2020 Apr 26 | beach sunset pictures

It's 420. Some people smoke pot; we watch Super Troopers.

I couldn't get the shutter speed faster than 1/30 when I used live view on my new DSLR. Let's see if Google has answers.

And it did. I thought to turn on live view, I had to switch over to the red icon. But that's actually to take a video and limits the settings you can use on the camera. To turn the live view on for photos, you press the start/stop button in the middle.

Watching Four Tank-Men and a Dog, a Polish TV show Ogii watched as a kid. All of the episodes are on YouTube.

The German Shepherd is the star.

Playing Roku Tetris.

About to get a Tetris, when you clear out four lines at once.

Aw, the full version is no longer available.

Ogii got a high score, then I beat that, then she kept beating her own high score over and over and I never got close again.

The Gold Glider is available in my Mario Kart Tour store, but it costs 10,000 coins and I only have 5,313.

Thankfully I have a bunch of coin rush tickets stored up.

Which gets me around 800 coins per run.

And now I can get the glider. I even had a coin rush ticket to spare.

This ty$ player was really good. He and I were always fighting for first place over many races.

A beautiful old car.

Accident on the highway. It looks like someone was trying to turn through an intersection and didn't make it.

This metal horse sculpture has a mask.

We pulled out all the weeds from these rocks.

Then we pulled off the rocks and the weed barrier so I could spray weed killer and put a new weed barrier down, since the old one obviously wasn't doing its job.

The parking at Carmel Beach is closed, but there's still parking in the side streets.

You can be on the beach, just not in large groups.

They put these barriers here, too.

Although I think they're more to keep people off of parts of the sand which are wearing away rather than for social distancing.

The brown house that's a row back appears to have an elevator which goes to the rooftop patio.

Surveying the scene.

It's a little dark, but we can try to get some pictures.

Birds nesting.

A multi-colored caterpillar.

Early in the morning, the parking lot at Home Depot is still pretty empty.

They have barriers to limit entry, but almost nobody was there yet.

Plenty of toilet paper and paper towels if the grocery stores are out.

Another cool old orange car.

I've never even heard of a Karmann Ghia.

Playing with the effects during a video call with the family.

Brendan looks surprised.

Me in a glass.



Big mouths and old witches.

Monica and Brendan playing an eat-the-hamburger game.

Pretty flowers.

Different colors inside.

They smell really nice.

This pizza is not only really good but also has a moustache you punch out of the box and wear.

Lying on the grass on a nice warm day.

Nobody else out there right now.

Tiny flowers.

Ogii covered in grass by the flowers.

Kids practicing fishing.

Cooking chicken.

Some tiny growth from the flowers the parents sent us.

Lots of purple flowers in Pacific Grove.

A ton in front of this house.

Sunset picture at Asilomar beach.

Getting low to get these flowers.

A banana slug! I didn't know these were even around here.

And another one. Although they didn't seem to like each other.

Even though the slugs are slow, they still like to move around, so you have to keep moving to get pictures of them.

Me at sunset.


With a sliver moon.

Even though we only wear our shoes to the rug right inside the house, lots of sand still gets around there.

I'm leeched onto Ogii.

This is some great bacon.

I love this new camera backpack.

It's fairly small but still fits all of my equipment perfectly.

Lots of eights on the odometer.

A line at the farm.

This lizard found his way into our house.

Grass growing new shoots.

A tiny flower.

Trying to get Ogii to flop her tongue around.

Great dinner by Ogii.

At the Lone Cypress.

A deer in the woods.

A massive house.

Another one.

Another one.

Another one.

A bit more modern.

So many different sections.

An outright castle.

Ogii was taking this 80s movie quiz, and she definitely got a few wrong, but it says she got 100%. So does the quiz maker not know the correct answers or is the quiz maker lying?

Try can still work from his home.

He has a cool loft in DTLA which even made it into the news.

A great shot of the poppies in Lancaster from a plane.

The 50 MP files from the new DSLR are much bigger than the ones from my old DSLR, but the 360 videos from the GoPro Fusion are absolutely massive. A 30-minute 360 video takes up 145 GB. Not MB, GB.

So I need some new external hard drives to hold these huge files. This one is 12TB, quite good.

Although a lot of the reviews say it dies. Those could be competitors posting fake reviews, but I'm worried enough to search for another one.

I'm taking lots of CE online because due to the coronavirus, it counts as in-person CE if its live.

"This procedure is much bloodier than the previous one." Well I'm glad they scheduled this lecture right before lunchtime instead of a practice management one.

We didn't get into the online poker game with our friends on time. That's OK; we'll play Governor of Poker instead.

The river gives Ogii a full house.

Which is especially nice when the opponent has a straight.

Aces are good.

And Ogii wins the tournament.

The next game had a four-way all-in on the first hand; crazy.

Straight over straight, but Ogii still got second place.

I was trying to calculate how many points you gained or lost in Mario Kart Tour based on what place you got. It allows up to eight people per race, but you can have fewer, so I was having trouble figuring out how exactly to calculate that in a percentage. Thankfully Monica helped me out with the Excel math.

In short, getting last place is devastating, and getting second-to-last is very bad. You actually lose more points in either of those places than you gain for getting first place. Second place through third-to-last are all much closer.

Now we were able to get into the poker game with our friends. Although I didn't get lucky here.

Or here.