2020 Nov 29 | Thanksgiving, putting up Christmas decorations

We had a Thanksgiving potluck at work, so I made deer sausage.

Not sure if it's from the actual deer I shot, but I can say it is.

Love having a jasmine plant by our front door; I smell it every time I leave or come home.

Ogii needs me to open this jar of local jam.

So she can put it on crepes.

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is on YouTube.

Pics of people at home.

A lazy day watching football.

While Ogii works hard in the kitchen preparing turkey.

Into the oven.

Gotta make sure the wine is good before you serve it.

Green beans.

All done.

Cutting it.

Time to eat and watch Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

And have some mini chocolate liquors when they are in the motel room and drink the mini bottles of alcohol.

Whoever doesn't cook, cleans.

Decided to watch some Michael Mann movies, starting with Heat, which was excellent.

The mileage on Ogii's RAV4 is our wedding.

Picking out our Christmas tree.

Ogii putting her new SUV to good use.

Putting up lights.

The neighbors were doing it at the same time.

Which type of duct tape do you want?

Got the other ladder to get up higher into the tree.

Ogii handing lights up to me.

And me hanging them up.

How they look in the dark.

Ogii likes whipped cream on her pumpkin pie; I don't.

The tree after Ogii put all the decorations on.

The rabbit is still by the gas station at times.

Twenty minute parking at the post office? I doubt I'll be in and out in that time.

I was confused how he got a custom license plate like that until I realized it was a fake one.

Pretty sunrise.

You can make out an employee in jeans in one episode of The Mandelorian.

Which the fans caught.

They even created a fake backstory on him on a Star Wars website until it got deleted.

Everyone worked together to play that game.

I wonder if they used to be teammates?

A close game.

Tyreek Hill backflips into the endzone.

Bud Light made a gaming system, and there's only one in existence. I thought maybe I'd bid on it when it was a few hundred dollars, but the auction for it went up to $15,000 fairly quickly.

It has multiple games and a built-in projector.

Now it's up to $45,000, although that might be a fake bid.

People always post how difficult it was to get their landscape photos. The first one joke about only having to take 22 steps from the parking lot.

All of Denver's quarterbacks are quarantined due to COVID.

I would so love to see Elway come back to play.

Unfortunately that didn't happen. They ran some wildcat formations.

And then had this guy act as quarterback, although he almost never threw the ball.

Which showed in the final score.

Another game down to the wire.

Until an interception ends it.

Another crazy fight this year: Mike Tyson versus Roy Jones Jr.

Snoop Dogg was one of the commentary guys.

Who also sang some songs.

While smoking weed.

Tyson hasn't fought in a long time.

But he completely dominated Roy. Mke was having a fun time during and after the fight and wasn't hurt at all; Roy was in pain and was holding his sides afterwards.

It was scored a tie, but it obviously wasn't. This seemed like the most likely way the scoring worked out.