2020 Nov 15 | injured hummingbird in house, new RAV4 for Ogii

Ogii made some great soup.

Still bringing some plants inside because it's freezing at night.

And we can still hear that frog in this plant.

Ogii actually found it.

Along with a snail.

Preparing for some time off during the holidays; sit at home and read.

Ogii likes avocados.

While eating breakfast, we heard a bird smack into the window. He didn't look to good; he was just kind of twitching.

So we brought him inside.

Fed him some sugar water.

And he started flying around again.

The we had to try to get him back outside.

He flew too high to go out the door, Ogii couldn't shoo him out, I couldn't catch him in a box, but eventually he landed and Ogii was able to grab him and toss him outside.

Very long kick attempt.

Rodrigo Blankenship is the only NFL player I can think of who wears glasses while playing.

The flower was reflected in the water drops.

That is an old Pepsi machine.

The check engine light on Ogii's car keeps turning on, which means she can't pass her smog inspection, which is due in a few weeks. We can turn it off with this code reader, but it just turns on again quickly.

Getting Ogii's car smog checked, just in case it passes.

It looks like they tried to make the garage very nice. It looks like they had a TV hanging in the corner and there are some pretty pictures on the wall.

But over time the dust builds up.

And you just kind of stop fixing things.

I do like the emergency exit map drawn by hand.

Her car didn't pass the smog inspection due to the check engine light being reset too recently, so might have to get Ogii a new car, but the idea that people would buy two brand-new pickups for Christmas is completely insane.

THe Oscar Mayer weinermobile was in town.

A selfie with it.

I love these palm trees outside this office.

The sale section of Macy's.

This is just some cheap painted piece of wood, but they tried to sell it for $58? That's crazy.

We might be able to retire Ogii's old car through this program.

Time to look for a new one. The top has a very pretty picture.

Maybe a Ferrari?

She likes the RAV4s.

A couple of years old would be best, but that's a lot of miles.

This one is a little cheaper.

And much lower mileage.

There are some dents and scratches, but it's very pretty, so we got it.

Nice sunrise.

Sliver moon.

This license plate looks like asshole.

Lots of trees around this farm.

An accident when someone was trying to turn.

Pretty clouds.

Google changed their icons to look more similar, but now it's hard to tell them apart.

An FDA-approved home EKG monitor that runs through your cell phone.

Our Arlo cameras are constantly disconnecting geofencing, so instead of turning themselves off when we come home, they stay on.

COVID is spiking again.

Especially in the Midwest.

And all across Europe.

Vanity Fair not pulling any punches with their headline.

We got a $25 gift card to wine.com from the CE meeting.

We found a couple of cheap wines.

But you have to register to use the gift card.

Shipping and handling is more expensive than either bottle.

And you have to be home to sign for it. That's not going to work; we're at work all day. I guess maybe we could do a Saturday.

Thankfully they had a much easier option of being able to have it shipped to a FedEx or Walgreens location and we can pick it up.