2020 Jun 21 | snails

We noticed lots of snails on the jasmine plants on our new daily morning walks.

One on a big flower.

This one is very dark.


Lots of them.

Flattening out.

Moving from the flowers to the leaf.

Chewing on the stem.

Moving over to another leaf.

Hummingbird at sunset.

I made an infographic on Medicaid reimbursement in California. I went through a ton of revisions before I got to a version I really liked. I sent it to Monica and she gave me some tips, too.

They're painting the houses and washed the walls first. When they washed here, though, they destroyed this bird nest. The bird looks pretty sad.

Sliver moon with flower.

Some snails eating and moving around.

Chewing on a leaf.

One snail climbing on another one.

Curled around a leaf.

Our morning exercise options.

Lots of holes in the yard.

The white flowers make the yellow stamen seem even brighter.

Buds and an open flower.

A tiny bug.

Lots of little flowers.

The cat doesn't seem to be happy we're watching it.

I finished this book on Amarillo Slim.

Most gamblers don't do well.

Although it is a good way to see someone's true character.

Another snail on top of another one.

A tiny baby snail.

And another.

Their painting sprayed over into the white.

In a lot of places. We'll see if they come back to touch it up.

A hummingbird trying to eat from plastic flowers.

Ogii checking out this house for sale.

Aw, they painted this house dark gray. It used to be brighter. Their landscaping is great.

Pool floats on top of the grocery aisles.

You can buy bitcoin at the Coinstar machine.

Little Red.

Funny sticker.

A garage sale at the Moose Lodge.

Ogii drove very well.

Ogii making scones for breakfast.

They look and taste great.

Picking blueberries.

There are still many left.

A hummingbird on a flower.

And a bee on another one.

Moved over onto another one.

A video of the bee.

The sand looks like a gorilla.

Me making muffins.

Ogii watering the plants.

Sitting in the back patio with a hummingbird overhead.

He's eating flying insects.

A video.

Practicing volleyball.

A downside to playing near a road is if the ball goes onto it, the ball goes a long ways.

Mario Kart Tour finally has a new track. Well, a new track for this game; Royal Raceway was a course way back in the Nintendo 64 version. They added some stuff but they added a gate so can't drive up to the castle.

I only have one top-shelf driver.

And no top shelf kart...

... or glider. So much for trying to get first place this tour.

Three stars.

Upside-down piranha plants.

The quarterly discount on the Chase Freedom card is all Amazon stuff now that Amazon owns Whole Foods.

Watching a movie on a TV, UFC on a laptop, and playing poker on a phone.

This fighter wanted to quit after the second round but his corner kept telling him to keep going, which is the opposite of what's supposed to happen. As soon as the fighter says he wants to quit, his corner should call the fight. It took the ref hearing the fighter and bringing the doctor over to finally stop it.


... and grappling. I only likes fights that have both.

Can't forget kicks.

One guy lead the first two rounds but the other guy really turned it on in the third.


Everyone had draws, so Ogii won with her second pair.

All in with my straight flush draw.

Which didn't get there.

A sneaky trap in chess.

I complimented him on it, and he said most people hate him for it.

Blood Machines looks cool; it's basically a feature-length futuristic music video. Unfortunately it's only available on Shudder.

These are really cool looking clothes from Glowcoco, but they're too expensive.

Normally we got to Sacramento once a year for Leg Day to talk with legislators about what we're intersted in for the upcoming year. Because of COVID, we didn't do that this year, but many people did have virtual meetings with the legislators. We had a meeting afterwards to discuss how they went.