2020 Nov 22 | Fight Circus 2

It froze over night and most of these flowers died.

At least a few are still alive.

So we bought some plant covers to keep them a bit warmer at night.

Pretty sunrise.

With a rainbow.

Interesting clouds a few days later; they are linear streaks.

Big fluffy ones.

Our bathroom is very beachy.

Colorful muffin cups.

Leaving the oven open after we're done with it to stay a bit warmer.

We received our free wine.

Ogii writing Christmas cards.

Cute penguins.

I filled in for a few days closer to Yosemite. There were some deer along the road.

One on the other side.

And another group a few miles away.

Someone had hit a deer in another location the next morning.

Amazon has prescription drugs now, crazy.

Chatting with the family and have to see the kittens.

This is the price of a remanufactured ink cartridge replacement for our new printer, not even new cartridges. That's 75% the price of the brand-new printer.

Fight Circus 2 was an MMA event held in Thailand and streamed for free on a camgirl website.

Only instead of regular fights, it had all kinds of crazy ones.

This seems much more entertaining than regular MMA fights.

Two smaller guys were able to beat up one bigger guy.

He did well at first, but he got too tired at the end and they figured out a strategy.

Women's Indian leg wrestling. A scheduled fighter missed her flight, so they found a last-minute replacement.

The smaller white woman won the first round by being very fast, but after than, the larger black woman beat her easily.

Only spinning shit. I thought there would be more spinning backfists and spinning roundhouses, but they mostly tried back kicks. It was a little boring because they didn't swing much.

The announcer reading online shoutouts between matches.

Then there was a tag-team match between with two simultaneous fights two bands. Whoever won closed the show.

The winning team received an axe.

The losing team got a bong.

Crazy walkout with midgets and scantily-clad women.

The other fighter.

Kicks only, but it was very one-sided.

This fighter is dressed fun.

For his "three little guys against one bigger guy" match.

Again, the big guy got really tired out, but he did manage to attempt a Rolling Thunder at one point. The main takeaway is if you're fighting multiple people, don't let any of them get behind you.

The judges declared the big man the victor.

And he won a print of Bill Clinton in a dress which was owned by Jeffrey Epstein.

Now for the main event, a real bare-knuckle boxing fight. Most of the other matches had fun referees, but had a real one who was bigger than the competitors.

It was a rather boring fight, though.

But then Bob Sapp came out!

He was talking to the announcer.

Then punched him in the face.

Then a bunch of people started fighting, and the stream blacked out and ended.

People thought maybe there was a problem with the stream until they figured out it was on purpose.

People had a great time watching it.

It wasn't as high-level as the usual MMA fights, but you did at least learn a bit about how to fight if you're against multiple attackers.

And it was more fun than regular MMA matches.