2020 May 03 | playing in the back yard, online poker

When Ogii goes to work, I can take up the whole bed.

My daily schedule, printed and laminated. I keep editing it a bit, but I have lots of lamination packets.

A bird outside Ogii's office.

I removed the screw from this vent before I realized it was painted onto the wall.

And the furnace filters go up here, anyway, so there's no need to remove the vent.

They had some 12x20x1 filters, so I assumed that was the size. Except when I opened it up, there was a 12x24x1 filter there. And even that's not the right size; it's supposed to be 12x26x1.

Vacuuming up dirt underneath.

This flower smelled great, but when it falls apart, there are leaves and pollen everywhere.

Time to put the new weed barrier on.

I was smoothing the dirt with my hand and these two old rusty razor blades popped out. Who leaves something like that behind? Thankfully I didn't slice my hand.

All the edges covered in rock.

This storefront is available for lease in Carmel. Maybe we could sell my photographs here? It's on a corner, so we could catch people walking on both streets.

It's an amazing location, right on Ocean Avenue in downtown Carmel, which is where all of the tourists walk. This is exactly the location we want.

One problem is the first floor area is quite small.

There's a second floor, but I don't think we could put art there due to accessibility laws. Before it was a realty company, which could have its offices up there, but we wouldn't use the second floor at all.

Unfortunately, being right on Ocean Avenue, its nearly ten times the cost per square foot as another location only one block away from Ocean. That might be worth it; I think ten times as many potential buyers might walk on Ocean as one block away. Except for the fact that as of now, they won't lease only the first floor; we have to lease the second floor, too. Even leasing only the first floor, it's questionable if we could make money. Leasing the second floor would be impossible. But we'll keep any eye on it and see if things change.

This store is just a few doors down, and it was a clothing store that is going out of business. It has much more space inside but the only view in is through the small door. The other place has nice large windows to see inside.

Most of the nearby galleries are paintings, but this one across the street is also photography.

All waves.

All acrylic. Some on surfboards, which is cool. And a much larger area to display the work.

We don't want to drive all the way to the ocean for a sunrise or sunset picture only to have it be completely foggy, so the Clear Outside app helps figure out what the weather is like.

Even more useful are various webcams scattered around by different companies.

Although for sunrise, you want to be there about 30 minutes before the sun comes up. However, it takes 30 minutes to get there, and 60 minutes before sunrise, it's still too dark for the webcams to get a good view.

So the app is better for sunrises, and webcams are better for sunsets.

Steak for dinner.

The CDC and the CDPH lifted the "emergency patients only" guidelines.

So offices are slowly starting to see patients for routine eye exams again. Some offices are waiting a bit longer, and the ones that are open have to spread the patients both temporally and spatially.

Cute ducklings are starting to appear.

The flowers from the parents are growing well.

Throwing the oven mitt on our hands.

Then time for more steak.

Wiping down the fridge.

I don't see how any insects could like this flower. It looks like a giant mouth with huge teeth about to eat them.

Spraying down the rocks to get the dirt out of them.

A little lizard hanging out.

These Kinder Joy eggs usually have pretty crappy toys, but this one was neat.

Ogii's turn to cook.

A nice evening, so we went to get sunset photos of the purple carpet flowers.

There are a lot right here.

Nice shot.

The sun setting.

Picking up a bit of trash.

Neat stairs.

Throwing in the last bunch of rocks with Ogii's brother.

Looks good.

Just need to trim the edges down.

And done.

Tons of warnings on the doors.

That sounds like a nice life.

Uh oh, I got icing all over my lips.

Some roses growing out front.

A beautiful day to have a picnic outside.

Out for a sunset picture. The sky is dark but this is still a neat area.

And there are some nice waves coming in.

Just don't want to get splashed.

The up early to check out the wharf. Last night there were too many clouds; this morning there are too few.

There were a few animals swimming around.

And some geese walking.

Then onto Home Depot. We got there right when it opened and there was a small line.

Now the clouds look great; too bad they weren't there at sunrise.


And another picnic.

Practicing volleyball and racing.

In nature.

Baby geese.

Even at the drive-through you have to wear a mask.

Huge packages of toilet paper.

I'm only in 8th place this cup.

And I don't have a top-shelf driver for this course.

Nor a top-shelf kart for this one. I guess I won't win this time.

Cool cloud lamp.

Online poker with our friends. It's nice making the ace-high flush, although someone could potentially have a straight flush.

Now his turn to get the flush.

Ooh, I have a straight flush draw. Didn't get there, unfortunately.

AA vs QQ.

I flopped a straight. Someone else having a flopped flush is possible, but rather unlikely.

I win.

I lose. He had a better kicker and a better flush draw; no way I was winning this one.

We both have a five and split the pot.

Great flop for Ogii.

Great flop for me.

And I'm all in with AK.

Bad timing; he has AA.

I sucked out on Ogii's AA to make two pair and knock her out of the tournament. Sorry, honey.

I hit another flush on the river.

Another straight flush draw which also doesn't come in.

I flop a set.

Another suckout by me, this time on the turn.

Only fair that I get sucked out on as well.

Kendra made a weird play because her cat stepped on her keyboard.

Another flopped set, and this time I get paid.

Flopped flush.

Not a good flop for my hand, but unlikely to be a good flop for his hand, either, so I bet and he folded.

Another flush draw, but this one didn't get there.

Same hand.

I just barely win.

And he sucks out on me to knock me out in fourth place. Ogii and I both got knocked out when we had AA.

Entrepreneurs thinking up new devices is great, but this is just a stick.

A great virtual CE course on how to see patients during the COVID-19 crisis by a local retinal center.

Such as by replacing an IOL that fell into the back of a patient's eye.