2020 Nov 08 | Halloween, Monterey Symposium (2 weeks)

Different ice cream for both of us with homemade pumpkin seeds to share.

Ogii decided she'd watch some horror movies. A lot of the classics from the 80s are kinda boring to me, so I decided to go with Pitch Black.

This is such a beautiful shot.

Ogii bought an Advent calendar. Better early than late.

The Mandelorian season two is here.

I've bought a few different brands of N95 masks, and they're mostly too small or tight. The latest ones I got are quite good, but if I wear them right out of the box, they rub on my nose and give me a blister. If I bent the wire nosepiece a bit, though, they're fine.

We've been watching Frasier, and you never see Maris, Niles' wife.

In this episode, you think this is her, because Frasier says hello to her.

But he's actually saying hello to Niles' maid behind her.

Then again at the end, you think this is her reading a newspaper.

But again, it's his maid.

A different type of bird is snacking on the seeds of these flowers.

He's really digging them out of there.

Ogii made crepes for breakfast.

The garbage company is going to start charging if your lid isn't down all the way.

After practicing volleyball a bit, Ogii laid down, and then I kept throwing the ball to her. No rest yet.

The neighbors' cat is keeping a close eye on the hummingbirds. Don't know if he's caught one yet, though.

A lizard hanging out inside of the screen door.

Ogii set out some candy and decorations for any trick-or-treaters.

Then we watched The Witch on a projector in the back patio. It was rather cold, but we have coats.

Our neighbors think Biden and Harris would be a treat.

The grocery store already has Christmas stuff up the day after Halloween.

Ogii just about bought this flour. Except it's paleo, which means it costs $14.

The regular stuff is only $3.

A Michael Myers surfing endcap.

We watched The Queen's Gambit on Netflix. It was really good.

Ogii said all of my money would run out of the hole in my sock, so I better throw it away.

JustWatch usually lists movies in order of how popular or good they are. It placed Along Came a Spider behind Killer Sofa, though, so maybe even with Morgan Freeman, it's really bad?

Ogii was hungry in bed, and she wanted whatever this is. As long as she likes it.

We grabbed breakfast from First Awakenings. They have outdoor seating, but it's too cold for that today.

Sending Ron some random stuff that we read troops overseas like.

Jammed a few other things in there, too.

The Customs Declaration forms weren't in their proper slot, but thankfully there were some in another area.

When I got to the post office, there was barely anyone there, but by the time I left, there was quite a line. The cops also showed up because earlier some crazy guy had been there, but he was gone by now.

This hummingbird is making a ton of noise.

Me getting pictures of the hummingbirds with the DSLR.

The bird is watching them over my shoulder as well.

This guy was all puffed up into a ball because it was so cold out. His face also looks black from the side.

But if he looks at you head-on, it's very bright.

The cat still hasn't caught any hummingbirds, even though they're flying right by him.

Ogii keeping her hands warm.

I had a CE meeting that started Saturday night. They used a program called Socio to set up the virtual meeting. It has links to various things.

Including local webcams from the aquarium.

There was also a BYOB wine reception.

Ogii also put together a cheese board.

Time to eat and drink.

Time for the reception.

With fun trivia.

There were over 100 people at the reception.

After that, it was time for Saturday Night Live.

Dave Chappelle had a very touching monologue.

With a great message.

Up early for more CE the next morning.

This guy is the winner for most financial disclosures. I wonder how much money he makes off of all of those?

There was also a game where you could talk to vendors and such to get points. It had some pretty good prizes for the top three.

Kasey has done a ton of challenges.

I only did one. There are over 800 people, and the chances of me winning seem pretty slim.

A lot of the sponsors talked about how they helped during COVID.

Ida Chung, the next COA president, introducing the next speaker.

Different studies say different things about dosing and efficacy of atropine for myopia control. I guess they still need more studies to definitively figure it out.

A different lecture on glaucoma where even though the patient had high intraocular pressure for years, she never developed glaucoma.

Aw, at the end, Kasey got knocked out of first place, and they had a four-way tie, so they randomly picked the three winners.

We brought this plant in at night because it's been below freezing. It had a hitchhiker, though; we can hear a frog croaking in there somewhere.

Ogii looking for the frog.

Lots of details in Mario Kart Tour, including shells and starfish on the beach.

This coin rush course is fun; the coins create tornadoes and snakes.

They added an auto-play mode where the computer drives and you control the camera. You can freeze the action and move the camera around. These are some cool shots of a mid-air cannon hit.

Beautiful sun reflection off of a puddle of water.

At the end of a tour, it shows the most common drivers and karts you used. I used only a single driver and kart the entire tour, but it still showed a second one. Apparently that is randomly selected by the game if you only have one.

It's been a while since I've read a Stephen King book. Since we're not going anywhere for Thanksgiving and Christmas due to COVID, I figured I'd see if any I haven't read are cheap. I especially like his collections of novellas and short stories. These all look pretty expensive, though. I don't really want to spend $30 on a 5-year-old book.

Ah, you have to click on one, then click into the used section. $4; that's more my style.

One of the Monterey volleyball groups dressed up for Halloween.

Someone even has a drone to get aerial shots.

This photo of a pizza place in northern LA is still my most popular one. I guess a lot of people like to eat there.

I want to take these super-cheap time-share vacations, but Ogii is scared of them.

Ogii's father with some other members of the old government.

I'm surprised all of these Cuban-Americans voted for Trump. I thought they would vote Democrat to get their family members here easier. But apparently those who were raised under communism back in Cuba get scared of the Democrats being socialist / communist.

Some cool drone art during Biden's speech.

A nice US outline.