2020 Jul 05 | 4th of July in Gilroy

A woman grows these roses in front of her house. They're right outside the mailboxes, so we like to look at them when we pick up the mail.

These are beautiful.

Why is this box on top?

Ah, it was actually in the wrong subdivision. So we took it over to the house it belonged to.

So many jasmine plants.

A big frog.

A snail searching for the next leaf finds his own leaf.

Looking around.

Reaching up to the next leaf.

By a flower.

Toilet paper is starting to stay in stock, although it is still early in the morning.

Lots of yummy fat on this steak.

I used to love the cheap section of Barnes & Noble.

I haven't heard of any coin shortage.

Normally I get an annual TB test from a local clinic, I'm in and out in 15 minutes, and it costs like $30. This year I got one when I was working elsewhere. It was a four hour wait, and they charged me $260 because they charged me for an office visit in addition to the TB test, even though all they did was take my temperature and ask my weight. What a scam.

Aw, some of the snails are on the walkway and got stepped on.

Lots of little balls inside the leaves of this plant.

A tiny snail next to a big one.

Crawling over the top of the other one.

Inside a leaf.

Reaching across.

Exercising. Ogii can't do full hanging pullups, so I act as a bench for her.

Pretty flower.

The lemons aren't really growing much.

Nor are the grapes.

The raspberries are, though.

And the blueberries.

This guy is growing.

Starting to peek out a bit.

Bright flower.

They put a ping pong table in Ogii's work.

Putting up our flag.

Ogii's garden.

Trimming the plants.


This worm is eating a few.

We'll just set him over on the ground over here. Don't want to take the ones he's already eating from him, but also don't want him eating any more.

The cat is keeping an eye on the hummingbirds.

The hospital is set up for long lines for COVID testing at their drive-through tent.

I thought they made fireworks illegal in our county.

So I'm not sure how these booths are selling them.

Although there was only one person in front of me when I went there. However, they turned me away as they are only testing people with active symptoms.

A lot of candy from Dad and Mom.

I think we have enough honey packets.

It's fun seeing Los Angeles landmarks in movies. We lived near Echo Park.

A light for our flag at night.

In our Fourth of July outfits.

Cooking steak.

Red, white, and blue food.

Gotta watch Independence Day.

The neighbors partying.

Ogii can snack on fresh blueberries from the hammock.

Most of the cities cancelled their firework shows. Gilroy was the closest one that was still having theirs, so we drove there. We stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.

The watched the fireworks from the side of the street. We were also playing online poker with our friends.

We set the cameras on the roof of the car and watched from there.

A collection of some of the fireworks we saw.

And a video. A lot of the people who lived around here were shooting off fireworks, too.

Ogii made a full house, but Ryan made the same one.

Ogii had the second-best hand but Susan got lucky to hit runner runner.

Ogii wins a pot.

Another one with bad luck for her to knock her out.

I doubled up here thanks to her hitting the river.



Flopped top set.

I got super lucky here and hit one of two cards out of the deck on the river. I should have been out of the tournament on this hand.

Another lucky flop.

Great flop.

Just barely ahead.

Got lucky on the river.

Almost the same hands, and again I got lucky, this time on the turn. Gotta get lucky to win tournaments, but I got super lucky in this one.

A duck in the parking lot of the grocery store.

I'm not sure how many times you can reuse N95 masks. After about six times, though, they start to have marks from the oil on my skin, though.

Quail out in the front yard.

And a rabbit.

A coyote walking across the road.

Horses on the hills.

A webinar on Luxturna.

There are only a few treatment centers across the US for it right now.

We loved the Eurovision movie on Netflix, mainly for the awesome songs.

More online CE. Melton and Thomas are my favorite presenters. They believe in prescribing old, $10 generics over new, $100 brand-name drugs and are open to disagreeing with each other on diagnoses and treatments.

One new drug.

Which costs $12,000.

Good to know that.

This was a good lecture as well, covering photos of diabetic retinopathy.