2020 Aug 16 | bioluminescent algae in Monterey

Hummingbirds at sunset.

Nice discount on this tri-tip.

It was really good, too.

There was a bicycle plant holder at this nursery that Ogii liked a few months ago. When we went back a few days ago, it was still there. I went back a few days later to buy it, but it had been sold. So it sat there for months with nobody caring about it, but as soon as I decided to buy it, someone else got it.

Blowing out her candles.

Strawberry cake.

Getting started on her jigsaw puzzle.

Lots of construction on the street downtown.

We went out to watch the Perseid meteor shower. There are some very dark skies around an hour away, so we drove there.

We ended up on some tiny gravel roads. We drove by a family of feral pigs with a mother and her piglets and then an owl. Then we saw something black on the road.

It was the tarantula I've seen in the wild, just wandering around.

When we stopped, Ogii wanted to make sure there weren't any more spiders.

Gotta check that way, too.

A few people playing volleyball in Carmel.

Bright sunset.

Working on the edges first.

The bioluminescent algae were in Santa Cruz last week and moving south, so we went out to look for them. We could barely see them here, but people mentioned they were brighter a few miles north.

And they definitely were.

I actually went out into the water a bit to get a closer angle. Thankfully the water was really warm.

You could see wave after wave light up.

Monterey to the left.

Sometimes you could see a bigger area close by.

Video Ogii took of the algae.

The border almost done.

We went out in the morning a few days later to check for the algae again, but they had blocked off the parking lots.

Here too.

But we couldn't see the algae any more anyway.

So we decided to watch sunrise at the wharf instead. This guy is camped out in a nice spot.

Me getting pictures.

Nice reflections.

Seagulls pulling food out of the trash.

The statue has a mask.

Ogii with a cow.

They see whales every day.

Going out for fishing.

Kit Kat ice cream.

A big bee sleeping in this flower.

Hummingbird eating.

Presents from Ogii's sister.

And a cardboard cake.

With snacks inside.

Fines if you're not wearing a mask.

It's super hot out.

The heat is killing this plant.

And knocked the power out for a while due to rolling blackouts.

No air conditioning, but we do have a fan.

The top, bottom, and middle are done; now just need to fill in the holes.

Out in the patio.

Ogii really liked the goat cheese.

I liked the mini grapes.

Arm bar.

The fighter looks like her eye is off a bit.

It looks like she has a bit of exotropia. You'd think that would make it much harder to fight.

A white praying mantis hanging out.

Fight between two big guys.

Who are friendly with each other as soon as the fight is over.

Eye poke.

Eye poke back.

He ended up with a torn cornea.

Watching an old Super Street Fighter 2 tournament from 2014. Seth Killian is my favorite commentator ever because he actually made an updated version of the game that was better balanced, so he has a very in-depth knowledge of the game.

Alex Valle having fun.

Giving the winner a piggyback ride.

This guy was playing very cheaply.

Even his own team gave him a thumbs down, but a win is a win.

More cheapness.

More thumbs down.

But everyone is a great sport.

Amazing photo of an optometry classmate.

The World Series of Poker is normally in Las Vegas during this time, but they made it online this year instead. However, you can only play from New Jersey or Nevada. This player lives in New York but drove to New Jersey to play in the parking lot of a grocery store and won the tournament.

Online CE meeting.

With lots of raffles. I looked really hard to make sure I could find my name so I'd have a chance to win.

One problem with the new DSLR is that the file sizes are huge. 20 GB just from taking algae pics over a night.