2020 Jun 06 | Griggs Nursery

Crazy candy dispenser for Ogii.

Lots of jasmine just outside the back of our house.

A little bird nest on the front of our house above the garage.

Pretty sunset.

The plants from the parents are growing very well.

Some new shoots coming up.

Only 2 first aid items per customer and only 1 alcohol.

Well, I can actually buy 4 packages in the multipack.

I don't know how chefs can keep multiple items cooking. I can barely keep track of two without burning them.

Special delivery from the USPS.

Uh oh, looks like it got beaten up too much and something inside broke open.

A bunch of hand soaps. Five were fine; one was open.

I love the picture on the Beach Cabana one, but you can't get it any more, so we'll keep the bottle and put the soap from the others in the bottle.

Happy little crab.

I also love the Perfect Beach Day chair picture, although we don't have one of those.

This one is available with a different image, a bus, although I don't think it's worth $3,000 for a 2-pack.

The Perfect Beach Day has multiple images. A surfer.

A bicycle.

A sandcastle. Although I like the chair, none of the others.

Target has some wood on their doors to protect from riots.

We can finally get haircuts again. Whew; it was getting pretty long.

I love Vanilla Coke, but I don't like Orange Vanilla Coke. Sometimes a store will have both, but other times they will only have the orange verson. In that case, I'd rather they didn't have the orange version at all because now I can't get the vanilla one.

Yummy icecream.

Wells Fargo says the SBA has authorized my loan but Wells Fargo needs more info from me to disburse it.

So I called them, and they said even though the SBA is authorized to give loans to independent contractors, Wells Fargo isn't giving loans them them, so I told them to retract my application with them. Great; I waited a month with them for nothing.

I had also applied through BlueVine, which initially was authorizing loan applications in a few days. However, by the time I had applied, they had greatly slowed down, so even though it had been almost a month, I still hadn't received it. I called them, and after being on hold nearly an hour, they said it was still processing, but didn't have any more info than that.

After I got off the phone with Wells Fargo and BlueVine, I applied through PayPal, as I had heard they had also approved loans quickly. And then back to waiting.

The AOA had a webinar on how to get forgiveness on the PPP loan; very helpful.

Blocking off the roomba so it doesn't come and try to eat the rug over here.

He's trying to sneak around this way, though.

I didn't think he would be able to get behind these chairs but he did.

Ogii has been getting home very late, after dark, so we can't play tennis. I thought I'd try putting some glow-in-the-dark paint on them.

It worked pretty well, although the one worked better than the other.

Ogii has a great credit score, too.

Mario Kart Tour has a bunch of new updates.

One day a week you get many more coins on three courses.

They have new expert challenges.

One you need to get 22,000 points on a course; so close.

Everyone hates this bubble item. It actually takes you the long way around some areas.

We went to the nursery near us to look for fruit trees. This one tree has all kinds of fruit grafted onto it.

Tiny grapes.

Chickens wandering around.

They didn't have too many, so we went over to one near Carmel Valley. Some giant mansions on the hill there.

This one is called Griggs Nursery.

It's huge.

Ogii checking out the citrus trees.

With a giant chicken.

The other nursery had this government insect trap, too. I wonder if they're legally required to have it.


A tiny ladybug.

An apple tree.

It has some good apples, but it's too big and heavy for the space we have.

Ogii likes this bike.

Huge flowers.

A monkey.

Pretty flowers.

Wooden horse.

Metal peacocks.

Picnic in the back yard.

Practicing volleyball.

Ogii serving.

A crow found some item it liked and hid it here, putting some pieces of plants on top of it. It hid it so well we couldn't even find it when we went to look for it.

Bright green hummingbird.

Dark green one.

A few swallows up under the roof.

Watching a movie on the TV, UFC on the laptop, and playing online poker with our friends on our phones.

That's deep.

Big punch.

And from the women.

Really pulling on her.

Really bloody face.

But they're friends afterwards.

Huge cut.

Trying to stop the blood between rounds.

All kinds of weird limb angles.

Big punch.

Another view of the cut.

Ogii went from top pair to a straight to beat two pair.

I have two pair, but that's a horrible river card. Now he could have a flush or a straight, so I fold.

The flush doesn't come in, so Ogii wins.

We both have top pair, but I have a slightly-better kicker.

I got lucky and hit a set against Ogii's larger pair.

Ogii turned a straight, but then everyone rivered the exact same straight on the board. Except her opponent rivered a bigger straight.

A flopped straight with a straight flush draw.

Another flopped straight. I didn't get paid with either of them, though.

I love this hand, but not after Kat shoves.

Ogii with three aces.

Sometimes you can just bet the flop and win. If your opponent doesn't have anything, it works.

Ogii rivers two pair to hang in there.

And I river to pair as well.

Ogii has trips, but the other guy has a full house. Good hand to go out with.

Again, I just outkick someone with top pair.

I turn a straight with a flush draw and he shoves. Hopefully he doesn't already have a flush.

Nope, just top pair with a flush draw.

He got me back on this one, thankfully for much fewer chips.

Last hand of the tournament, my pair of sevens holds up.

And I win!