2020 Oct 11 | presidential debates, hummingbirds, Mario Kart LA (3 weeks)

There are baby cows on Ogii's drive to work.

This one was running after his mom.

Will the double burner or the larger burner cook faster?

Dan Carlin kept mentioning Herodotus on Hardcore History, so I decided to buy the book. Although it's rather slow reading.

So I also bought The Man-Eaters of Tsavo to be more entertaining, which The Ghost and the Darkness movie is based on. And Ogii got Ruth Bader Ginsburg's book.

I also got David Sklansky's new book about random stories and ideas he's had. Although it's very large.

And the text is very spread out. I'd rather the whole thing be smaller.

My masks were getting a old, so Ogii put some lemon slices on a cookie sheet...

... and set the masks over them.

And then put them outside to bake naturally in the sun.

The patio from above.

Relaxing on the patio with hummingbirds flying around.

Ogii enjoying the area as well.

The wildflowers dad and mom sent us are getting very tall.

This guy is getting a bit too big; he's growing into the couch and another pot.

A baby flower.

A hummingbird eating from a flower.

These two are eating peacefully together.

But most of them fight.

These two chased each other straight up into the sky.

Way up.

I gave Ogii the DSLR.

To see if she could get some higher-resolution shots.

She did.

But the depth of focus was so shallow, even different parts on the same bird weren't in focus at the same time, so we have to tweak the settings a bit.

With a butterfly.

A video.

Ron is in Camp Lemonnier.

They at least have a Pizza Hut and Subway, according to Google Maps.

Ogii likes the upper chandalier; I prefer the bottom one.

Ogii made a delicious breakfast.

Mandelorian cereal.

Two different types of chocolate chip ones.

We thought that was Mars, and we confirmed it with one of the neat star finder apps.

The New York Times had a very in-depth article on Trump's taxes. That alone made it worth the $4 monthly subscription.

The first presidential debate.

Ogii is ready with her bingo cards.

Poor Chris Wallace was getting exasperated trying to stop Trump from interrupting.

Ogii only needs Build Back Better to get a bingo, but it never was mentioned.

At least it was entertaining.

Ogii's new hoodie with a landscape print.

I was gone for work for a few days, so Ogii made all of the food I dislike but she loves.

I'm still negative for COVID.

But Trump isn't.

And many top military members are infected now, as well. This would be a great time for terrorists to attack.

His hair looks much whiter afterwards.

And his team edited out one of his coughs. It seems almost unbelievable they would try something like that, but good that people can figure it out.

I don't watch South Park any more, but the new one was on the pandemic. Trump kept his campaign promise to reduce Mexicans in the US by allowing COVID to kill them off.

Some boba to go with Five Guys.

A kids' table at the farmer's market.

All different varieties of grapes.

There was a spot on this pan that I thought was permanent, but Ogii managed to clean it off.

Now time for the vice presidential debate. We brought wine for this one, in addition to our ballots.

Harris was too smug for me; Pence dodged too many questions.

I need fake news for a double bingo.

They didn't say nearly as many of the bingo words as the presidents did.

Poor Pence has conjunctivitis in his left eye.

And then a fly landed on him and hung out for a bit.

Why would I care what J. Balvin likes to eat? Even if it was someone I cared about, I might have completely different tastes.

Beautiful artwork on this wine.

Jackfruit at an Asian grocery store.

Lots of seafood.

We got Korean BBQ for dinner.

Every registered voter was mailed a ballot in California due to COVID.

Researching the candidates and issues.

And then sending them off.

This mixing bowl is the perfect size for a hat.

It fits me well.

Although Ogii wears it better.

Pumpkins at Flora's Farm.

Which their daughter decorated.

Her table.

Lunch on the grass in the shade of a tree.

Cameo has a neat idea: short personalized messages from celebrities.

Regal is closing down.

The employees are not happy about the lack of notice.

I've never heard of not being able to ship tennis balls to California; that seems like a fake excuse to me.

I like to buy these Kleenex packs from Amazon.

But one review mentioned they were just resales from Costco.

And he's right; Costco sells them for $20 when they're $60 on Amazon.

The new Mario Kart Tour course is Los Angeles.

It has the Santa Monica Pier.

With lifeguard towers.

Muscle Beach.


Surfboards and piers.

Volleyball nets.

City Hall is a bit too close to the ocean, but the big white metal lookout in Tongva Park is correct.

The Getty Center up in the hills.