2020 Jul 19 | bunnies, comet NEOWISE in San Francisco (2 weeks)

A bunny with some quail.

A mother and her baby.

A cat keeping an eye on the bunnies.

A video of the bunnies.

I've been with Wells Fargo for 15 years.

Burns on my hand after spilling hot grease on them. If they're permanent, I'll just tell people I got them fighting off a bear.

We've been watching 30 Rock, and this segment when they are recovering after a party they all got very drunk at is the funniest yet.

Pretty Windows login background.

Enjoying wine, cheese, meat, and fruit in our back patio. Ogii put in all of the plants...

... and these lights.

She needs to catch up on the wine, though.

There she goes.

Double phones.

Bill Howe recently retired as the executive director of the COA, so I sent him a letter thanking him, and he replied with one.

Ogii making Mongolian food for naadam.

Eating it.

We watched The Eagle Huntress, and she ate it, too.

We drove up to San Francisco very early on Saturday morning to hopefully catch comet NEOWISE over the Golden Gate Bridge. We were one of the first at this spot at Land's End, but others showed up as well. You can even make out the comet in the upper-right of the picture, right above my head.

My edited shot from the DSLR.

This tree was really neat.

This house has a great view of the bridge. I wonder how much it costs?

$15 million. Maybe some day.

We had parked a few blocks away because in the dark we couldn't tell if there was parking around here. Ogii got cold and walked back to the car while I stayed and took pictures, and she found this spot, so she saved me a bit of a walk.

The Lincoln Park Steps.

Ogii gets really good scores when she drives the Prius.

San Francisco has such neat houses.

Lots of toilet paper in the grocery store now.

When you go grocery shopping before lunch, this is what you end up buying.

A baby snail.

A big snail.

A snail on a leaf.

Which Ogii found.

And thought I needed a kiss from.

Some of the Enterprise locations are closed now.

Ogii by the wildflowers from the parents.

Ogii cooked bacon-wrapped asparagus.

Ooh, a bonus onion ring in our fries.

Back up to Oakland for a shot of the comet over the other Bay Area bridge. However, it didn't have quite as good of an angle. Our first possible location was Middle Harbor Shoreline Park.

Some people having a BBQ.

A plaque.

A nice view of the city and the Bay Bridge.

A cool lookout tower to the left.

Up closer.

Another plaque.

How they made the area.

A big ship going by.

Ogii on the watch tower.

This security guard came by and said they were closing the park soon. I guess we won't watch the comet from here.

So we went to our backup location, Sea View Parkway in Alameda, where we'd already taken pictures. On the way we passed through Park Street in Alameda, which has a ton of restaurants. We could spend an entire week eating just in a few blocks.

A cool house.

A view of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge.

Me taking pictures.

The houses here are nice.

This one has a large backyard.

A stuffed bear on a patio.

To drive a couple hundred feet takes as long as it takes to walk along the path because the road goes all the way around.

Ogii watching for the comet.

This website lets you know where to find the comet.

There it is, above the two stars to the right, although it's much dimmer than it was a week ago.

You can't even see it in this shot of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge, but it's to the far right.

We stayed at this hotel that night.

Neat lights.

Nice lobby.

I had hoped to get another shot of the comet over downtown San Francisco in the morning, but the fog had other ideas. So instead of three shots (both bridges and downtown), we only got one shot.

Maybe there's less fog in San Francisco itself? Not according to the Dolores Park webcam.

The golden fire hydrant by the park.

One idea was to get a picture from Twin Peaks, but due to coronavirus, the road up to it is closed, so Corona Heights Park is a much shorter hike, just in case the fog clears.

Gotta watch out for coyotes.

At the top. In a full winter coat because it is cold in the morning, even in the middle of summer.

Still foggy.

But a nice view, so maybe we'll come back some time when there's no fog.

A random cracked egg.

A little branch someone had put in a fence.

We stopped at a Moscow bakery.

With lots of snacks.

Beautiful cakes.

And more food, especially breads, over here.

Then a quick stop at Golden Gate Park.

To watch the buffalo.

Ogii having some of the Russian bakery food.

Lots of flowers on the road near our home.

I bought a jigsaw puzzle for Ogii's upcoming birthday. So much for the surprise when they write this on it.

All of the burned skin is peeling off of my hands. I guess I won't have any cool scars.

Ogii cooking.

Don't really want to drive behind this guy, just in case all of those fall off.

Gary Larson is making Far Side cartoons again, crazy.

They finally cancelled Vision Expo West in Las Vegas. I couldn't believe they actually thought they might have it.

As of now, I'm still COVID negative.

It was the 20th anniversary of Diablo 2 coming out, so David Brevik, one of the makers of the game, played it with a Twitch streamer.