2020 Jun 14 | Crescent City murals, backyard plants

Ogii put the hammock out in the backyard, surrounded by plants.

And watching these sparrows.

A few built nests.

And this guy is working on his.

Flying in and out.

Some small protests around us.

And a huge protest on the Golden Gate Bridge, crippling traffic.

I have to drive up north, so I'm definitely going around the east bay. It's always faster that way, anyway, although not as pretty.

Don't accidentally buy a PowerBall ticket when you want a MegaMillions ticket.

Interesting statue on top of a bridge.

San Francisco.

Debris on the road.

Black Lives Matter.

Many people parked here to hang out on the river below.

Nice mural of a winery.

These two guys were smoking so much marijuana I could smell it driving behind them on the highway. Not to mention see them passing it back and forth.

Clouds above hills.

That's a lot of cops for a single Corvette. I wonder what happened.

Orange and yellow flowers.

Miners mural.

Might have to stop in Old Town Eureka if I have some spare time one day.

Golden bears at the bridge entrance.

A few surfers.

Very lifted truck.

Wave mosaic.

Dog park art.

Mural of highway workers.

And one of rafters.

A swan sculpted out of wood.

This Walmart was all boarded up.

When I was gone for the week, I hid snacks around the house for Ogii to find each day.

Another one.

Flowers in the park.

More hidden snacks.

The cop stopped and talked to these kayakers. I'm surprised nobody is wearing masks.

I was also surprised how far out it stays so shallow.

Some squirrels running around.

Another hidden snack.

And one more.

Sheep wandering around in their front yard.

Lots of elk.

A mural of animals.

A modern one of a dog.

Farm workers.


This one tree has very bright red bark.

A store with a beatiful mural.

Waterfalls and streams on the side.

Definitely not going around the right of this guy.

A single deer way out in a field.

A little construction.

Some baby cows.

The PPP loan from PayPal came through in just a few days, nice.

So I cancelled the BlueVine application.

These grew fast.

Some flowers starting.

A big magnolia flower.

Pink flower.

Red ones.

Yellow and red.

I hit by toe on this giant mirror between the bedroom and the bathroom, but Ogii likes it there, so I stuck a teddy bear in front of the edge.

Ogii made crepes for breakfast.

The new printer ink wasn't working, but doing to printer self-cleaning worked.

Watching an old movie; I haven't seen this in a long time.

A butterfly.

Tons of jasmine.

Ogii smelling some over here.

Tons of swallows.

Our card wasn't working on the tennis court lock. Maybe it was too early in the morning since it was before 7am?

Ogii tried pushing the unlock bottom inside the fence from the outside, but the tennis racket wasn't long enough.

So we decided to play basketball. At least until the ball went into what appeared to be poison ivy. Thankfully there was a stick nearby we could pull it out with.

Putting the fruit plants into pots.

Ogii and me.

Ogii and her brother.

It looks really nice on the back patio now.

A little bunny.

We like this small house with a giant palm tree.

Many people parked on the side of the road.

Lots of cars here.

Going across the bridge.

Everyone hanging out in the shallow river.

More parked cars.

All along this side.

And here as well. Although it seems like the cops are going to make some of them move.

These two gas stations are right across from each other, but the price of gas is $2.89 at one and $3.49 at the other.

A new pipe in Mario Kart Tour has lots of gold items.

I got a couple here.

Another one.

It was such a good pipe, I even reset it.

And got a new gold driver.

And glider.

Reset one more time.

And got a new gold kart.

And a couple duplicates of gold items, which is good because it levels them up.

It also got a couple of other items close to an even number. Even numbers are much more useful than odd numbers because you get more bonuses with them.

Getting a gold kart to level 4.

And a gold glider.

The Gold Dry Bowser looks really cool.

Especially in this kart with all the spikes.

One of the first hands of the poker tournament, I raised with AA, got a few callers, there was a 3-bet, I 4-bet, and got two callers.

We got it all in on the flop and I was out of the tournament that fast.

Some tournament tips from a pro.

I love this trap as black. White loses his queen for being overaggressive.