2020 Oct 25 | virtual optometry meetings, carving pumkins (2 weeks)

We ordered a four pack of Magic Spoon cereal.

It's supposed to be much healthier because even other "adult" cereals have a ton of sugar.

Where as this does not. And it actually tastes quite good. It lives a trace of a weird coating on your tongue and teeth, but that goes away quickly.

Trump refused to participate in the second debate, so they're both having separate town halls. That's dumb.

This new poker website is sponsoring the Poker Guys live stream games. Only bomb pots. They've gotten more popular in the past few years, but usually only rarely, like once an orbit or once a dealer; on this site, they're every hand.

It's been super-hot this week, up to nearly 100, which seems crazy for October.

California texts us when our mail-in ballots have been mailed to us, received by the post office, and then received by the election office. Very nice.

They guy gave me a bit different hair cut where he combs it to the side. It's OK, but I can't use it at work because the second I put the headset on to look into people's eyes, it completely ruins an haircut like this.

Although it's the weekend, so I can leave it up for a few days.

We watched Hubie Halloween. I thought it was dumb; Ogii thought it was scary.

So she chickened out when I wanted to watch the 2010 Nightmare on Elm Street.

She said she'd try to watch the 1984 original with me, but she only made it 20 seconds in.

We were planning on playing basketball, but the neighborhood kids had created a lot of chalk drawing on the court, and we didn't want to ruin them, so we didn't.

Lots of chalk still left out there.

Ogii got a great shot of a hummingbird eating.

From the back.

Amazon has their holiday catalog. I miss the Sears and JCPenny ones.

Google has notifications with live football scores, but I can't figure out how it decides which games to notify me of. It's usually only one or two games a week, and it's usually teams I don't watch.

The recipe for tri-tip said to oil the pan, so I did, but that created a ton of smoke, which Ogii wasn't too happy with.

But then she used my tongs to catch a random business card we had sitting around.

I can't believe these Empire Floor ads are still going. I remember those from my childhood.

These nuts were for Christmas, but Ogii had me open them early.

Never had a fig. I wonder how they taste.

I have a busy couple of weeks: CE, meeting, CE, Borat 2, UFC, meeting, CE, CE, Mandelorian.

The another optometry meeting, this time with some students from the California schools.

They had trivia on the doctors attending.

And raffles for the students.

We thought about going to Badger Pass Ski Area, which is in Yosemite, but it's closed this year, even though plenty of other ski resorts are open. It'd be nice for Ogii because it has many easier runs.

Time for the final presidential debate.

With Mexican food fresh from the local restaurant.

50 million people have voted early.

That's nearly 10% of the population.

It wasn't quite as crazy as the first one, but it still got rather heated at times.

Biden mentioned he had released many years of his tax returns.

Which Ogii checked out.

I was also busy during the debate.

Watching online CE and football as well.

I ordered a bunch of random things for the nieces and nephews from American Science and Surplus.

I used to love looking through their catalog. Their item descriptions were often hilarous.

Ogii deciding who gets what.

And then wrapping them up.

I got a new Zenlens scleral fitting set, along with a duplicate set of the most common eight lenses.

The duplicate lenses just fit into the box around the edges.

Also Clear Care, as that's what's recommended to clean the hard lenses with COVID around.

This looks great. Cookie dough and fudge brownies?

Sunset from a trail of clouds.

Amazon is really pushing the new Borat movie.

As someone mentioned online, perhaps because Trump messed with an actual billionaire.

Getting our flu shots at CVS. They should thrown in a free bag of ice with each one since its right there.

Aw, they cut down all of these flowers / plants outside our back patio.

Mexican leftovers. I get all of the main meat items; Ogii gets the side dishes.

A dead bug on the floor. But it was all wrapped up in a spider web, so a spider must have already sucked out its insides.

The old Pur design was much better; this new one tends to spill water along its edge all of the time.

Ogii wrapping more presents.

Kicked right in the solar plexus.

It hurts.

Khabib dominating his opponent, as always.

He put him to sleep with a choke.

Then Khabib went and cried in the middle of the ring because his father had just died that week.

And his opponent came to comfort him after he woke back up.

Corners usually look very happy after their fighter wins, but not this time.

Because he is retiring. He's 29-0 and there's nobody else around his division he hasn't absolutely dominated. It's amazing how much better he is that everyone.

Even more presents upstairs.

Messengering with the family from the bed on Saturday morning.

Then my turn to use the selfie stick for a virtual President's Council. It was a nice day, so I decided to sit outside.

With the hummingbirds flying behind me.

We had multiple breakout sessions to discuss topics like membership...

... governance structure, and dues.

We had 20 of 25 societies present, which was really good; usually there are fewer.

The board is staying up to date by using Slack to hold conversations.

Time to make jack-o-lanterns.

Ogii thought of a new design.

Where we make a house with mini pumpkins inside.

It looks great.

And we got plenty of seeds to bake.

The woman who works at a nearby gas station has this giant bunny she leaves outside and goes out to feed every once in a while.

COVID started near the coasts; now it's really getting worse in the Midwest.

Masks are annoying mostly because they fog up glasses. And especially for Mike Zimmer, because he only has good vision in his left eye after undergoing eight retinal detachment surgeries in his right eye.