2020 Sep 20 | football and chess (2 weeks)

Almost never see Barq's in the wild.

These are also good N95 masks.

A whole collection on the floor of my car.

The printer isn't printing.

It says the type of print head is incorrect.

Some internet sites said try cleaning the contacts.

I got ink all over my fingers, but that didn't work.

Picking up Buffalo Wild Wings.

For the first NFL game of the season.

A moment of unity before the game.

Their ideals.

The NFL is one area where black people are not underrepresented.

Although you don't see many Asians or Latinos.

$45 million per year. I'd be happy with one year of that.

His face mask keeps fogging up.

Deshaun Watson ran into the Chiefs' bench, so he sat down by Mahomes for a moment.

They have a few live fans.

Along with various standees.

We bought some code readers for our cars. This warning popped up on Ogii's car again, so she cleared it.

When you have two almost-empty boxes of cereal, you have to get creative.

Cobra Kai is on Netflix now. A decent sequel series.

Plenty of toilet paper back in the stores now.

Wine and chocolate.

We have all of this food for a few adults, and the guy with multiple children has only a few things.

I spent a few hours trying to fix the printer, and nothing was working, so Ogii went to find a new one.

We wanted one that is wireless and that has a multi-paper scanner on top.

Not really sure which one is best, though.

This one got the best reviews online, so let's go with that.

You can get some free ink, but you have to sign up for it. I don't think that's worth it.

I have to put in my zip code to use the printer? That's quite insane.

I scanned a document twice and one file was nearly double the size of the other, but it was the exact same document. That's weird.

Setup finished. The plastic feels really cheap, but as long as it works, we'll be happy.

A package from China.

With a ring for Ogii.

And another one.

It took a while to get here, but it was only $4, so can't complain.

Still occasional smoke from the fires.

Ogii's brother finally gets to go back to Mongolia, so we drove him up to SFO.

The neighbor's cat checking out Ogii.

Clouds making shadows on other clouds.

This alcohol looks like it's in a lighter fluid container.

The Earthquake wine has a pretty bottle.

Although Ogii preferred this one.

Ready to eat.

Ogii parked her car a bit too far forward, so when I opened the garage door, I hit her bumper with the door. Thankfully the paint was easy to clean off.

Although there's a little dent in the door.

This charger is rather old and still uses an older USB style to charge. Our new phones use a new USB style, though, so I need both USB cords: one to charge the charger from the wall, and one to charge the phone from the charger.

I had free 5k checkups at the dealership through 25,000 miles. Now that the Prius is at 30,000 miles, I have to pay for them.

And they want $1000 for a basic checkup. That's insane. They used to have knowledgeable repair people who could recommend what your car really needed, but they're gone now, and the new people just give you the printed recommendation and have no experience in what's really needed. Time to find somewhere else to go.

My two favorite t-shirts for sitting around the house are from Malibu Rum parties in LA. They're getting faded and the sleeves are starting to come apart, but they're so comfortable.

This Jeep loves mud.

They're doing construction on this road, and you have to wait for one-way traffic. Time to take another way to work until it's over.

The neurologist is here today.

Some online poker with our friends. I had a good hand, but that king on the flop is scary, especially with one bet and one call.

Except I was actually ahead of both of them.

Ogii wins with the nut flush against the second-nut flush.

This time my tens won, although the fourth club was scary.

Ogii's aces hold up against a flush draw.

As do my flopped two pair.

Then QQ vs 44.

Calling with AK every time here.

Except this time he has a great hand.

Ogii hits a good turn.

We both have three jacks, but I have the full house as well.

Now heads up with Ogii and me.

Ogii wins the tournament, and I get second.

UFC fight between Waterson and Hill.

Waterson is fun because she kicks a lot. She even tries to axe kick on occasion, which is very rare to see.

Friendly after the fight.

Waterson won, although Hill really tried to come back in the last round.

And Waterson got her jiu-jitsu brown belt.

Immediately after the fight.

Trying to use Adobe Premiere to remove some dust and scratches from an old video, but it doesn't help much.

And all of the online plug-ins and Youtube videos are on how to add dust and scratches rather than remove them.

An online chess tournament. I'm just excited Kasparov is playing. Although he mis-moved and then pre-moved by mistake in an earlier game which made him lose.

Firouzja is very, very behind on time. Although if the move, they get a few additional seconds.

Decent money.

It's Fisher Random, so the pieces on the back rows are placed randomly.

Nakamura is confused by his opponent's move.

Still confused.

Making some funny faces.

He's fun to watch.

And now the game is a draw when he thought it was a win.

Which he's quite annoyed by.

Magnus also drew, which means he and Nakamura tie for first.

Even though Kasparav didn't win, he was still fun to see again.