met up with Highway 1 a few miles south of this jam and then traffic was fine.

Your speed really depends on what the people in front of you do rather than the speed limit because on most of the road you can't pass. So sometimes we would all be going 70mph and other times we would all be going 30mph.

There are lots of little beaches off the highway. There is a tiny light, shallow area in the middle and then darker, deeper areas on each side.

I never liked the "## fatalities this year" signs. Every time I drove on the road it went up by one. I can see their purpose, but it seems rather harsh to turn a person into just a number.

Here are a series of signs that say "Patience pays. Passing zone in X miles."

Although sometimes people decide to not wait, like this tow truck driver who was driving in the passing-only zone for miles in town.

There were lots of little islands along the way, too. There were many people parasurfing near this one.

Here was another island where people were camping.

We went to buy some paintbrushes and they ranged from $5 to $25 for the same size. I'm sure some are better than others, but I wonder if these are really $20 better.

Another thing they sell down here is outdoor clorox. There are lots of molds and other creatures that grow everywhere, but if you simply spray clorox on them, they all disappear.

One of the areas I painted was this ceiling. The cracks actually took a lot of coats before you couldn't see them, even after sanding.

It's these big outdoor events that I really miss from San Francisco. People in Key West made their own boats and then had a race.

This was a really neat home of one of the people down there.

Virgilio's is a little bar with some great live music.

People like to go to Mallory Square during sunset in Key West.

There were lots of sailboats.

And some birds, too.

Lots of entertainers of different types were in the area as well. This lady swallowed a balloon and then walked on glass.

This guy was a magician.

And here was a man playing music and a juggler.

Duval Street has a ton of shops. Hog's Breath Saloon is one popular spot.

As is Sloppy Joe's Bar.

The Bull and Whistle Bar has a a clothing-optional bar on the roof, although like everywhere else, it's mainly naked guys and a few topless women.

There were also lots of drag shows, including this one at the 801 Bourbon Bar. I sat near this woman and her friend.

This dancer really got interactive with the audience. Since we were sitting in the front, I was tipping every dancer (which is etiquette at these types of shows). I should have waited until after she was done to tip this one, though, because I ended up getting a lap dance from him/her.

This dancer really got into it, too.

And this was the host for the night.

Tons of people in Key West use scooters instead of cars to get around. The whole island is only about two miles by four miles, so they are a pretty effective means of transportation.

I also went snorkeling. Behind me were a bunch of fish hiding under a rock.

There were some pretty fish around. My favorites were the ones with fins that almost glow like neon lights.

There were also some big ones that you could hear chomping on the coral.