2020 May 31 | driving to LA, Crescent City, online poker (2 weeks)

A small accident on the drive down to LA.

Big clouds.

A few weeks ago these hills were covered in poppies; now they're gone.

Dodging around a box on the road.

A vet office in Beverly Hills. They don't have enough parking, though, so people have to wait for others to back out first.

I remember these trees putting their leaves all over cars.

Neat optical building.

Covered in plants.

A U-turn only signal.

I love having jasmine at the entrance of a house. Such a nice smell when you get home.

On the drive back up, there are a few poppies at the top of this side of the hill.

Snacks from Dad and Mom.

Quilted Northern is back in stock, at least a little bit.

Ogii was cold, so she put her coat on and covered up in bed.

A little frog on our outdoor chair.

I want to sit there, though.

So the frog is going for a little ride.

Don't hop down from here; it's a long ways.

Safe on the ground.

A hummingbird eating from the flower.

There's usually not much traffic around here, but sometimes you'll get stuck behind a big farm truck.

A Zoom chat with some friends for a birthday.

This guy was trying to get the world record in Ninja Gaiden.

He got it after 8,000 tries.

Then he wanted to improve on his score. He played so much he grew a moustache during his attempts.

He got the time he wanted after 40,000 play throughs. Crazy.

$5 worth of bitcoin in 2009 would be worth nearly $100 million today.

Wells Fargo is donating $175 million to meet critical needs. Maybe they should use some of that money to pay employees to work on my PPP loan.

Over 50% of Wired's website it taken up by this cookies notice, and I can't make it go away. Great programming by a magazine discussing technology.

He had a chance to beat me, but he let me get these pawns too far. When in doubt, push passed pawns.

One of my friends on Facebook challenged me to post pictures of Ogii for 7 days. So I did, except I posted most of the pictures I could find of her each year. We met in 2013.

We did more stuff together in 2014.

We got married in 2015.

Our first annivesary in 2016 was to Mexico.

Our second anniversary in 2017 was to Napa.

Our third anniversary in 2018 was at Treebones resort.

We found a new love in 2019 year: cruising! Our first was to the Mexican Riviera and our second was to the Caribbean. Looking forward to many more.

Five Guys doesn't have their peants out due to COVID.

Now a drive in the other direction, north. Also accidents in this direction.

It got to 100 degrees out as well. Thankfully the car did OK.

It was Memorial Day, so a few people were hanging out in the rivers.

The Avenue of the Giants is a road that runs along the highway.

With lots of redwoods.

Driving through them.

A huge fallen one.

Many little groves.

I saw this sign and stopped.

Big, old tree.

With a store in the same parking lot.

To heck with the figurines, I want this table. Although I can afford a figurine.

They make their own furniture here, too.

And he offers woodworking lessons.

A big trunk outside.

Me by it.

A tree you can drive through. I didn't do it this trip, though.

Pretty view of the river.

A few more people hanging out on a beach.

A large herd of elk here.

Lots of sheep.

There are many murals in Crescent City.

Building highways.


These dogs look like they want to go run around.

Everyone up here seems to have these trees.

It was overcast most of the week.

Only essential travelers allowed.

Great, I got a flat tire.

From a nail.

Instead of a spare tire, the Prius has this inflation kit.

The instructions are pretty minimal, though, so I watched a YouTube video on how it works.

Put the sealant container into the power supply, plug it in to the cigarette lighter, attach the little hose, and hit start.

After about five minutes it was good to drive on.

And it didn't seem to lose any air all day.

I still took it in to a tire repair shop to remove the nail, though, especially because the inflation kit says don't drive over 50mph.

They took the nail out and patched the tire.

For free; that's nice.

Driving back home. Another overcast day.

I was still driving a bit slower to make sure the tire didn't have any problems. Good thing, because these elk were wandering across the highway.

This guy didn't even bother to look up at me.

Thankfully there were almost no other cars on the road, so they all got across the road safely.

It started to rain at one point and the police made everyone take the exit here. There must have been an accident under the bridge.

Fog in the trees.

A house made out of a single log.

Aw, this dead bear was by the side of the road. I wonder if he got hit? That would really damage your car.

Some more elk.

San Francisco.

And the BART headed into the city.

Looters in Los Angeles. I hope my old office is OK.

Adult oven mitts.

Ogii noticed these cherry trees by the tennis court.

She has to reach, but she can grab a few cherries.

Hopefully they're actually cherries and not some poisonous imposter.

Aw, Ogii found this dead hummingbird under one of our feeders.

The have amazingly shiny feathers.

Online poker. Ogii and Teri had the same hand.

I had AA but didn't make much money.

Top pair and nut flush draw, but I needed 0 or 2 clubs on the turn and river, not 1.

Everyone had a small pair, but we all played the board, so we split the pot three ways.

This time my aces got paid off.

Same situation as before. I have top pair and need 0 or 2 spades after the flop, but one comes.

Rivered again.

This time it's my turn to outriver someone.

Nice flop, but can't get any more money.

Big pot.

Ogii ran into AA.

She doubled up here, though.

Teri's aces beat Ogii last time; this time I flopped a straight to beat them.

Three way all-in and Ogii is in trouble after losing it.

A nice win.

Wow, horrible river card for Nikki. Otherwise she might have been able to fold, but this way I got all her money.

Ogii is in with AK; too bad she runs into KK.

Three way all-in.

I almost called here; too bad I didn't, since I would have won, but it was definitely the correct decision at the time because I was way behind.

Down to three.

The ace on the turn was scary, but my kings held up.

The first time in the tournament I four-bet pre-flop because I have KK, and of course an ace comes on the flop. The he shoves right into me.

I made a good fold and didn't give him any more money. Win some with KK, lose some with KK.

Kat wins a pot off of me by barely outkicking me.

Then I barely outkick Ryan.

Bad timing for Ryan.

I flop a set and she flops a pair, we get it all in, and I win.