2020 Aug 02 | flowers, Rammstein Deutschland music video

Baby snails, so cute.

Two bunnies.

We have a ton of flowers in our backyard now.

This change shortage is weird.

I like that they added "must cover nose."

We almost never drink wine, so might as well cook with it.

Netflix has a new Transformers series called War For Cybertron made by Roosterteeth.

I love how dark it is.

And the characters have lots of wear and damage.

Ogii's birthday presents.

What can it be.

A baby Yoda. Or "The Child" officially.

Ogii making scones.

Great breakfast.

Presents from her sister.

Out in the back patio.

Another present.

Hummingbird socks.

These grapes have been about this size forever; I think it's time to eat them.

Ogii made pancakes.

And chicken.

Bitcoin is up again.

What a crazy rollercoaster over the past year.

Although the economy is horrible.

Chatting with the family, and the parents are going through our old things.

Not many of these big tusk elephants around any more.

A webinar on potential COVID vaccines.

The New York Times has a nice tracker.

Advantages and disadvantages of each.

Some woman wanted the school to pay her a full day's wage to watch her kids while they had distance learning. Someone else did the math and her time isn't nearly as valuable as she thinks it is.

Online poker with our friends on Saturday night. Ogii's 72 didn't work out this time.

I flopped a flush.

And he rivered the flush just below mine.

That's a pretty good flop.

I'm glad he didn't have a five.

Ogii wins a big pot.

You can see some stats if you over over "Total" box at the top.

A big pot brewing.

Ogii didn't win the main pot, but she still got all her money back.

nice flop.

Bad ace on the flop.


Hitting a set.

My top pair is no good.

Aw, I would have won if I would have called to the river.

All-in preflop and I was in trouble.

But Ogii got third place.

A kick to the genitals.

And another one in the same fight.

The prelims had a ton of low blows; this was the eighth one.

And one in the main event.

Good armbar.

Eye poke.

And another.

Thankfully no poke, but a really swollen eye.

Friends immediately after the fight is over.

I love when the great fighters from a few years ago still are around.

Including these two.

It was a good fight.

Rammstein had put out a new music video called Deutschland.

It goes through the history of Germany. This red laser tends to link scenes together.

Germania with the head of Till Lindemann, the lead singer.

Boxers during the Weimar period with Germania as a flapper girl.

Battle of Teutoburg forest.

I think he's in trouble.

Hindenburg disaster.

A group with Germania; she still has Till's head.

Stasi spies during the GDR.

Russian and German officials kissing.

With German dogs.

Monks feasting on Germania's body while poor people are below.

In prison.

Till sometimes looks right at the audience as emphasis.

Holocaust inmates about to be hung.

They wear patches which indicate their crimes. A pink triangle for homosexuals, a yellow star for Jews, and a red and yellow star for Jewish political prisoners.

The Red Army Fraction kidnapping Germania.

As a band leader? in the prison with the red lasers.

Burning witches.

Burning books.

Kissing Till.

And then eating his face.

Giving birth.

To Leonberger dogs.

May Day protests and riots.

The inmates have captured the Nazis.

And shoot them in the face.

Police during the protests.


With a hawk.

As a queen.

As an angel with the band crawling before her.

With her newborn dogs.

A coffin flying into space. It's an amazing music video about both loving and hating your country.