2020 May 17 | buying plants for home, online poker

Some toilet paper is back in stock here, although it's individual rolls of generic brands.

Lots of garlic knots.

It was raining, so I drove the Prius out of the garage to get washed off.

These plants are taking over this pot.

This guy was getting sick, but Ogii moved him and he seems to be doing better now.

Normally the car dealership has donuts here, but not now.

The light cover over the oven broke, so I found a new one on Amazon and replaced it, along with the screen.

A little lizard got close to my foot.

Watching White Men Can't Jump, and we recognized those structures from staying in Venice last week.

The Cadillac Hotel.

Which was just a few blocks north of where we were.

An LA Weekly article about the how the location scouts for the movie chose the different courts.

A court near downtown.

A few blocks away from my old office.

And in "the hood."

You can see Watts Towers in the background of this one.

You want to be careful around here.

And finally at Lafayette Park, a block away from where we used to live.

They constructed additional basketball courts for the movie and then left them there for the community.

Sunrise picture across the Wharf.

With some sea lions hanging out.

"Happy Ours."

Picking up some big pots.

The last 2020 on the odometer for a long time.

Beautiful rose.

Ogii is now a CFO! Congratulations!

There was a California State Board of Optometry meeting on Friday. Normally I wouldn't attend these, but since it was online and I wasn't working that day, I could watch it.

They said they had 66 total attendees, the most they've ever had, and by the end, 23 were still watching, including me. It was a long meeting, from 10am to 4:30pm with a 30-minute lunch break.

I wanted to say a couple of things, but I wasn't sure exactly when they were moving on to the next topic and missed my chance.

Normal versus thick bacon.

I always assumed the thick bacon would be better, but I actually prefer the taste of the normal one.

All of these numbers fit into our lives somehow. It must be a winner. But it wasn't.

Preparing breakfast.

Mixing it up.

Muffins and bacon. Normally we microwave bacon, since it only takes a few minutes, but some online articles mentioned baking it on parchament paper, so we tried that. It takes around 20 minutes, and it might have been a bit better, but not too different.

Putting some of the new plants...

... into their new homes.

Lots of fruit at the farmer's market.

We decided to check out this nursery.

They had some roosters wandering around.

Almond trees.

All kinds of fruit trees.

A huge variety of avocado trees.

Some tiny lemons.

So many plants.

A giant rose.

We grabbed a couple of plants we thought the hummingbirds would like.

We put this lavender plant, lavandula pinnata, in front so it would smell good when we come home.

Along with this salvia plant, amistad or blue sage.

Then we put this salvia plant, leucantha, in the back.

Along with this impatiens zanzibar.

There are a lot of plants now.

The hummingbirds like the salvia.

We recognized a lot of LA locations in the first Fast and Furious movie, too.

Another shot of downtown.

That looks like Malibu.

Yep, at Neptune's Net.

With our new plants, we need new pots.

Drilling holes for water.

Squeezing them to get them out easier.

Everyone in their new homes in back.

And in front.

The cat is keeping an eye on us.

Ogii grilling.

Looking good.

We can just pass the food through the window.

Plated and ready to be eaten.

Sun through clouds.

All of the farm laborers are still working in spite of COVID.

Although they're probably fairly spread out most of the time.

A ton of poppies.

Flowers of different colors.

We had a zoom CE meeting.

With more attendees than we get at any live meeting.

Ogii ready for online poker.

She made quad threes here.

They said Ogii was playing like me.

I had kings.

I had top pair and a nut flush draw that lost to top set.

I was all-in with a straight draw on the flop, but she had top two pair and held on, so I was out.

Now it's all up to Ogii.

Ogii is the big chip leader.

A nice flop versus AA.

Another win.

But she didn't get any good hands for a long time after that. Finally she went all in preflop, and she was ahead, but he hit the flop, and she was out. But she still got third place!

Let's compare weather. LA is pretty nice, mid 70s.

Hawaii is warmer, low 80s.

Miami is between the two but very rainy.

Puerto Rico is too hot, high 80s.

And Las Vegas is even hotter.

The Air National Guard flew fighter jets over the Central Coast, although I didn't see them.

This is a fun shortcut in Mario Kart.

Leveled up this character, who is really good.

They updated the game, so now you can see what level items are on this screen.

And you collect coins while waiting for multiplayer races.

Sometimes multiplayer is also divided into teams.

Although a lot of players still shoot their teammates.

And lightning is too overpowered, as it shrinks all of the other team but none of your team.

A collection of some fun moments I had in the game playing multiplayer.

I love this Bath & Bodyworks Beach Cabana gentle foaming hand soap. But mainly for the bottle, because it has a cute little happy crab on it.

They changed the bottle, though, and now it's all boring.

That's not quite it.

I'm not sure what's going on with this Amazon listing for it, but I don't trust it.

There's a set on eBay, but it's only one old bottle of the one I want and three that I don't.

Although I can buy other soap and put it in that bottle.

Especially because they have a nice sale right now.

The cruise company stocks were destroyed by COVID.

You can buy signed and numbered copies of this painting for $2,100 or the original for $52,000.

Time for some more poker.

Ogii got lucky here to crack AA.

And she did it again.

My turn to get lucky on the river.

Flush versus straight.

Always nice to flop a set.

An unlucky flop for Ogii.

AA for me.

And again.

Flopped the nut flush.

Against the flopped second nut flush, wow.

Ogii hits her flush to beat three of a kind.

Ogii hits a set.

Ogii is mad at me for knocking her out, but she still got third place.

I'm way behind.

But this pot helped me catch up.

Now I'm way ahead.

And I won the tournament!